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  1. i am playin in real solar system and i get thie huge blue aura around the sun and i know which mod causing it RSS Visual Enhancements i remove it the problem goes now i want to know if there is any fix to this i am playing in ksp v1.12 and last version of RSS Visual Enhancements thanks
  2. not any mod for commnet i am using the game commnet and it seems it works i don't know but i think i have replayed a new game and it seems to be work its wired i don't know its working in previous game it was not working in new game its working and i haven't changed or add or removed a single mod
  3. can anyone help me or at least tell me am i right or not
  4. i have a question is there extra ground station in RSS i have enabled them but it seems there are none
  5. is there extra ground station in real solar system or not ? i have enabled the extra ground station in RSS but i don't have any is this because of RSS
  6. thanks for help ExtremeTrader i will try the mentioned version i hope the bugs are not game breaking bug
  7. i am playing in 1.4 and in RSS but i am not getting any lift on anything as can be seen in this pictures what is the reason i am playing with 86 mod
  8. i found it KSC switcher was causing all this mass after although moving the files out of the game date and into another folder in desktop i finally figured out that KSC switcher was the cause thanks all for guidance
  9. the thing is i have installed the mod and none caused this when i tested with all mod but then this i don't even no how is this possible a mod first don't cause this and then it cause this the mysterious mod which i need to find thanks a lot i will do this as soon as i am back on my PC thanks i think i should find which mod is causing this by removing mod
  10. thanks Gargamel i have done that but still no good i am really confused
  11. i am playing on ksp 1.4.2 and using 85 mod and i have this problem i tested each mod after installing them in group there was no problem and then i exited game started listening to some music and when i was back to game this happened again i don't understand what is causing this mass up graphic please i seriously need help this is my pc windows 10 CPU: I7 7700k GPU: 1080GTX RAM:16G and this are list of mod i am using
  12. [snip] the log is for crash the game don't crash for me [snip] and i don't need advice i am just waiting for an official release which mean the mod is ready for use not so i wait for that that unofficial release didn't work for me that's all no crash no log no game being destroyed [snip] don't care if all this mods continue causing problem for me i leave kerbal space program behind forever i rather play in a real solar system then in imaginary solar system this is suppose to be a realistic simulator not 100% realistic but i think they could keep a good realism if they add real solar system and if they don't i think i go find another game like simple rocket 2
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