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  1. Love the mod I hope CanardArm updates soon too http://imgur.com/RhoCqrs
  2. I'm keeping this page open until the mod is ready is that wise?
  3. basically I uninstalled rss and now kerbin is messed up engines dont put out thrust and what can i do to fix or should i just reinstall ksp it's like the entire planet has been scaled up and engines just dont work. edit:nvm just deleted kopernicuis or whatever it is and its back to normal
  4. So basically, I wanna use the "Thud" engine on my Shuttle but the "vector" uses the fuel for the thud, any way i can stop this?
  5. Yeah i guess.. Yeah ill need to look into that and maybe add some parts Yeah.. I wanna get more into ksp modding.
  6. I'm not sure that any SRBs gimbal in stock KSP. As for why they don't im not sure. I personally think the "Kickback" and the "Thumper" should be gimballed but smaller SRBs like the "Flea" and "Hammer" shouldn't be gimballed.
  7. Hey! I made a shuttle and I was unsatisfied with the way the SRBs had no gimbals... so I introduce to you a way to get SRB gimbals! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-wW3RB5gzgkMi00WVdkeWZTRVE Video of the gimbals in action: NOTE: The video above uses my Shuttle and I know that Shuttles fly into space but just for the purpose of time i separated the boosters and Fuel Tank and then began gliding the Shuttle. To install navigate to your KSP install folder then drag and drop the downloaded "GimballedKickback" into the "GameData" folder. You should now have a new kickback SRB listed in the VAB and SPH! Enjoy
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