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  1. I do realize that, the generator in question was actually connected to another reactor to provide the startup energy, but to strip things down to basics for troubleshooting purposes, I started with a new craft as listed and was able to re-create the behavior there.
  2. It's a feature to make a generator that previously had 9t of mass suddenly have 213t of mass when I attach it to a QSR? I can't even launch anymore!
  3. Is it normal/expected behavior for the Quantum Singularity Reactor to "modify" the mass of other parts? Example, I put a Mk1-2 pod, Heavy Alcubierre drive, and 4 supercapacitors in, I'm at ~29 tons. Add a Magnetohydrodynamic Elec Generator, I'm at ~38 tons. All good so far. Add a 64 ton QSR and suddenly I'm at ~306 tons. I check the parts and see that the generator has gone from being 9t, to being 213.333 tons! This part will remain 213t even if I remove the QSR. I realize I'm sticking a (miniscule) black hole on my ship, but it's odd to me that it would modify the mass of other parts, unless I'm missing something. I noticed this bug when I attempted adding a QSR to a ship that worked to warp up to 4c, but ran out of power there. Suddenly, instead of adding 64t, I added 267t to total mass. Thanks in advance for any help or explanation, and thanks a ton for this awesome mod!
  4. Wow, well done, mate! I've landed on almost all of them, as well, but via HyperEdit, so it doesn't count, really.
  5. Yeah, I keep getting missions to take tourists on a trip around Quarta. I don't know many tourists who want a 30 year vacation. I'll grab the update and see if that helps. So far, I've just been declining or ignoring them.
  6. First thing is to make sure you're using KSP 64 bit, GPP textures are 4K, so they're too large to load into <4GB of RAM allowed by KSP 32 bit. If that doesn't help, I had something kinda similar happen once when I unpacked stock EVE overtop of the EVE folder included with GPP. When in doubt, remove everything (EXCEPT SQUAD) in GameData, add back the GPP folders, then add back any other mods one or a few at a time. (Make sure to start a new game when testing without the full complement of mods loaded, to prevent flights in process that might be using parts from other mods from mysteriously disappearing forever.)
  7. I'd love to try to help out with this. I'll give it a bit more research to make sure my syntax is proper (along with building something that lets me bounce from biome to biome a bit more easily. Good to take a look around for more inspiration). Wouldn't be much help if it required you to put in a bunch more work correcting my syntax. If nothing else, a free bump to bring the doc back to the forefront for anyone who didn't see it before.
  8. Perfectly fair reasoning. Like I said, I had to nitpick and think hard to find anything to complain about. Love the new accretion disc on Olu'um! Keep up the good work.
  9. Looks incredible... My only suggestion, thus far, is that it'd be nice for my lazy behind if it was indexed/installable/updatable by CKAN... I have no idea what that requires, and I am fully capable of downloading and unzipping it myself, I've just gotten into the habit of filtering by updateable and grabbing things that way. Fully realize that my laziness shouldn't be a reason to make more work for you, so if it's not easily doable, completely understood. Thanks again for all the wonderful work in here, so far!
  10. I love the KSP modding community. So much willingness to collaborate and help each other and make better and better mods for everyone! Great job everyone, it's neat to see all the "mod1 by x and mod2 by y allowed me to do z" stuff that happens in these threads!
  11. Understood, but I was heating and losing ablator even when orbiting Verex (I think... there's so many! ) Now that I know it's intended and not a bug or something wrong with my install, I'll just keep it in mind. It was just surprising that when I warped in at "minimum safe distance", I instantly exploded.
  12. Outstanding pack! Reading through the history thread, I thought I was missing something when looking at the dates. You move FAST! I'll admit that I cheated a bit and took a tour through the planets with 'set orbit' to get some in-game feel for stuff. Great details! One thing I did notice, not sure if it's on purpose or not since I've only played for a couple of hours, but something around Olu'um causes me to overheat and explode even if I'm quite a way out from the planet and rings. I saw significant heating and ablation on a heat shield. I'll try to grab a screen shot. If I just haven't found out why that is, yet, feel free to tell me and I'll drop it. All in all, great work! Really enjoying playing through this, so far!
  13. I'm apparently an idiot, but I can't make any of the reactors work. I grab, for example, a molten salt reactor, put a thermal electric generator on top and/or bottom, directly attached to the reactor, and then add some radiators, as shown in the tutorials. My reactor says that it's running, (6%) but I get zero power out of the TEGs, and cannot see how to increase the power of the reactor. Running 1.2.1, fresh install from Steam, with KSPI-E installed, then new versions of Community Tech Tree and TweakScale so I don't get complaints about incompatible mods at start up. What am I doing wrong?