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  1. Played 1.4 for an hour.. and back to 1.3. This seriously sucks. We get parachutes, a terrible EULA and way too many bugs.
  2. godspeed fellas. free speech is dead and Take 2 killed it.
  3. Just a minute ago I screwed up a plane (because all i have are the terrible juno engines right now) and I instinctively hit F9 instead of revert. Now I'm multiple science points behind. Fade me
  4. Mun, minmus- wait, planets? I've sent a probe to eve and jool man
  5. No lag here. Got a great graphics card, an ok processor, NASA levels of RAM (8 GB) and HDD (1 TB)
  6. I never make these, but if I did I'd put one in LKO because its easy to rendezvous, not out of the way
  7. I'm not "updating" if there are literally no advantages. Throttle is set to 0% which is literally useless, kerbals can't make maneuver nodes because Take Two hates fun, and for some reason they put a swear filter in a singleplayer game???
  8. * Default throttle setting to 0%. Why? What use is a 0% throttle? It should default to 100%. Also why did you take away kerbal maneuver nodes
  9. The gees would be freaking insane on that that thing, that won't happen. I mean you could try putting a mk3 plane on top of a big srb
  10. 1. There you go 2. Only a small part. 3. True 4. True 5-8. we're talking about fighters 9. True 10. Yeah that was awesome. 11. Most of it. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. 12. Airbus is better mate 13-14. We're talking about fighters (I'm making exceptions for helicopters and things i thought were cool) 15. Airbus is better mate 16. The space shuttle was a waste of money. it sucked. 17. Literally the 747 but with features 18. they made drones? wow nobody's ever done that! 19. Also cool. And don't worry, Lockheed is way better. Just because Lockheed is freakin awesome doesn't mean they haven't made the FF-35
  11. comvlad, russia has best fighters. filthy americans will try but they will never escape the gulags. seriously though, i'm from america. i don't know any russian jets.
  12. Yeah true but most F/A-18s in service are super hornets, and those are trash
  13. Also the F/A-18 is boeing so that's another reason why it sucks
  14. i mean the fact you're calling the f-35 the best at anything is kind of sad.
  15. Yeah but money isn't a concern. Some aircraft are awesome but couldn't be produced because 1 would cost billions.
  16. Not many people have blank CDs. I don't even know if my computer has a CD-RW drive. (Probably though, but I never bothered to check)
  17. KSP for me in a nutshell: 1. Either get bored, or get annoyed with Steam being terrible at assigning permissions to folders 2. Quit 3. Wait a few months 4. Come back 5. Go back to 1
  18. Yet another mod I can't download because there's no SpaceDock link. Sucks. but I'd rather miss out on a KSP mod than get a virus.
  19. from what I can tell it's actually called a barrel roll. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrel_roll
  20. I suck at building SSTOs, but I finally made one that works! It barely gets to orbit, but it does technically work. http://imgur.com/a/kfENO
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