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  1. Hi, I installed everything using CKAN, and I also added FAR. When the game is loading, ModuleManager says it found 67 errors, all of which seem to be related to the SETIRebalance mod. Should I be concerned? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Is it possible to disable some features and leave others on? For example, use remotetech for communication, and testflight for reliability? Thanks
  3. Hi, Is there a big difference between the 2k, 4k, and 8k textures? I'm wondering which ones to install. My PC specs are: i7-4790K GTX970 16GB RAM Thanks for any help
  4. Okay, thanks. Hopefully I'll be able to try it out today.
  5. @Nathangun @theJesuit @lordcirth Thank you for your replies! I'm looking forward to trying this out!
  6. Hi I really want to try out this mod, just a few questions: Does a part's chance of failure decrease if you use/'test' it more? There used to be a mod that had this feature (I never got to try it out, but it sounds pretty cool). Will this work with unmanned before manned? Can I use remotetech's comm system instead? I like the idea of having a light delay and a flight computer that can execute maneuver nodes. Thanks in advance for any answers!
  7. Hi! Thanks for the mod! Just two questions - 1. What can the flight computer do and not do? 2. Does this work with 1.3.1?
  8. I just installed this and now the solar panels on my space station look like this. They may have been offset in the VAB, but probably not rotated. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?
  9. Hi. Do you know which of these folders of KJR I need to install? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm looking for a mod with a robotic arm that can grab onto another part. Does this mod include such a part? If no? Can someone point me to a mod that does? Thanks
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