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    BRASSA 10G (mis)Adventures

    Episode 3:Noisy Darts After Valentina's accident and analysis, aircraft flights have been put on hold until better gear is available. In the meanwhile the IKAP was given the go-ahead for a sounding rocket program and part testing. ''Err, Bill, you know there is a small testing bunker literally like right next to the launchpad right?" "Oh, ehh, yeah Gene. I totally knew, i just wanted to test this booster at like 5 meters away from it, yeah..." "Ehh okay i guess, you do you Bill" "Lawndart-1 Ready for launch, someone go prime the fuse with their lighter already! Where's that intern when you need him..." ''10-9-8-7-6-5-4-errr liftoff? Dangit i told you to light the fuse on 10 Derreck!" ZWOOSH, the lawndart-1 accellerates to ridiculous speeds in mere seconds! The science payload on it's way back to the ground. the Lawndart-2 series also known as the "why not stick another zoom tube below the other on?" Lawndart-3 series, or the "Anotha One". Lawndart-4's the "Moar Zoomtubes" edition. On the 14th launch, the lawndart payload manages to reach space. "Seems like we left the atmosphere lads, time to crack some kold ones with mechanics from the VAB, they could probably use some right now, and then we can.. OUAHH- get to sleep, finally"

    BRASSA 10G (mis)Adventures

    Episode 2:Too close for comfort After the series of explosions on the runway, an eerie silence hung around for a minute until... "VAL?! VAL ARE YOU STILL THERE?!" After a while some grunting was picked up on the radio "euuurghhh.... Wh.. where am i?" "Val you're alive?" "Urgh, i feel like im dead but i guess i'm stile alive" The whole of KSC was relieved to hear Valentina alive and well. ''Wow Valentina, glad you managed to survive that, sure you're okay?" "yeahhh, i'm fine, just a couple of bruises and a bit of a headache." "Any idea what happened there? It was such a frightening sight! We're so glad you're still alive and kickin'!" "Ahh thanks boys i wasn't gonna go yet, at least not this soon haha! But honestly, i don't know, it all happened so fast, one second i activate the boosters, the other i wake up on the ground amidst a pile of debris... I'd have to fly again to see what caused this whole mess" "Does that mean you wanna fly again, like, this instant? The lads at the hangar came around to tell us they modified the Hummy a bit after seeing your spectacular crash, hopefully now it wont explode on takeoff eh?" "Hmm, actually Jeb, that seems like a good idea, i'd at least wanna know what almost killed me there..." "You're actually gonna do it? Now that's ballsy!" "Sure why not, i'm half Krussian anyway, our people have seen worse. Regardless, i'll go ask for permission to fly this modified hummy now." "Good luck Val!" "Wow,she was so level headed after such a catastrophe, like a BadS such as you Jeb." "Damn right she is, those Krussians truly are a hardy bunch of kerbals aren't they?" Valentina takes off in the modified Hummy (Hummy-2) Fortunately, this time she manages to get off the ground without any explosions. And she gracefully glides back to the ground... and manages to land mostly intact... "Well guys, i think i found out what happened now..." "Do tell." "well, it seems like the landing gear is absolutely terrible for aircraft, and the first hummy collapsed and dove nose first into the dirt. Even this time it was pretty close to another catastrophe, but i managed to save it in the end." "Hmm, seems like i'll inform the engineering department that any aircraft building is currently on hold until we manage to get a hold of more suitable landing gear for the job. Oh and we'll add remote unkerballed guidance to every plane from now on, so as not to risk anykerbals lives on test flights anymore." "And i'll get the R&D to help our suppliers with researching new and improved landing gear, we clearly need to avoid this situation in the future." "Thanks guys, Mortimer has gotten me a couple weeks off to recover properly, i'll still visit of course, but i won't be piloting anything for a while." "Well you've definitely earned it Val, see you soon!" "Bye guys!" "Bye!"

    BRASSA 10G (mis)Adventures

    Episode 1: Basic beginnings After a short briefing at the kerbonaut complex, Bill, Bob, Valentina and Jebediah have a little chit-chat before going to work. "Well Jeb, seems like you're the first one to do any non-internal activities." "Yeah well, I gotta test drive this here electric gocart with oversized boards they call the Kelko MSS and press some buttons on it to make it do science on its own. They said it should be easy enough to get on it with the external ladder but i'm not buyin' that." ''Good luck with that, the rest of us are gonna help out with some chores until we get an update from Gene about any missions, we'll meet then." "Alright, see you guys soon!" ''Dangit, I knew that was gonna happen...'' Jeb proceeded to test drive and do the science-stuff upon finally getting on the Kelko, still quite sour about the whole ''falling of the ladder because its way too high up and stuff" thing. Shortly after one of the interns notified Jeb that Val and the rest were waiting for him at the Hangar. "so you got tasked with flying the first manned glider? Aren't those boosters on it, aren't gliders supposed to be unpowered?" "Yeah, correct, they're little seperatron rockets which I was told weren't just "repurposed fireworks without the fireworks''. Thing is that it still counts as a glider if it isn't powered after taking off, hence the boosters." "Is that even safe though? Those seperatrons might be small but I've heard they pack quite a punch." "Eh, we'll see I guess..." "Good luck" "Mission control, this is Hummy-1, can I get clear for takeoff?" "Just perform some last flight checks and we'll get you the all-clear Val.'' ''What do y'all think?" ''I'm not sure Jeb, those boosters might be too powerfull" "Those barely have any fuel, can't be that bad right?" "Flight check's all done mission control, nothing unusual to report'' "Then you are clear for take-off, godspeed Val!" FWOOOSH!! . .. …. …….BOOM!

    Linking two sliders

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was any way or mod that could let me link these two authority limiter sliders basically this is a dockrotate helicopter that has its ascent controlled like that of heli: by changing the pitch of the blades, issue is that I can only slide one at a time because they aren't linked to one another
  5. now I just need to find out how to control the pitch so I can actually control the rate of ascent err ooofff, 57m/s ascent speed, das fast
  6. definitely stable now, but going any faster than this seems impossible
  7. one weirding thing im having is that my contraprops are somehow creating torque in the same direction instead of nullifying eachother even though they are spinning in the opposite direction... err @_Rade how did you get that contraprop to perform as intended?
  8. imagine putting all the effort into remaking the BFR in KSP only to have it redesigned for the fourth time this post was made by the Elon gang
  9. Aye, I noticed that myself, the amount of torque generated is a lot higher than seems absurd for the weight being rotated and the thrust generated

    [1.5.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Or? What happens if you got both tst and ce installed?

    [1.5.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    What's next after this inflatable tracking station? an inflatable mission control? :p
  12. Hmm, now i wonder if a Tea rockets, now in colour is ever gonna be made