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  1. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Yeah, i'd recommend having at least 16gb of ram for GPP with lots od mods, maybe slightly less if it's DDR4, as even my rig can seriously struggle with it, if only KSP could actually utilise GPU power because my 1070 isn't even doing anything in it...
  2. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    i'm not sure tbh, my water tank attached with the claw seemed to fix my flex-o tube attached water tank for a while but the claws water tank wasnt being picked up by MKS modules (water could be transferred between the two tanks though, but that probably broke the FOT attached one in the process) , its weird anyhow...
  3. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Have never used CKAN anyway, installing mods on ksp is super easy to do manually anyway. who knows, maybe the PR fixed the water issue that still confuses the heck out of me?
  4. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Is the pre-release publically avialble anywhere?
  5. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    what do you mean by a dock exactly?
  6. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    hte main ship doesnt have a water tank but i have one attached with a flex o tube and another with the claw
  7. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    so what's up with the water tanks never being detected? after attaching one it worked for a while only to break after reloading the vessel...
  8. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Neat, now i won't need to use 4 industrial strip miner drills! ... ... This might sound absurd, but is there a possibillity that you'd be willing to make an even bigger one?
  9. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    How do i get my kolonilization stat up to 500% ? (so kerbals don't get homesick anymore), my permanent kolony main base has 35 ish kerbals in it and all the modules, i've also got a mining base on the poles for supplying the resources my main base can't mine.
  10. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Is it just me or is it impossible to dock with tethered vessels? ehm,for some odd reason attaching a water tank with a claw got my old water tank to work? i'm seriously confused now...
  11. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    it has no crossfeed but would still let water flow through it?
  12. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I don't think you need to worry about anything then.
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Did you time warp? i've noticed my radiators go up massively during timewarp but cool down when not time warping
  14. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    COuld i also attach a water tank with a klaw? (advanced grabbing unit)
  15. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    ... i don't have a water tank on the main base... am i screwed now or can i directly attach a tank to it with kas and have it work?