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  1. In my experience, you place it, save, and it doesn't work so you delete and do it a second time. I'm not sure if it will work but give it a shot.
  2. LOL Figured it out, When I cleared my Mods I took out the Squad Folder too. XD!
  3. I uninstalled a bunch of mods, and now my game stops loading right at the end and won't go to the opening menu. I look at the log, and it tells me that it doesn't have the definition of "resource" and doesn't load any resources. (Electric Charge, Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer, etc.) I Don't know what to do! (I'm Using CKAN) Mods: [x] Science! Filter Extensions Community Category Kit Community Resource Pack KAS Kerbal Engineer Kerbal Foundries Kerbal Joint Reinforcement KIS KSPWheel KW Rocketry Mechjeb2 Kerbal Planetary Surface Structures Module Manager
  4. Wow. I'll download that, and then remove all but that because damn there are a lot of statics in SM statics, and too much clutter can get annoying.and kerbinside has enough already.
  5. YAYYYYY! i'm excited to make an Osprey, AC-130 and finally have the 2.5m Circular Cargo Bays and door the game has been lacking, or even mods have been lacking!
  6. I think it would be better to just have the landing site. Also the mining rigs were cool. I think you could just land on a carrier, and recover. if you wanted too move the carrier, you would delete it and place it in a different area and then spawn the aircraft you landed on it, and pretend you're launching again. I would Love that.
  7. I wish there were aircraft Carriers again. I know the Ships Before Had Problems, but it's easier to use than Aircraft Carriers that are actually Craft.
  8. Is there a chance for like a helicopter tail, Like instead of the ones already in KSP
  9. OP meaning official page? I thought you just have to put the mods in gamedata. tweakscale works for most thing, just not AP+. i'm using 1.2.2
  10. Same link as what? Tweakscale isn't working for me onthis mod and it's the third time i have downloaded the version.