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  1. I'm a career mode man. I know some people don't like the contract system, but actually I don't have any problems with it. Science mode is quite good too, it's sorta like NASA during the heights of the Space Race when Washington was shovelling money at them, and all they had to do was develop the technology to get a man on the Moon before Moscow. However I just don't get the same buzz out of it as I do in career. Sandbox I use to try things out for my career game, a but like a simulator I suppose, but I don't enjoy it in anything even close to how much fun I get out of career. So to answer your question, career for me, and probably not in a multi-player game.
  2. They could be configurable so you could set them to take photos, use infrared, etc. in the VAB maybe? Someone said in another thread the developers have claimed planets in other solar systems in KSP2, will not be visible until discovered through gameplay. I just have this childish obsession with the idea of the scientists at the KSC (and the players at their monitors), eagerly watching the first grainy images of a new world being received from some far distant probe. I suspect when Luna 3 transmitted the images it took of the far side of the moon, they would have been transmitted back, line by line, with the eyes of those receiving them out on stocks as the clapping and cheering brought the house down! That's what I'd like to see in an early career of KSP2 (KSP1 too if someone would create a mod). Of course more sophisticated cameras would become available as more technology became available, so we'd end up getting images like what the real world gets today. @ linuxgurugamer: Thanks for posting the links to the camera mods. That Neptune Camera looks very interesting indeed; I think I'm going to go take a closer look at that one!
  3. What you say is true, and yet in the early days - and indeed even today - cameras play a huge part in space exploration. In addition to science, they could also enhance reputation, just think of all that publicity when the first images of Pluto (for example) came back to Earth and hit our TV screens. I've said for a very long time, KSP need cameras. It never got them as stock, but maybe we'll see them in KSP2?
  4. Strategies - available in the Administration Building - as completely useless and nonsensical as those currently in the stock game.
  5. Have you ever accepted a contract, and as soon as you did you just knew it was gonna be trouble..? Today I got a simple rescue mission, a Kerbanaut by the name of Lemdas had managed to get himself stranded in an inclined orbit around the Mun. Val was next on the flight roster, so off she went in a two seater capsule. Lemdas was stuck in a 16.5 degree orbit, and while getting into a similar orbit was no trouble for Val, once the rescue was over, she was too low in fuel to change the orbit's incline to return to Kerbin along the equator (as I always try to do). Even before the launch, I had a bad feeling about this one, but so far all had went well, now all that had to be done was survive re-entry and land somewhere safe. Re-entry was no problem, the parachute deployed but the mountains below didn't look too inviting. Val landed on as close to a vertical face as I've seen in the game. The capsule started tumbling down the cliff, exploded and killed both Val and Lemdas instantly. Don't think I'll play anymore KSP tonight...
  6. I wonder why it is that there are no videos on Youtube - that I'm aware of - showing how to accurately and with consistency, land on the launchpad at the KSC? Even Scott Manley, who did an excellent tutorial on how to do a precise landing on the Mun, didn't pick up that hot potato. There are videos showing vessels landing at the KSC, but in the majority that I've seen, the player freely admits it "took two or three attempts" to pull it off. This is something I worked on really hard to try to learn, going so far as to dedicate an entire weekend to it. I cheated a vessel into a 75km LKO, set up a manoeuvre which descended all the way to the surface, and then did a quicksave. I then tried landing at the KSC. When I failed, I reloaded, moved the manoeuvre node in the required direction, and then tried it again. Doing this, and sooner or later I was bound to put my vessel down at the space centre, though I don't think I ever got it back on the pad, and all was good. Then I tried adjusting the orbit out to 85km, and was disappointed to discover I was more or less back where I was when I first started, missing the KSC and having to fiddle about with the manoeuvre node until I once again found the spot necessary to land back at base. The people posting here who have learned to do this: maybe one or more of you could put a tutorial on YT showing the rest of us how it's done, because I freely admit, it beats me!
  7. I've been playing KSP since 1.2.2. I've come back to Kerbin from the Mun, Minmus, other planets and their moons, and of course LKO times too numerous to count, and have always aimed to land at the KSC. And yet, in all those tries, I've only ever managed to touchdown in the vicinity of the base exactly two times. And remember, KSP2 won't just be for people who have played KSP1 for years, but for newbies too. So unless there's an auto button to have the landing perform by computer control, I for one won't be landing on pads or platforms.
  8. What I would like to see in KSP2 as stock, are cameras which can be attached to spacecraft, and launched to photograph moons and planets, as happened - and still happens - in the real world. Related to this, I would also like celestial bodies to be hidden in general, obviously something like the Mun is kinda obvious, until they are discovered through exploration and research. In KSP1 there is a mod called Research Bodies which seems to do this, although I've never got it to work for me unfortunately.
  9. That means you'd also need an SCE switch with an AUX setting!
  10. Slightly off topic but I'm curious. What's the problem with Click Through Blocker and Toolbar? I have them on my modded install, and from what I can see they just sit there doing whatever they do in the background, without causing any problems but make some of my favourite mods work without any fuss.
  11. Perfect idea, I can't get my head around having the author of KAC - who works for them - downgrade his fantastic mod to make it the pile of rubbish they now supply as stock. A little less time spent destroying mods, and a little more sorting out bugs might have made 1.12 a better release?
  12. Yeah, KAC totally outperforms what was added to the game as stock in 1.12. I have no idea what the developers were thinking when they decided to add SAC, but to have the original developer of KAC downgrade his mod and give us this... it has to be a joke! I have really tried to get used to SAC, but I've now given up on it, and am more than happy to use the KAC we all know and love so well.
  13. In the Demo, I once had to bail Val out of a capsule after the parachute exploded during reentry. In those days, Kerbals were Kerbals... none of these new fangled parachutes or any of this nonsense that makes things safer. No, she waited until the speed of the falling vessel had dropped below 300m/s, and then just jumped! Although she landed on her mouth and nose, after a few seconds she just got up, brushed off the dirt, and returned - by foot! - to the KSC. They don't make Kerbals like that anymore! I don't think this would work in the modern version of the game, but I've never really tried it again. Who knows, high altitude free falling might even become the Kerbin national sport! I can confirm this one works...
  14. I've been playing KSP for years, and while I'm no Scott Manley, I do pull off most of my missions as long as they don't include getting into orbit from Eve - but we'll leave that one for another day. I have a very simple question concerning burning manoeuvres. So I set up a manoeuvre node but notice it's gonna take a long, long time to complete. I know it makes sense to complete such a manoeuvre over two, three or even more burns, but what I'm not sure of is do you delete the old node for a new one between each burn? My head says yes, after all while your spacecraft is doing its circuit back to the Pe. the target is moving along its own trajectory too. However I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, so maybe someone could clarify it for me? Thanks everyone.
  15. All sorts of good ideas floating about, though I really do like this one. Have you seen the poll set up by Dr. Kerbal? Maybe you could pop over there and post your suggestion there.
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