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  1. So it's my fault you're now addicted to KSP, eh? I do remember our communications and am so pleased they helped you take your first small steps into exploring the Kerbol system. I agree with EchoLima, you've done a great job logging all your adventures in this amazing game, and I hope you'll post more of these as time goes on. I really am chuffed to bits to learn I may have helped you in some small way, it was really good of you to post this.
  2. Great answer, nice and simple for those of us who aren't particularly tech minded.
  3. Very disappointed with you... you only have it a few minutes and you're already cheating!!?
  4. I'm counting the seconds for 1.10 to be released. I liked the sound of it from first reading what was coming, but then I saw a video posted by ShadowZone on Youtube of it in pre-release; one particular shot showed a comet (Komet?) in the night sky over the KSC from ground level. That was it, I was sold on the game!
  5. Just a quick comment to thanks Rocketscience101 for all the time and effort he put into this real time live stream of his Apollo style mission to plant a flag on the Mun. It was real fun dropping in from time to time to see how things were progressing and sharing a bit of banter on the trip. The mission was flown in IVA mode from start to finish, and with the exception of a couple of small fails - such as assembling a satellite in Munar orbit - he completed the bulk of the mission perfectly. So congratulations mate, very nicely done!
  6. No exaggeration here Cupcake, and with total respect to everyone else who has posted videos of some amazing antics on KSP, but this is the coolest thing I've ever seen in this game! Absolutely fantastic.
  7. Good question... But we don't really know what happened, just rumours and a one sided story. I won't buy it if it turns out to be a dud, bud I won't base my decision on what I read in the rumour mill.
  8. I did something like this in KSP Dem 1.0 once upon a time. Allowing for the limitations of the demo, it was as close to an Apollo style mission as I could put together at that time. As there are no docking ports in the demo, I had to launch from Kerbin with the lander already attached to the front of the command module (two pods stuck one on top of the other). With no fairings, this made flying it through Kerbin's atmosphere... "interesting". I had to compromise a bit, for example I used only two crew, Jeb and Val, who were pilots, although if I was to try it again today I think I might be able to squeeze a third crew member on board, I did improve a little at the game as time went on. As I'm currently at home because of the virus and what you're doing sounds like a bundle of fun, I'll definitely be dropping in from time to time to see how you're getting on. I won't volunteer to be CapCom, with my Northern Irish accent you'd probably need subtitles to understand what I was saying! Good luck and godspeed to Project Kerpollo!
  9. And I for one really want to see your progress! Welcome to the forums.
  10. After completing their quick entry into Kerbol orbit, my Rusty Star Rockets "C" Team immediately turned for home! Reentering Kerbin's SOI they were told to attempt a rendezvous with the Monstrosity space station to offload the science gathered into the station's science lab where it would be processed. Fuel being a little low, mission commander Donbo Kermam decided to use Kerbin's atmosphere to aerobrake into orbit and then lower the Ap. to something close to that of Monstrosity's. After successfully completing this manoeuvre, and a slight inclination change using RCS, they completed the rendezvous and proceeded to link up with the space station. Approaching The Monstrosity Space Station.
  11. Well that's a different issue, one which I wouldn't really need to worry about as I don't know how to plan an assist let alone execute it.
  12. OK guys, here's the question: Can anyone truly plan a mission in KSP, using gravity assists to gain velocity from planet to planet? For years I've tried to find out how to do this, and if I received an answer at all, it was very vague, plenty of words without really saying anything. Doing a search on Youtube, a few videos do pop up which focus on gravity assists, but again none of those I found explain how to actually plan them. Even Scott Manley's video fails spectacularly when it comes to this. it shows him bouncing about but looking at it I have to say it's the only video of his in which I think he's essentially winging it, fiddling about with manoeuvre nodes until he gets an encounter with some planet, and then heading off in that direction. And then we come to today; I've only just finished Scott's video in which he's showing the Bepicolombo mission being played out in KSP 1.10. The mission automatically shows the parking orbit required to get a gravity assist from Eve to Moho, and the inclination required is probably around 45 degrees! Now the obvious question, has any KSP player really got a way or calculation of working this sort of thing out? I really don't have a clue on this one, but there are many people here who are way better at KSP than me. So if anyone has a system to actually plan a mission from the ground up which included gravity assists, and not just hitting them by pure luck, I'm sure I can say I wouldn't be the only person who would like to have it explained. Thanks all!
  13. Welcome onboard Kris and as Scott Manley would say: "Fly Safe"!
  14. Can the flags and decals be removed from the Ariane 5? I'm probably alone in this, but I'm not a huge fan of using Earth flags and emblems on Kerbin rockets. It would be different if I was playing RSS, but I like to have only Kerbin flags and emblems on rockets and vessels operating in the Kerbin universe.