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  1. Wonderful to see this mod being updated! Thanks Pizza, Playing KSP in style since you made this mod.
  2. I'm on a intel i7 4790k 32gb ram and a 1080ti I'm running all the graphic, parts and QOL mods you might need and my system chugs with this mod installed ontop of it. really bad frame drops and stuttering. I do think my system could handle this mod If I was running the stock game with just this mod installed.
  3. Just to be clear, after all files are CORRECTLY installed(including visuals). Does this mod change anything at all in the stock system? I'm very pleased with the addition and the visuals of your pack, the stock system appears untouched so I'm debating installing a visual mod like AVP to enhance the stock system. Just making sure that there isn't a conflict.
  4. Just wow! I'm finding myself back in love with KSP all over again with quality stuff like this coming out.
  5. This mod looks absolutely amazing, in combination with eve, scatterer, DOE and AVP this game is looking exactly what I wished it would look like stock! Well done!
  6. My feedback as a non-modder- This mod would be amazing to have once it's ironed out and more engine sounds are added. The stock engine sounds are really dull after a couple of launches, really would love to hear the snap of real rocket engines pushing through the atmosphere. Best of luck with this mod, Will be watching and waiting.
  7. Quick question, I noticed that all the stock soundtracks for KSP are preloaded and previewable in SE. All of my Ogg files that I've placed in the Music folder are not pre-loaded and not preview able. I've noticed a hang-up when selecting my spacecraft from the tracking station where the "space" music does not load(it does for amoment while loading the scene but stops once scene is loaded) while in space. Being someone who has extra memory to spare(64gigs ram) I'd like to preload all the custom tracks I want to use so that SE has no problem switching to tracks on the fly, is this possible?
  8. So i downloaded it to add to my KSP 1.3 fully loaded save with mods. I can confirm that it works but it's buggy. I'm doing the best to set up great sound tracks for different situations, I read above not to mess with numerical values as that might crash ksp. My first real hang-up is not being able to get it to play a pre-launch sequence(I've got the apollo 13 soundtrack). I've got all the parameters correct but it seems to not take. My second question is if this mod conflicts with chatterer in any way? Seems like maybe pre-launch gets cut short from the chattering. I think the idea for this mod is amazing, being able to customize your listening pleasures is right up there with any visual mods for this game. Please keep this going and/or offer the code up for those who might be willing (Linux,rover, ect).
  9. Just came here to plead for the continuation of this mod.
  10. Thanks Galileo and Ivy, Although I'd appreciate the extra planets, I also want to keep the level of quality that AVP offers in anything else that I add. I've always loved OPM and hope that the maker of AVP can eventually support stock-a-like planet mods like this one.
  11. Read through the last 5-10 pages or so and didn't see the question of compatibility with Astronomer's visual pack? Just curious if it will function correctly with AVP + KSPRC. Thanks G, Great work on a great mod!
  12. This is great! haha
  13. I just wanted to say thank you for a great mod. To those wondering this adds effects for any type of contact/bumping/landing/scraping and it adds great sounds for all of the above as well. I had two fairings scrape together during separation and the sparks went flying! It was great to see, also heard the *thud* when they crashed together.
  14. Does it have to do with the Nullref animation spam in the console?
  15. Like what? Last I checked mods can even start my microwave in the kitchen so I can watch Jeb crash and burn.
  16. I implore you to read the conversation past my OP before responding with such vitriol. This conversation has evolved and it looks like people who actually know what they're talking about about are split on this issue. Those who own an old computer that meets the min specs of the game and think that adding a beauty pass would make the game unplayable to you. This is countered by those who say that these said features would not depreciate your PC or KSP experience. There are also those saying that adding such things would in fact add to the resource demand for those wanting to play with stock settings. And I don't apologize for having "standards" I wish to be met, I paid for this game like everyone else and I work hard to play hard, the costs of PC's around the world isn't a concern for game developers nor is it for me because it's a hobby. Hobbies are activities one partakes in that does nothing but suck a hole in your wallet, some choose golf, fishing or whatnot, gaming(and building robotics and drones) is mine. There are a lot of crappy games with amazing graphics being launched these days, I'm just passionate about improving a GREAT game with bad graphics. The feeling that I get when I have all of my visual mods running full bore makes me sometimes forget that I'm actually playing a game and it's a feeling that I wish you all could experience as well, the stock game makes me feel like should be playing with a trackball. The last point I'll make- The world is getting dumber, politics are hampering knowledge and curiosity. Games like KSP opens a window into the world of creative scientific imagination. Even if the game stays exactly the way it is, it is still a marvel and a wonderful game that expose people to critical thinking they may not otherwise exercise. If nothing I wished here comes true, I'm still proud of KSP and it's contributions.
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