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  1. Yo @Orbital_phoenix, are you still working on this or are you currently too busy with work/studies/life?
  2. Agreed, maybe even shorter since the nozzles dont have to be as big? Maybe have that be a seperate engine? RB-5 Chinchilla/Chihuahua/Corgi perhaps?
  3. As far as i got it @CobaltWolf Does most if not all of the amazing texturing and modeling work while @Jso Handles the coding and ensures BDB works as intended
  4. Aaah, makes sense err do i get 2.4 for 1.4.5 that says it was recompiled for 1.5.1 or do i get 2.3.3?
  5. Oh, so that doesn't work at all? Most of my installed mods work perfectly fine, even those from 1.5, but i guess this isn't a guarantee with dependencies or framewoks
  6. hmm now my B9PS appears to be broken, i can't switch fuel types at all and i'm getting an Exception: MissingMethodException: Method Not Found:'Part.get_SimulationResources'
  7. @Angel-125 Sorry to keep bothering you with this, but i've run into another issue with trying to get the MOLE experiments to work on the BDB Mossy, this time around i think it's because of the "requiredpart" requirement of the experiments that said, i can autocomplete the experiments with kerbokats automated science sampler if i really have to... or add a science processor, but those are both workaround solutions, hmm
  8. hmm, on a second note, the supplied patch works provided i actually enable the settings for GUI and reconfig still gotta add the hab/greenhouse aswell as the converter stuff but i guess that shouldn't be too difficult right?
  9. So ehh, i don't have the observatory building anywhere for some reason? (KSP 1.4.5)
  10. "Extreme G-forces, May cause death" That's not gonna stop Jeb from trying to launch himself with it!
  11. @Angel-125 Forgive me for asking but since my BDB mol appears to not have any manifest/setup option i ended up wanting to make a new patch for it but i'm not sure how? basically i want the BDB "mossy" MOL to have the exact same functionallity and convertabillity as the M.O.L.E, and similarly want to add greenhouse/habitation functionallity and convertabillity to the hab module
  12. GOT IT WORKING @JadeOfMaar thanks for the help yo now if only i could've spent that time on studying
  13. Hmm, why do you have a B9PS config file for resources added by WBT in the classic stock setup? B9PS is also throwing similar errors on bluedog parts