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  1. VERSION 1.2.2 i am using a lot's of mod and at least tell me what could possibly cause this kind of problem if you want the full list of mod i am using i will try to list as much of them as i can but at least tell me what might cause heat to increase normally the heat most be below 2000k i think from orbital returning at least and i have reinstalled the game and all mods once but the problem is still exist if i at least know what might cause this i try to modify the thing that causing the problem could it be problem with physic setting of main game or the mod and also beside RSS i am not using any mod that have anything to do with game it self most of mod i use are rocket engines , parts , and plane parts nothing about game it self or it physics i can not play the because of this i can return from orbit i hope i can fix this
  2. i have problem with reentry will some one help me the heat shield temperature reaches 3000k when i hit 100k and then the heat pass to the part above it what the hell is wrong i do not understand and everything explodes and also i have problem with aerodynamic the very good plane design with a lot of lift it do not create lift it fly but very hard and as if something pushing it down. can finally some one help me as if no one wants to help me
  3. could it be something wrong with physics setting i am afraid to touch them because i think everything will be messed up
  4. please some one help me i have problem in reentry even from low orbit when i return my heat shield start depleting ablator from very high altitude of 100k and then when i came to 90k the heat shield temperature reaches 3000k and then heat start passing trough the part above and the part overheats and explodes i have this problem in sigma dimension 10k and also now i thought the problem was from sigma but i have it now i do not understand what hell is wrong please some one help me
  5. no when i start the game it says it's not supported by this version please update your mod my game version is 1.2.2
  6. didn't work as soon as i touch atmosphere the temperature reaches above the 3300 kelvin and heat shield and everything explode there is something wrong with last release of sigma i did not have the problem before but i have it in new version the only way it did work was to decrease the reentry heat to 70%
  7. i try using your advice thanks i see if things work good
  8. can some one tell me why when i return from Minmus to kerbin my heat shield with 280 Ablator depleted all of it and exploded in less then 20 second
  9. in order to reach orbit 100k in 10 scale or real size earth you need at least 9800 m/s it's really rare to achieve orbit with 9500 m/s and even 10000 m/s is also possible because of a huge difference in atmospheric drag with even little difference in design the Delta V require to reach low orbit can increase even into 10200 m/s this is personal experience so do not expect miracle because 10 scale is very close to real earth and things can get really massed up even trough reentry . deorbit in wrong place and use a lot of propellant to deorbit trying get close to KSC and you will face up to 30 gforce this is also personal experience i bring tourist back from orbit and try to minimize the gforce but even with all things good and good calculation the poor tourist face 6 g during reentry and this is what astronaut face during earth reentry . so this is really a hard mod because it's close to real earth
  10. for any one want as close as possible to real life earth size this is setting i done in the game and it works // Base Settings SigmaDimensions { Resize = 10 Rescale = 10 Atmosphere = 1.42 dayLengthMultiplier = 4 } // Advanced Settings @SigmaDimensions { geeASLmultiplier = 1 landscape = 0.3 atmoVisualEffect = 1 resizeScatter = 1 CustomSoISize = 0 CustomRingSize = 0 atmoASL = 1 tempASL = 1 scanAltitude = 1 resizeBuildings = 0 } if you the landscape size is 1 you will face 50 kilometer mountain size i found that when returning from orbit i splashed into huge mountain but this will make the size of mountain to real size earth but be warned the 10 scale and real size earth is very hard really hard you need at least 9800 V to reach orbit and to go to mun and return back just any where on kerbin and not just near space center you need at least 19000 V i have not done that yet but i am going to do it and i strongly advice using the mod like soviet rocket real scale booster spacex rocket and some other mod like smurff otherwise you will not ever reach even into orbit with normal part and with out this but if you do it will be amazing like real life
  11. i had done something i modified all engine to be able to use the normal decoupler and not just your mod but also soviet rocket spacex rocket mod and its amazing i launch rocket using a combination of soviet Soyuz capsule and spacex engine and this mod engine you can not imagine it's amazing to see them work with each other sorry if i had to modify your mod and 2 other mod but i just use them for my self not no create a new mod i wish you best of luck and hope for future upgrade on mod as new game version come out
  12. thanks i think i see how it works but it make it very hard because some of the parts are later in the tech tree will some engine are earlier available so i can't use some engine in upper stage until i get the needed part is there no way to make engines to work with normal decoupler like many other mod so it become easier in earlier game instead of waiting for the needed part for that engine
  13. ok so your rocket have decoupler in the tech tree inside the game i mean do this mod add its own decoupler or i need another mod for this if not at least tell me how to modify your engine part to use common decoupler i am new to adding mod with engine and parts so sorry if i am not expert
  14. still can't use decouplers i tried reinstalling a clean install without CKAN and still can't attach decoupler i wonder were is this mod author i think he can help me
  15. so you mean i need to add decouplers for this mod engine do every one do that because i have cryogenic engine mod but i have no problem with those engine and also space launch system engines i have no problem with them so there is something in configuration of real scale boosters and soviet rocket parts and i want to know what is it that cause this i hope some one will help me
  16. my game version is 1.2.1 and the funny things is i also got this problem with soviet rockets parts and also i use CKAN to install the mods i do not understand why i can add decoupler it past trough not only the engine but also the fuel that engine is attach to this so wired i real love kerbal space program i am addicted to this game and solve many of my games and mods i installed my self but this i do not get it what is wrong and i really like this mod because of real size kerin needs real time rockets so please what should i do what do you think is the problem my version of game is 1.2.1 what is "autostrut" is this a mod
  17. thanks Karamon i saw 10865 delta V for kerbin inside tracking station so i thought that is kerbin low orbit delta V
  18. you mean mod terrain low or low graphic setting if you mean low graphic setting yes unfortunately my PC is a old lad and i have stuck with it for a long time of 6 years and can't afford a new PC so yes if you mean low setting but if you mean a mod no about those numbers i really can not understand why i get this so much delta V but i try do as you said and thanks again for help i wish i could help let me know i you need help i am a brave Astronaut
  19. i wonder do every one get 10868 delta V with real earth size this the value i entered the earth delta V is 9400 i believe // Base Settings SigmaDimensions { Resize = 10 Rescale = 10 Atmosphere = 1.4 dayLengthMultiplier = 4 } // Advanced Settings @SigmaDimensions { geeASLmultiplier = 1 landscape = 1 atmoVisualEffect = 1 resizeScatter = 1 CustomSoISize = 0 CustomRingSize = 0 atmoASL = 1 tempASL = 1 scanAltitude = 1 } and also for some reason i can't understand the landing gears and landing legs go a little to the ground and they move inside the ground instead of above it that is so weird that make my plane explode
  20. hi and thanks for this mod but i can't place any decoupler beneath any of this mod engine as if there is no engine but i can see delta V of engine and the engine itself but decoupler pass trough it as if they were ghost http://pictub.club/image/XWUUn
  21. i can not understand how but i reinstalled the game and everything is fine now 8600 V for Kerbin now i will experience how real life rocket are sent and build thanks a lot Sigma88 if ever i can help in this place let me know and good luck
  22. thanks sigma88 i have added 6.4 for radius 6.4 for orbit size and 1.3 for atmosphere and 4 for Rotation period but nothing change i have also installed Kopernicus and modulemanager but everything is the same 600000 radius and 70000 atmosphere and so on i have last sigma mod and both other needed mod why nothing is changed i saw the kerbin inside tracking station but still everything the same what's wrong
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