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  1. [snip] the log is for crash the game don't crash for me [snip] and i don't need advice i am just waiting for an official release which mean the mod is ready for use not so i wait for that that unofficial release didn't work for me that's all no crash no log no game being destroyed [snip] don't care if all this mods continue causing problem for me i leave kerbal space program behind forever i rather play in a real solar system then in imaginary solar system this is suppose to be a realistic simulator not 100% realistic but i think they could keep a good realism if they add real solar system and if they don't i think i go find another game like simple rocket 2
  2. [snip] its just that this unofficial release is not working and i am waiting a official release why every time i say something you people say you need to post a log do you think i know that this not a problem this is just i am waiting for official release !!!!!
  3. a lot of mod this is least of my problems the game graphic is messed up i don't know what mod causing it
  4. Ninadragonborn

    Electrocutor's Thread

    sorry i have replayed to a wrong topic how to remove this comment
  5. same here the texture unlimited ruins the game please remove dependency on texture unlimited i get weird things all around the game and even my rocket disappear when i zoom in please remove texture unlimited requirement the game is mess with force dx11
  6. its simple no lift from any elevon and it seems there is no lift for wings i have tested on wings from game and mods but almost all of them have no lift when using them nothing i did not have this problem in version 1.3.1 of the game
  7. i am not begging i have done that before writing this comment the unofficial release didn't work that is way i said in comment waiting for official release [snip]
  8. please some one take the mod i am playing in RSS and without this the game feels a little unrealistic i have 80 mode installed and i need this one if some one can take the mod or help it please any one
  9. thanks i have not played ksp for several days but i will test it thanks for answer
  10. thanks i have done that before but there is still problem with FAR i hope they update it on ckan or in the page of far this fix are not working for everyone
  11. thanks a lot but the problem is i can get the FAR working i am playing in RSS i have done all in the FAR page add the version that was posted that works on 1.4 but its not working so i can't use this
  12. i have installed this mod on 1.4.4 its seems not working is that right
  13. can i play this in 1.4.4 or not does it work in this version ?
  14. Ninadragonborn

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    is any one here
  15. Ninadragonborn

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    why my fuel tanks are not getting improvements but they show up in the list and are improved ?