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  1. Well I'm glad I keep backups of everything I download. I updated to ksp 1.2.2 and Kopernicus doesn't work making this whole mod not work. Looks like staying in 1.2.1 is the only way to continue trying to conquer this fantastic planetary system at this point
  2. Seems the launcher is unaware of the update!! Mine is showing current version as 1622 and Latest version as 1604!!! I also dont have anything showing in the News section any more
  3. Not sure if I should post this here or in the remote tech thread, but anyway here goes. I just started using remote tech and have run into an issue. It seems to place mission control on Icarus rather than Gael. This leaves me with no probe control at the launchpad, even with the big assed antenna. I copied the default_settings.cfg from the GPP RemoteTech folder and replaced the one in the RenoteTech mod folder, and started a new game. Any suggestions? Should I be asking the RemoteTech people instead? EDIT - Found the solution a few pages back, I need to remember
  4. I'll see if I can break it for you again soon!! Sorry for causing you more work!
  5. you can spend rep for buying different strategies in the administration building. @Galileo I just went and started a new career after deleting the modulemanager files. I left the .dll file only. I havent modified the nocontract file and still start of getting the focused observational contract in mission control. I did also notice that it didnt give me the little mail icon about the $ for science nor the little world icon for world firsts. I then went and modified the line in the cfg file you added to your post, after restarting another new career it was exactly as the unedited ver
  6. I figured you'd see it eventually, with the amount of mods I've seen you working on, and releasing, I'm surprised you don't completely miss more posts TBH!! The amount of time you spend on Kerbal mods, and the forums, is incredible, and I'd like to thank you for it. Haven't seen a mod of yours that isn't truly unbelievably good!! With this mod, while I was awaiting your response, I loded the game to have a look see and found that even without modfying the nocontract.cfg details, I still received awards for first flight, longestr distance etc, but still have contracts coming up in t
  7. Need to ask this as I have no idea what I'm doing and don't feel like stuffing up. To enable the world first achievements, which part of the nocontract cfg file do I need to change?
  8. Damn you releasing these mods, now I'm going to have to start all over again!!!! Brilliant work once again!!!
  9. Quick question regarding Tellumos rings. Should I be avoiding them with my Satellites, or are they not a solid object?
  10. Ah well, lesson learned. i guess I'll just have to land the little suckers there all over again!!
  11. So my flag movements would have been caused through updating Kopernicus rather than this pack? Forgive my lack of knowledge on all this, I'm new to playing any game with mods, and appreciate the help.
  12. Found a slight annoyance with 1.0.2 already, sorry!!! I had flags on Iota and Ceti. The Ceti flag is now on Iota and the Iota flag is now on Niven. My relay sat around Niven is gone completely too. Not game breaking by any stretch, just a heads up for anyone else updating who may have bases etc.
  13. Thanks for the update!! Just letting you know that on my poor old computer, I can now run 1/8th res Textures without losing everything for the 2 planets I had the issue with earlier. Looks like I can finally start some interplanetary misisons!! Did a flyby of Tellumo last night, was down to almost 10fps, I really need some $$ for an upgrade me thinks
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