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  1. After I received a feedback from a member of the KSP group on facebook, I uninstalles BetterTimeWarp. It seems the problems are gone now.
  2. KSP: (WindowsPlayer x64) Problem: All the problems occurred with engines / RCS disbled. During warp the problems stopped, when warp is leaved, they continue to nag me. Maneuver-drifting: When I setup a maneuver, for example to do a Hohmann transfer to Mun, without touching the maneuver-node, the delta-v for the maneuver begins to increase, the maneuver indicator begins to drift away. After 1 minute over 2000m/s are displayed. Closest approach drifting I`ve setup an intercept with Duna from Kerbol orbit (just leaved Kerbins SOI). After a few seconds, the intercept switched to closest approach, which increased very fast so several million meter. Mods installed: "000_AT_Utils", "Toolbar", "USI Tools", "B9 Part Switch", 1.7.1 "BetterTimeWarpContinued", "Community Category Kit", "Community Resource Pack", "CommunityTechTree", "Contract Configurator", "Contract Reward Modifier", "CustomBarnKit", "DMagic Orbital Science", "CapCom Mission Control On The Go", (Remark: Sometimes the CapCom is not displaying any contract) "Contract Parser", "Contracts Window Plus", "Progress Parser", "EditorExtensionsRedux", "Firespitter", 7.5.1 "Flexible Docking", "GroundConstruction", "Interstellar Fuel Switch", "JanitorsCloset", "Kerbal Attachment System", "Kerbal Inventory System", "Infernal Robots", 2.0.10 "NearFutureElectrical", "NearFuturePropulsion", "NearFutureSolar", "DockingCameraKURS", "SCANsat", "Science Relay", "StageRecovery", "Strategia", "Kerbal Alarm Clock", "TweakScale", "USI Exploration Pack", "Karbonite", "Konstruction", "USI-LS", "MKS", "USI Core", "Universal Storage", "KSP Interstellar Extended", "[x] Science!", 5.6.0 Reproduction steps: Hard to say. Mostly after switching from Tracking-Station to a ship, sometimes even after reaching LKO with a 200t rocket. Log: Savegame: Subassemblies and ships: CKAN-File: Other points: The problem occurred the first time after many hours of playing the current career. After the problem occurred several times, I had the illusion that I have figured out the problem, because every time I visited my spacelab and switched then to another vehicle, the problem popped up. The first several times this occurred I only had to leave to main screen, now I have to completely restart the game to stop this I have no clue which mod is, in principle, able to cause this. maybe someone can give me a good advise. Thanks in advance best regards Schnoog Edit: Just tried a copy under Ubuntu which led to the same problem.
  3. My first try of a station in foreground. A "simple" Kerbal-Relay The second station in background was an external lauchpad try. My most recent space-station alike is a space-truck, which will heading duna soon. Docking was OK, but also caused several explosion.... F5, my friend