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  1. I didn't quite record it but I think the spaceplane would start heating up from 70km or so, and blow up at the altitude of around 65-55km. Decided to remove RealHeat mod and voila, no more overheating at reentry anymore. Not sure how the spaceplane itself would've fared at 100% atmospheric heating in default setting, but at least the plane doesn't overheat into meteors anymore.
  2. I'm trying to land this spaceplane back to Earth. All attempts to landing it apart from slowing it down with reverse thrust to less than 5km/h, ended in failure. Tried setting the periapsis to 60km or so, the plane blows up at 0-90 degree of AOA. The point of greatest heating is at the cockpit at the front of the fuselage, since it was pointed head-on in all my reentry attempts. I've set the atmospheric burn to 0%, but the reentry heat is still there. Another noteworthy mod that might concern the problem is RealHeat, though I'm not entirely sure whether it is the culprit, especially since
  3. I've been trying to fly the GN Drive powered (vertical) spaceplane over the Earth in Real Solar System for quite some time now. The problem, though, is that I never managed to really shed off the orbital speed during the atmospheric entry, and attempting to land the SSTO at that speed resulted in the ship itself blown up like fireworks. The only way I could find so far is perform a reverse-thrust with the GN engine in docking mode, but I'd like to find another way if possible. I'm using the stock parts for now, though I would like to have this problem solved before I install more adv
  4. @kerbiloid So a Kepler-10c sized superearth would be either an ocean planet or an ice giant at Earth's temperature?
  5. Suppose that there's a planet roughly the size of Kepler-10c that could sustain life, what would be its distance from its sun? Also, since it has a much stronger gravity than our Earth, is it possible to achieve spaceflight in such planet? And what's the minimum size for a meteor to penetrate its atmosphere and its impact velocity?
  6. My space lab was discovered to be defective (it would've exploded at the slightest shake) after I've sent the damn thing into the orbit, so I've decided to make send my life-support capable spaceplane to the rescue. In the end, I managed to land my spaceplane in RSS... in the western beach area at South America. Had to pull all sorts of cheat for that one though... where do I start... - First I used HyperEdit to get the plane near the space lab - Then I had to reset the kerbonaut's position (rocket thrusting all the way back to the spaceplane's door is hard already). -
  7. Thanks for your warm welcome. As for landing, well... I'm still having problems with landing the Valkyrie spaceplane on land, let alone landing it back to the runway. Anyway, where can I share my spaceplane... or at least the pictures?
  8. Just when I thought a variable fighter is all but a dream in Kerbal Space program, someone actually fetches a VF-1 Valkyrie into the game. Best I could do for now is to refit the Mun SSTO from Mark Thrimm to make a 10-engine spaceplane. I'd like to share it, but I'm not sure where. Not to mention that it needed the custom tweaks I made to make those drives smaller.
  9. Time to describe... uh, introduce myself here. I've been playing this game for a little while, and I must say this game certainly got me hooked. That said, I'm not an aspiring astronaut, spaceflight engineer or a scrub. I'm just a gamer who's in it to play the game my own way by building some... interesting things. Like space tankers that are too heavy to liftoff from comets. Or single-stage probes with small satellites. Space stations would've been in my list as well, but their components alone are quite a handful to build, much less assembling them all together in space.
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