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  1. CranialRectosis

    [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    Loving the new look and feel. I do miss the mach speed indicator in HUD2. Is it gone or am I just missing it in the editor? Thanks for the mod and for the timely updates. Running KER and KSP
  2. CranialRectosis

    [KSP 1.5.*] Outer Planets Mod[2.2.1] [25 April 2018]

    I am playing in sandbox mode for the time being. Something tells me I am gonna want more practice with the gravity assist. I think I need big relays in polar orbit around every planet out to Plock.
  3. CranialRectosis

    [KSP 1.5.*] Outer Planets Mod[2.2.1] [25 April 2018]

    I must be missing something. I think the RA-100 is the biggest radio in the game and out by Sarnus, the signal is pretty sketchy. Having just today figured out the gravity assist, Plock here I come!, I'm gonna need a bigger radio. Am I missing something or should I be putting in relays around Jool. Fantastic mod Galileo. Really digging the re-playability you add.
  4. CranialRectosis

    Kerbal Space Program update 1.4 Grand Discussion thread.

    With a bit over 2,500 hours in game (Steam) and having gone through updates from 1.0 to 1.4.2 I just wanted to give a shout out to our mods and the Squad guys. OuterPlanets and Kopernicus, the whole USI suite, Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, scatterer, OPT Space Planes and Galileo88's and PoodMund's graphics mods make the game for me. You guys really take KSP to the next level. It's never the build of a project, it's the maintenance. IMO the turn around on the mods to handle this update has been fantastic. Just wanted to say thanks for all that you do.
  5. CranialRectosis

    The Elkano challenge (all versions accepted!)

    Check out the Dakar 2017 challenge. I have learned so much about building rovers in a month and what a fun way to do it.
  6. CranialRectosis

    The Official Kerbal Dakar 2017

    Got a link to that?
  7. CranialRectosis

    The Official Kerbal Dakar 2017

    Gotta build a car with a way to flip it back over.
  8. CranialRectosis

    The Official Kerbal Dakar 2017

    Triop, I see that gif and it reminds me of SouthPark. IMO, you need a rally car to crash into the scene in a completely unPC and Southpark manner.
  9. CranialRectosis

    The Official Kerbal Dakar 2017

    This challenge and the one about building the smallest spaceplane are so much fun. I totally get it when someone said they didn't care about the times. I built 2 cars that could finish, neither went over 42m/s under their own power, none used any kind of fuel and none completed the course in under an hour. Both builds were a complete blast with their own idiosyncrasies and challenges. I learned a ton on this challenge and had a ball blowing up cars and careening down cliff faces in the dark shadow of the mountain. I have over 1200 hours in the game. This is some of the most fun I have had with it. Thank you guys for inventing it. Let the haters go play minecraft. Now, on to boats!
  10. CranialRectosis

    The Official Kerbal Dakar 2017

    SpannerMonkey, that stage 6 is a kick ass ride, man. Thanks. It made my day.
  11. CranialRectosis

    Mission idea: Kerbal Dakar 2017

    I find the game likes to put rocks and trees right on the other side of the hilltops...
  12. CranialRectosis

    Mission idea: Kerbal Dakar 2017

    So the simpler solution is to turn off my SAS wheels by default and assign them an action key. This way SAS isn't pitching my car forward in a flip for every jump. Life is one big IQ test, particularly before lunch...
  13. CranialRectosis

    Mission idea: Kerbal Dakar 2017

    I have finally completed a circuit with a car. My biggest challenge seems to be the keyboard map. There has to be a way to make it so the button to make the car go is not the same as pitch forward. That one thing seems to cause almost all my crashes and spinouts by making the nose of my car dip after a jump if I don't get my finger off the button in time. Is there a way to alter the keyboard map to allow me to use another button (any other button) to make the car go?
  14. CranialRectosis

    Mission idea: Kerbal Dakar 2017

    Bill surveys the damage after high centering on the ridge. 'Nope', he thinks to himself. 'There just isn't enough KerBondo in all of Kerbin to fix this one'. What a fantastic challenge! Thanks for the idea Azimech. I have no idea how you did it, but I see what you did and will give it a shot.
  15. CranialRectosis

    Mission idea: Kerbal Dakar 2017

    Three questions. Is it possible to start out with a Kerbal in the seat of my rover if I use the chair (not a capsule or cockpit)? Right now I launch my rover, drive it off the runway, launch a capsule, EVA from the capsule, climb into my rover and drive... I am using the Galileo high res mod and it really doesn't look quite like the images in the thread. I think I am missing some way points by a bit. Is there a simple way for me to know where your waypoints are on my landscape? How do you make a rover with only electric wheels go faster? Does adding more wheels give you more speed?