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  1. Yeah, but it doesn't really work, however pressing b works fine for me what orbital altitude for Kerbin exposes the ship to least radiation? I tried many but all of them the geiger counter said the radiation levels are dangerous, and the ship cannot last for more than 20 days with 20mm of shielding.
  2. Hey guys! Really love this mod, but when in map view or tracking station, pressing 0/1/2/3 does not show up the magnetosphere map at all. I'm currently running th latest version of this mod on game version 1.4.3, any help would be appreciated.
  3. Question: Since on GitHub, it said it's currently released for 1.4.2, will it work for 1.4.1? Since it says 1.4.x on this forum.
  4. I would, but I have around 30 mods installed XD, and only 30% of them can work on 1.4.2, so I'd like to just wait until they're updated. Thanks for the reply though! I guess I'll go test my luck.
  5. Will this mod perchance work for 1.4.1? Sorry if this question has been asked many times.
  6. So political XD, but yeah sounds good! Also, I just can't understate how collaborative and constructive the ksp community is!
  7. Sigh, I agree so much! Even as a person who does not make mods, I can feel the pain of the modders. I go on this thread every day to check if it's been updated, but I'm about 150% sure the authors are working with full effort to update the mod asap, so personally, I would feel terrible to rush them or ask for support on unsupported versions. Those people are spending countless hours improving our game experience for us for free, and as a programming-enthusiast, I'm pretty sure that BDAc is something that will take quite a bit of time and effort to revise to be compatible to a changed game version (ksp 1.4 did change so modding became harder right?). So guys, please just allow the authors to focus on the update!
  8. Yes, I did check that one before I asked. I do believe I have PRE installed properly, but still the radar has a ridiculously small range of locking, and I'm pretty sure that's not possible considering the fact that the radars can detect the object from over 15km away. But thank you for helping out!
  9. So I currently have issues with all of the radar, where they're all detecting aircrafts, but connect lock unless the craft I'm trying to lock is within around 500-1000m range. Is this a new feature or is it a bug? I'm using BDA 1.0 on ksp 1.3.1 Please help! Thank you!
  10. Can someone please help me out? Github is for some reason blocked on my computer, so anyone else knows how to download this mod for version 1.3.0, without using github? Also i'll really appreciate if someone can find a way to download the Raster Prop Monitor mod as well, without using github and for 1.3.0! Thank you!
  11. Yes, look at the main page, there's a craft download link (or below) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o1b1stbcs8tw2tq/EnduranceCraftFiles.zip?dl=0
  12. Understood! Since I'm new to the mod, are the more examples of ships you built other than the ones you uploaded onto KerbalX? Like some the pictures you showed on the first page of the thread, do you plan on uploading them too? Thank you again.
  13. I see, thank you! Because before I got this mod, I built a ship with stock parts that go around 100m/s. I thought that's probably not right XD