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  1. I've noticed that the turn angles are not actually what they are set in the editor. Turrets can turn to their restraint properly clockwise but not anti-clockwise, where usually they can turn only 90 degrees before resetting. This only happens when the yaw limit is greater than 180 degrees.
  2. Strange. Patches seem to be applied but the splashing still seems to happen...
  3. You'd have to change the config files, dual purpose has to do with the air detonation parameter and for turning 360 just set yaw range to 360. I'm sure you can poke around 5"DP until it works. Game is still too slow so I had to use the LBPP and be unable to make sinkable ships. I fiddled around with the turrets to make my own. This is the prototype "Mimas" battleship, with a fictional fusion nuclear reactor powering it.
  4. View angle seems to have a very weird impact on framerates as well.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but is there a mod or way to disable those effects?
  6. Y'know... WoWS is a nice game, but they aren't exactly the best source of information... the name "Monarch" is more likely just slapped on. It's only a design for the KGV. Nice work though.
  7. Personally I like to resize the turret and rename it to call it a new part. Theres a french 138mm that looks reasonably close. Resize scale about 1.09 and slap on some characteristics of a 152/155mm/6in shell should do.
  8. Any kind of procedural plate can do, provided size isn't too limited. I can add a module to suit my needs for myself only.
  9. Does "procedural frames with cutomizable size and length" come under things that are not going to come anytime soon? Would love to get a new form of frame now that the WW2Warships isn't too compatible.
  10. I really wish there is a form of "procedural structural frame" of some kind. I hate how my ships just don't look right. Edit: After messing with Procedural Wings I managed to cobble a working frame. Still looks terrible in texture though.
  11. May I suggest a pure gray-ish and black rim texture for everything? And another thing is it possible to have different turrets to fall under the same BDWeapon name? Can't make things like the Pensacola without it.
  12. There used to be a procedural wings mod. Wish someone could get that working, doesn't tweak anymore for me, so my planes are all using stocks.
  13. Tried experimenting with adding 2 parameters of AP and HE for the same turret but ended up with making the turret a double shot today. It seems that we need a new plugin unless we can somehow use a stock switch command to change the ammo type. Speaking of which, would someone care to test the J-404's dry/wet toggling function in turrets for me? I cannot get that working properly myself, but maybe someone else can.
  14. I suspect it has to do with the new ballistic damage and armor system, that is currently broken, while these guns have either no proper penetration damage or too weak to damage properly.
  15. Not sure if it is the new bdarmory update, but the guns take a phenomenal amount of shooting before anything breaks. Bringing this as a point of note but I assume we will just have to be patient.