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  1. Is it normal for the kerbal konstruct sites to have the wrong grass color on some of modules/buildings?
  2. Does anyone here know any fixes for this? It happens with every runway, im on 1.11.2 btw
  3. What mod are those lander legs from? Also I dunno if I just didn't notice this before but a weird crater texture with a weird town in the middle appeared near KSC... Dunno if this is normal...?
  4. Hm, I removed it which didn't seem to affect any mods but it hasn't fixed anything. Do you have discord so I can talk to you more easily?
  5. It would also be really cool if there was a way to use inverse kinematics to control this mod's robotic arm.
  6. I have a problem that one of the rudders on the split rudder moves faster then the other which ends in em clipping alot.
  7. My game crashes right before getting to the start screen every time. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VQlOv-zTEQRIxV4p-CQY1JRlUNrKe_Qq?usp=sharing
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