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  1. These look really nice, but I would really like to see RCS have an option to switch from the usual, constant burn, to a short burst such as the Apollo Lander had. It would make controlling rotation so much easier having the exact same amount of thrust being applied every time RCS is fired.
  2. Rusty Star Rockets had a very quiet day today, with only one "real" launch a couple of launches to get various pieces of equipment into the water for testing, and a number of tests done sitting on the launch pad. The real launch to space was a scheduled crew rotation, Martrude (pilot), Adry (scientist), and Eddun (engineer), relieving Dondo (p), Geneald (s) and Josy (e). The Space Ferry On The Pad With The Access Arm And Ladders Still Extended. As usual a King Rat-B3 Launch Vehicle carried the Space Ferry into orbit, with all propulsion and manoeuvring being carried out by RCS
  3. Thanks for the post @hemeac. I read about this myself a short time back, and all very interesting. I was unaware that LADEE instruments detected the increase in gas as the number of impacts increased.
  4. I think the idea was for it to represent the dust kicked up by the lander's engines. Maybe some people like it, but like just like you, it isn't for me.
  5. Today saw a very rare contract come up for RSR, a rescue mission! Most Kerbals stranded in space after some in flight catastrophe would much prefer to take their chances drifting helplessly through the Cosmos, than risk their lives by getting into a Rusty Star Rockets vessel, but occasionally exceptions do crop up! The Mayday came from an engineer named Tomoly Kerman - immediately and forever to be given the nickname Major Tom - who, while he may be a very good engineer, couldn't fly a paper plane if the predicament he got himself into on the surface of the Mun is anything to go by.
  6. I never played BtSM, but what about Unkerballed Start, have you looked at it? There is/was another one called Probes First, an excellent mod too but I'm not sure if it runs properly in 1.10.1.
  7. Not just today, but a few days here! Sergei and the gang over at Rusty Star Rockets have had an amazingly busy week. With launch windows opening both to and from Duna, it was lucky nobody caught a cold in the draught! First things first, and with Duna in the perfect position for the orbiter RSR sent out to the Red Planet back at the last launch window, to begin its journey home, it was time to see if the "Goodrax" engine would reignite after being shut down for so long in the icy cold space around Duna. It Did! The Duna Orbiter Performing Its Kerbin Injection Burn. After
  8. This! A very long time ago now, but this was a screenshot I took the first time I ever reached Duna. I scrolled right out to hide the ship, so it looks like it was actually taken by a camera on it. I can't remember why I was coming in over the South Pole, nor even what the mission was, but hey... a nice image is a nice image!
  9. I've never used MJ so can't comment on it. The maths in the video looks absolutely terrifying, I nearly ran a mile when I saw it! However it got to the stage where I had to just sit down and tackle it. It took me a little while and many mistakes were made, but I finally got the grasp of it, now I can figure out how to calculate what orbit I need for a specific reason. I highly recommend you give it a try, believe me, if I can get it, anyone can! As for the solution to reducing the power of your RCS, actually it won't be noticed unless you really go out of your way to spot it. Th
  10. Those are no clouds... they're dust storms! I had the same problem too, but the fix is easy enough. Open up the AVP folder in the GameData folder in you KSP install. Then open AVP_Configs, followed by the Duststorms folder. Then just delete whatever relates to the moons and planets you don't want to have affected by these. Personally I just left Duna and Moho, removing everything else. Duna - similar to Mars - would have these normally in my opinion, while I've read somewhere that the effect around Moho represents ablation as it's so close to Kerbol. Hope this helps.
  11. I see you have Kerbal Engineer installed. You can have it set up to show you the exact period of a vessel's orbit, down to - I think - 1/1000th of a second. It's a great tool making what you're trying to do so very much easier. To calculate the correct orbits to aim for, I can't do any better than recommend a video by Mike Aben, here's a link to it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNiFcI-fcmA. As for further reducing the power of your RCS thrusters, have you tried disabling two of them? With the thrust set to 0.5 coupled with CAPS LOCK on, there's a very good chance the
  12. Sigh... so it's back to the landing legs then. Thanks for answering.
  13. I'm planning a little trip to the Eve system in my Rusty Star Rockets Career, and was thinking about a better way to land on Gilly. Usually when I try this, even creeping down at extremely slow speed, I always seem to have trouble getting the lander to settle down on the surface because of the tiny Gilly gravity. So I came up with what I thought was a good idea: remove the landing legs and have an Advanced Grabbing Unit instead! They work perfectly fine on asteroids, so why not a moon or even a planet too, right? Unfortunately in tests on Minmus, I don't seem able to get the Claw t
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