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  1. Great, some stuff is fixed, love that Would be great if those update-notes would be in steam aswell instead the old 1.2.0 news.
  2. Well, that was it. Now i can access my defined actions. Now i have to find out how to view them Edit: Think i got it now. Was confused because actions defined without mod, weren't recognized by the mod inflight (no green buttons and "no actions available" in list). Edit2: Autohide won't work for me, no matter at what screen edge i move the window to. Edit3: I removed AGX, because it's producing delays of ~1sec placing or taking parts in SPH (didn't check VAB). Too bad
  3. Console is flooded with: [LOG 22:11:45.840] AGX Flight Update Error 7g1 System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ActionGroupsExtended.AGXFlight.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  4. I have set keys 1-10, actions working, but when installing the mod, the keys won't do anything anymore. I want to add that i'm using Linux.
  5. I searched for a way to let me see my actiongroup bindings and wow, i found this. One question i have (answer maybe hidden in all that text before), is it possible to "import"/use the already given assignments to actiongroups in vanilla to the mods one? I tried the mod, but it doesn't "know" about already assigned actiongroups on a vessel inflight. I could not reassign them again with the mod, because i have stacked parts (hell to click 10 parts sharing 1 space ).
  6. Seems it has some problems with asteroid encounter planning when it needs to round kerbin >60 days. I.e. i get a node with close encounter set, coming in 30 minutes, in fact it should be some around 60 days. Having a node coming in 30 minutes and increasing count of orbiting by xx to 60 days, it switched back to 30 minutes (see my bugreport http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/13310 which isn't a bug of KSP but of PM). Might be because it's coming to initial intersection, but which wasn't correct and also couldn't set more than 60 days, which i'd have needed. Btw. i migh
  7. As i understand, there must be an object which isn't initialized or set to "Null" intentionally. Would it be "easy" possible to implement a check of objects of beeing "Null" before using them and shout that found "shouln't be Null" to the console? Lets say as a "test/debug for linux" version, so i could provide you with some kind of remote debugging.
  8. Oh i really looked forward for such possibilities. I'm tired of checking the whole list of MNVs regulary without any sorting/filtering. Any chance for an update for KSP 1.2.1? I tried the one for 1.2pre, which doesn't work. When in tracking station, console is flooded with things like (copied out of KSP.log): [EXC 02:34:26.793] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object FatHand.ManeuverQueue.GetTrackedVessels () FatHand.ManeuverQueue.get_defaultVessels () FatHand.ManeuverQueue.VesselsSortedByNextManeuverNode () FatHand.Ma
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