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  1. Could you please change my name to AxiomK Thanks!!
  2. I've been trying to figure out what the last unknown propulsion system is, and so I've been re-watching the trailers etc. At 2:02 in the announcement trailer, does that look like the ICAN-II drive? The "nozzle" area kind of looks like this: It's an antimatter-catalyzed microfission/fusion drive. I'm not sure how the other ones have been confirmed, I wish I could get a hold of Nate Simpson or someone in the dev team to ask them about this or other propulsion systems, but I also know they're very busy. I also dont know if this has been suggested yet. Here's where I first hea
  3. Hello, first I'd like to say how amazing this mod is! But when I put the principia-master and latest principia gamedata files in the gamedata folder and tried to load a save (or create a new one) it just crashes. Is it because I installed it incorrectly? Or is it that I'm running ksp v1.6 (I could easily see it being that, I wouldnt expect a mod made for v1.5.1 to work in v1.6, I just want to check that Im installing it correctly).
  4. I'm looking to buy a new laptop soon, and I would love it if it could run KSP (even if the graphics aren't very good). So my question is, do you know of any laptops which meet the system requirements and don't break the bank? Recommended: OS:Windows 10 64 bit Processor:Core i5 Memory:4 GB RAM Graphics:DX10 (SM 4.0) capable, 1GB VRAM Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
  5. I am currently working on my first mod. I'm making a deep submergance vehicle (inspired by the Alvin) which has 7 thrusters which are used to maneuver. Since they are used similarly to RCS ports in KSP, I thought it would make sense to have them operate as such. But I'm wondering, should I animate the rotation of the blades in Blender just as you would for a jet engine? And then trigger the animation when the thrusters are used. Similar to how the RCS ports produce the thrust plume effect when they are being used.
  6. I love the new Grasshopper lander designs, as well as the Armadillo heavy.
  7. Great work! This craft is both very beautiful and functional.
  8. I am going for more of an extensive colonization of Duna/Ike instead of just exploration. So I don't know if I will be dropping probes into every single biome, but my program's structure will be very similar to the mission idea proposed in this thread. Anyway, my program is heavily inspired by, but not a replica of, the Constellations program. I call it the Konstellations Program (I know, so creative). I just finished building the Kopernicus-1, which is the vehicle that will bring a crew to Duna. I'm not sure why I built this before all the other stuff (like the lander modules, habitats, etc
  9. I recently began something similar to this, so I am starting a new save with all the craft files of the one I started before. But this time I will shift my goals to line up with the idea of this mission. Can't wait to get started!
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