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  1. Hey guys! A simple question this time: is there any way of calculating the impact speed of an object using a Mk16 parachute to land on Duna (or indeed any planet)? This is what I'm hoping to drop on the red planet. I've done something similar before, but this one has exchanged drogue chutes for extra solar panels. Thanks, everyone.
  2. The Flying Kerbal

    Powering Space Stations.

    That's just silly. What happens for example, if a low flying aircraft accidentally cuts through the extension cord? You really didn't think this one out, did you?
  3. The Flying Kerbal

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Yes I have heard the Disturbed version before. It's really good but I prefer the original. I suspect this is down to the fact I heard it first. And i also know this song by The Agonist, I really do like this one! Indeed this could well be my topic for posting on this thread tomorrow!
  4. The Flying Kerbal

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    The Sound Of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel. No idea why, I'm not even a huge fan of them to be perfectly honest...
  5. The Flying Kerbal

    How do the Youtubers get such cool camera movement?

    And while we're talking about Camera Tools, does anyone know of any videos or tutorials explaining how to get the best out that mod?
  6. The Flying Kerbal

    What did you do in KSP today?

    A frustrating day for me... Now before I say why, I'm going to be upfront and honest: I don't like KSP 1.4! I SHOULD like it, the whole idea of the Making History etc. was something I had been looking forward to for months before it was released, and there are things about 1.4 which I think are really cool. However there are little bugs and changes which really spoil the game for me, which fortunately my 1.2 doesn't have. Anyway, back to today; having just read that last paragraph, you won't be surprised to learn that I seldom bother loading 1.4, but today I decided I'd give it a go to see if things had improved since I last fired it up. The first thing I noticed was when I entered LKO and started to plot my flight to the Mun. The readings behind a celestial body now fades, something that gets even worse when you click on a marker to keep the reading on display. This I find very hard to read, however at least I DO understand what was being attempted by this and the problem reading it could be as much because of my rather poor eyesight as the fault with the effect, so I would be willing to put up with this. One that I most certainly do NOT understand, is why when using the tab button to cycle through all vessels, moons and planets on display in the map screen, Squad seems to have removed the ability to instantly select the vessel you're focused on by hitting the ` key (the one just above the tab on my keyboard). I always found this incredibly useful and a great little time saver instead of having to go through everything, but unless it's been changed to another key I'm unaware of, this feature seems to have been removed. Another "novel little feature" is landers now sitting on two legs! I tried landing three landers in total, two on the Mun and one on Minmus, and all did this. The first I thought was just a little quirk in the program and ignored it, but when I landed on Minmus and got the same effect I started to think this was a bit odd. So I went back to the Mun, this time with a two stage lander. While the extra stage didn't stop it entirely, this two legged stance was nowhere near as noticeable as happened with single stage landers. However as soon as I lifted off, leaving the descent stage on the surface, this happened: As I said at the beginning of this rant, there are loads of things I like about 1.4, but it's stuff like this which I find annoying to the point I don't feel like playing it. I know I'm in the minority here and must of you are playing and enjoying 1.4 immensely, but for the foreseeable future I think it's going to be 1.2 for me! I suppose this post might be in the wrong thread, but this is "what I did in KSP today."
  7. The Flying Kerbal

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    A little fact I only learned a few nights ago, on the morning after the historic events of July 20 1969, people visiting Arlington National Cemetery could have been forgiven for not seeing the small handwritten note beside the eternal flame on President JF Kennedy's grave. It was unsigned and simply said, "Mr President, the Eagle has landed."
  8. The Flying Kerbal

    How to make a rocket?

    It's a pity you've decided to quit, clearly you had made some progress before hitting the problem you asked help with in this thread. Have you thought of checking some tutorial videos on Youtube? Make sure they're reasonably up to date. This game has a really steep learning curve, but if you keep at it you WILL start to figure out how things work and as you hit targets, complete missions, etc. you'll get a real buzz out of it. So don't give up just yet, keep coming back here if you get stuck and soon you'll be sending green aliens in buckets all over the Kerbol solar system!
  9. The Flying Kerbal

    Need help with a spinning rocket

    Congratulations and Godspeed for your trip to Duna! ☺
  10. The Flying Kerbal

    Need help with a spinning rocket

    I'm at work right now and the boss has this thing about me working for him and not the KSA, not a very helpful attitude that... Not being able to see your photos on a proper monitor, I really can't tell if there's anything wrong with your rocket, but it looks OK on my phone. One thing that did leap out at me was all that brown on the navball; it should be blue as you're pointing straight up at the sky when sitting on the launch pad. However although that's not good, I don't think it would create a roll as you describe, it sound more like you have torque being generated by your payload being slightly off centre. If you have Kerbal Engineer Redux installed, bring it up while you're in the VAB and look at the torque value. If it's not 0.00, try using the offset tool to move it around slightly to see if you can bring that value down. If you haven't KER then just make small adjustments to the position of the rover and test launch. It'll be trial and error but it should work if that's the problem. Also, a lot easier, remove and replace the fins at the bottom of your rocket, just in case they have somehow ended up not being on straight. It wouldn't hurt to even try a launch without them. It'll probably end in tears doing that, but you can't make an omelette without cracking some eggs! I must say from what I can see on my phone, it looks like you've made yourself a fine looking rocket mate, I really like it!
  11. The Flying Kerbal

    When is the best time to stage a fairing?

    I too don't pop mine until out of the atmosphere. Maybe it takes a little more Delta V but a few gallons extra in the gas tank and it's all good.
  12. The Flying Kerbal

    Adding Slogans To Vessels

    Simple question here, are there any mods which allows you to put phrases and slogans on the sides of rockets and payloads. Not flags, more like how tank crews painted names and comments on the sides of their tanks. Thanks.
  13. The Flying Kerbal

    Powering Space Stations.

    Ok guys, I'm back! Apologies for not posting a reply last night, visitors came in unexpectedly and pushed the whole space program off schedule, did NASA have this problem when planning on sending Neil and the boys to the moon? It looks like the charge does indeed freeze when I'm away from the station. Ok it might actually jump up a point or two when I switch back, but that slight boost is the same whether I'm away for one minute or ten (an few alarms triggered and I had to deal with a couple of things during testing). Yeah Zhetaan you're right about the lack of power generation. As I said previously, my original plan had been to have the station orientated so the panels faced antinormal while passing over the daylight side of the planet. This would also have made docking much easier as the docking ports are on both ends of the station. I am indeed planning on launching a new module with more panels and additional batteries and attaching it to the side facing south using a Klaw. That should resolve any problems the demand placed on my present generations system by the greedy science lab is creating when processing data. Having tested how the recharging works while away from the space station, I have now turned off all science processing, recharged the batteries fully, and now started processing again as SpaceLab crossed the terminator and started its journey over the night side of Kerbin, now I'm not focused on it and will go back after it has started going over the sunlit side to see if the processed science has increased. If there's a bug then I'm in trouble, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I have 1.4 and the DLC, but for some reason I just can't warm to it. I have had problems with contracts not completing even though all test conditions had green ticks beside them, I think that hasn't helped. So I'm still on 1.2, working on flying a Kerbal to Duna and bringing it home again. Lifting the station into a higher orbit, would involve me sending a new module with an engine to propel it as I jettisoned the original and deorbited it. It's doable but I would prefer to keep it in its current orbit if possible. For those interested, here is a screenshot showing the UI and various figures: Anyway, thanks to every one of you for taking the time to help me with this!
  14. The Flying Kerbal

    Powering Space Stations.

    Thanks for the answer brewing. I'm at work at the moment so will carry out you experiment when I get home this evening. However although you can't see any batteries or a probe core, rest assured they are there, it's just that I like to hide things like that by offsetting them inside the structure.
  15. The Flying Kerbal

    Powering Space Stations.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer. Having never used drills, etc. I will accept what you say, but the Science Lab doesn't seem to do that unfortunately... I've now done this but don't think it'll solve the problem of batteries not charging when I'm not focused on the space station. I could be wrong though, time will tell. I am using panels which trek the sun, although because of my original plan I admit they may not be in the best position to do so. I'll post an image or two to let you see. Yes, after my original plan failed so miserably, and after reading the posting by Gargamel, I have now orientated the space station so the panels are North. Here are a few images showing the initial orientation of the space station, and one showing it after I changed it so the panels face North: This shows SpaceLab after initially entering LKO. As you can see the panels are all fully exposed and facing Kerbol. The plan was for the panels to follow Kerbol as SpaceLab went through its orbit, the natural rotation of the space station in relation to Kerbin insuring the panels would be pointing in the right direction at all times. As Kerbol begins to appear over the horizon, the space station has automatically rotated while passing through the night side of the planet, and the panels are sitting in the best position to recharge the batteries during the next period of light. Everything works fine and dandy while I'm focused on the space station, unfortunately this all stops when I jump to another vessel or the KSC. The station's natural rotation freezes, and even if the panels are facing Kerbol, the batteries don't seem to charge. SpaceLab's new orientation. With half the panels not now fully exposed to the sunlight, unfortunately the science lab consumes more energy than can be produced. However I should be able to fix that by launching a module with more panels, attaching it to the space station using a Klaw. This still doesn't resolve the fact that everything "freezes" when I'm not focused on the space station unfortunately. However, as my first attempt at a "real" space station, ie one that was going to be of some benefit to my space program, I'm not totally disheartened by its failings.