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  1. I am running EVE, SVE, Kopernicus, and SVT together. I've narrowed it down to SVT strangely after spending hours. Everytime SVT is installed the city lights disappear or create this weird white blocky images. When I remove it then the city lights go back to normal. I can't even find where SVT would be affecting the city lights unless it's Kopernicus has an issue and it only shows up when it is actually being used (by SVT). Any ideas?
  2. I understand your example code. I'm not tracking how you are loading them yourself into KSP. I'm assuming KSP loads all it's assets, goes to main menu, then when appropriate your plugin starts calling on the private asset bundle? I really don't "need" to know this, but it is very interesting as I may decide to use this later for some unknown reason. The newest Unity made several functions obsolete which are used by the parts tool. I installed the version you listed in your OP and had no problems building the bundle. It took me a minute to understand that literally I am building a UI bundle (I don't even need textures or anything actually in the Unity project) and then using Visual Studio to build two separate libraries (.dll). I had a serious oh duh moment when I realized what you meant in the OP. You did a great job at explaining it, but it really doesn't make sense (no fault of yours) until you are actually doing it. Even worse, if someone isn't familiar with Unity or other game engines it makes it even more difficult to understand. It seems silly to have to build a library (I understand why) in VS instead of just having the part tool asset bundler compile a .dll for any scripts attached to the asset bundle, but again I get why. Thank you for your assistance. Side Note: I am working on what I'm calling K.O.P.C.O. ("K.A.S.A. Operation Chief Campaign Overhaul"). I'm going to try to build more of a story line or story line feel without causing restrictions to gameplay into KSP. The player starts out being selected as the Operational Chief Director by 11 chairmen of the Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Administration. This was step one because the player will need to participate in interviews later and I needed a UI which is easier than trying to figure out how to program and animate a whole scene (maybe some day). Thank you again.
  3. I'm working on designing a UI and when I update and build using the part tool assembly compiler I can't find A) Asset Bundle file or B) anything with a .ksp extension. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is. I'm running Unity3D 2017.3.1f1
  4. I seriously thought it would be so much harder than this... I almost want to you to lie to me and tell me it is super challenging to make me feel better. I've wanted to make an IVA for the past 3-4 years, but didn't understand the documentation (it wasn't for me XD). Thank you again for your help! Edit: Are the ASET props already integrated with MAS or will I need RPM still?
  5. Sorry, that isn't what I was confused about and I realize I wasn't being clear. Here is where I am at with the IVA. I have dragged and dropped the props where I would like them and used the part tool to create a .cfg for the internal. Are the props already coded to function correctly which means I can load up the IVA and roll out; or do I need to do scripting to make them functional in the game?
  6. I have finally figured out how to build an IVA. I'm looking now into RPM and Avionic Systems to use them, but I'm confused (maybe not). I was having a hard time trying to figure out where all the coding was for the props. I kept looking in the actual Command Pods folder and .cfg files. I looked through the ASET MK1-2 remake and Yarborough and then it occurred to me that perhaps it is in the ASET prop files themselves. I looked there and it appears as if it is indeed in the actual part folder. Am I right? Is it simply a drag an drop procedure if I use the Avionic supplied props with the Avionic mod installed (to include using ASET props with RPM installed)?
  7. I'm a little upset with myself now. I figured out how to make an IVA after 3-4 years of wanting to, but being super confused. Now I feel like a complete moron, but I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your work. You are an amazing person and one of the people continuing to keep the KSP heart pumping! Edit: @alexustas are the ASET props already configured to work with MAS?
  8. You might already know, but you can just change @Part[partname] in ASET/MK1-2_IVA_Replacement_by_ASET/MK1-2ASETinternal-patch to @PART[Mk2pod] and @PART[mk1-3pod] which will give the new parts the MK1-2 internal. Please don't use the Mk1-2 pod on the Mk2 pod... you are unable to switch seats (or at least I was) because there is only room for (2? maybe 1?).
  9. I had a question. If I'm correct (I'm new to this idea of creating an IVA) I will need to place the part by using the location in partInternal.cfg file and then check in KSP to see if it looks right. Am I right? Is there a better way? Another plugin that refreshes parts? I would like to use your parts pack and RPM (maybe Avionic Systems) to create IVA's for all of the stock cabins, but I'm a little lost looking at the documentation as to whether I'm understanding this correctly.
  10. The RPM GitHub documentation was just now updated for 1.4.1 (I was refreshing the page desperately XD), but the release wasn't out when I checked.
  11. I'm having difficulties understanding how the two assemblies are speaking with each other. I'm missing something in the initial post and its confusing me. I assume that we have the KSP assembly and the Unity assembly. The Unity assembly does not need to discuss jack with the KSP assembly. The KSP assembly has an include of the Unity assembly? Which allows it to access the classes and variables? If this is so, then are we dealing with .dll assemblies or simply .cs files contained within the same project or folder? If the Unity assembly is turning into a .dll assembly... how is that possible? Please ignore me. I found the exact line which says exactly what I was asking. Sorry.
  12. I have looked through so much of the modding tutorials and API on doxygen. I have a few questions as I am really interesting in creating a mod that will hopefully add some very interesting features to the game. 1. I get the feeling that I need some .dll file in the actual KSP game folder somewhere to create a plugin. Where do I find it? 2. If (1) is true, will monodeveloper in Unity3D see the namespaces, classes, and variables allowing me to create my plugin directly in Unity3d? By this I mean when I type "KSPclass." Mono will give me all the options in that specific class. 3. Which Unity version is the current build for KSP after 1.4.1 (Unity3d 2017 1.3f1)? Background: I have created a game in Unity and released it back in 2014ish. I am a beginner to intermediate level self taught C# and C++ programmer (with some knowledge of JavaScript). I will not be asking anyone to do anything for me which includes writing scripts for me since I am perfectly capable and excited about doing it myself. I may have some questions about how to access KSP classes and variables appropriately. If anyone is willing to work with a KSP modding noob on a PM basis for silly basic questions I would appreciate it. Also, I am tracking all the current EULA issues.
  13. Agreed. My point is that you are explicitly allowing them to use the material regardless of the content (idea, mod [not a link] , fan artwork) if you post it here. I really hope TT's stance or a definite legal answer is given by close of business this week.
  14. This is why "STEAL" is in quotes. I wasn't suggesting that it is being stolen. That is the term/concept seen over and over again in this topic.