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  1. hm, i don't know what's causing it, but my framerate just takes a major dump when i fly over eve ground at a decent altitude, but massively smoothens up when i get really close to the surface any ideas?
  2. decided to bring a nuclear spaceplane to eve for some juicy science
  3. how dare you delay YOUR mod that YOU make and work on in YOUR FREE TIME that you are offering FREE OF CHARGE to EVERYONE!!!?!?!?!!! /s But seriously, it's your own mod, and we're not paying you to make it or anything, since you're graciously providing it to us for free, even when you work on it in your own spare free time. There's really no need to apologize for that, it's your mod, no-one has any right to pressure you to work harder/faster other than you yourself (don't overdo it though!) @CobaltWolf
  4. 113 tons of engine 527,000s of specific impulse 43 N of thrust. looking at numbers like this really makes the idea of atomic bomb pulse propulsion seem more reasonable hah
  5. incase one needs a hint on how to take off from nara or eve
  6. Does Dres still get it's dresteroids? also yeah you might've overdone the asteroid amount, the amount of asteroids near and passing through kerbin SOI is straight up scary in my case :p
  7. does jnsq kerbin happen to be at a position similar to dres in the stock game? the amount of asteroids near kerbin makes me think it's in the games asteroid belt
  8. uhh, if you want to get off of Nara at an alarmingly fast rate, suicidalinsanity's stock-ish project orion engine gets absurd amounts of ISP and impulse at Nara surface level we're talking orbital velocity from a single 5kt yield nuke unit safe to say you disintegrate from aero drag heat in a second, but on the lowest yield you can easily make it using stock ways, like stock props or breaking ground props should probably work pretty well in that ultra dense atmosphere (i mean, they're pretty much boat propellers at that pressure level lol, which is hilariously still only
  9. Yo @Orbital_phoenix, are you still working on this or are you currently too busy with work/studies/life?
  10. Agreed, maybe even shorter since the nozzles dont have to be as big? Maybe have that be a seperate engine? RB-5 Chinchilla/Chihuahua/Corgi perhaps?
  11. As far as i got it @CobaltWolf Does most if not all of the amazing texturing and modeling work while @Jso Handles the coding and ensures BDB works as intended
  12. Aaah, makes sense err do i get 2.4 for 1.4.5 that says it was recompiled for 1.5.1 or do i get 2.3.3?
  13. Oh, so that doesn't work at all? Most of my installed mods work perfectly fine, even those from 1.5, but i guess this isn't a guarantee with dependencies or framewoks
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