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  1. Yes, for any gun that is does not use .50 cal, 20mm or 30mm or "Cannon rounds", the default BD ammot types, there is a universal ammo box that you can edit in the SPH or VAB. There used to be a dedicated mod for that called CAL, but it is now obsolete. The NKD mod ought to contain that box now. Perhaps look at the parts you have, or check if you have the latest version? On a side note, I'd really like the old model and function of the old universal ammo box back. Now whenever I slap one to my artillery it is at best an extra load of 15 shells, at worst a black hole with like 1000 the density of osmium... somehow. It's nothing major really, but I do feel the new ammo box is a step back comparatively.
  2. The very latest. If it helps, the screenshots were from W88's that were fired from space, and without a GPS target.
  3. Hello again, this time I was testing an ICBM with 7 W88 warheads, and it all went fine, except the explosions would not be oriented properly. I have some pictures here to demonstrate what I mean
  4. Hello, does anyone know some good documentation as to how the Modular Missile thingy is supposed to work? I've been trying to figure it out ages now
  5. Hello all, I just noticed that the Genie doesn't actually track targets and behaves like a dumb projectile. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Seems to work just fine now... I did a validation on the clean install and it must have cleaned up something. Cheers, and thanks a lot for your help Mine_Turtle
  7. Hey there, I was having difficulties running this on 1.3.1. Specifically, I get guaranteed CTD as soon as it loads the main menu. Does this have to do with Tweakscale? I've been running checks and the mods that seem to cause it are this, Kerbal Alarm Clock, and Physics Range Extender. I'm also running AVC, so I know I have the latest updates of everything and all is fine 1.3.1. Does anyone else experience that sort of behaviour?
  8. So you're telling me it's impossible to have nukes and artillery/other custom ammo simultaneously?
  9. Hi, so I have the common problem of "my nukes explode like normal, boring, bombs", and I have deleted the numbers in gamedata, it still doesn't work soooo... Anyone know anything? I'm using: NKW v0.83 (at least the gamedata numbers said so) BDAc v0.3.0.0 (the latest) & the latest KSPI-E (though I don't think this would affect anything) could this be a problem with CAL, or what?
  10. Ok, upgraded to latest version (which I hadn't noticed on the name of the forum big blue letters because I'm stupid), everything works just fine now. Thanks for the help and sorry for wasting your time. Cheers!