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  1. Yes, you can copy any of my content. I am starting to leave the forums.
  2. Sí. Qué este es un poco mal y creo que no pasará nada sí lo renuevas.
  3. Mine is Saturn (Rings), and dwarf planet, Ceres (Water, possibly the reason life exists on Earth).
  4. @DunaManiac Banned for being incorrect; and for not having a profile pic. Banned myself, for putting <pic> not <picture>.
  5. Welcome to Kerbal Mythology, where you shall be taken on a magical journey through time. Chapter I: The Gods The Kerbals believed in many gods after the Religious Revolution in the year -2514, where, for some reason, they suddenly became religious. According to the legends, the gods lived in a temple on top of the massive Mt. Himalæia. Sorry I'm very busy. (on vacation with Jeb )
  6. This year system uses the decimal clock, 10 kiloseconds in one day... It also uses Greek and Spanish for the names. Months: Eniember Diember Triember Tetrember Pentember Hexember Heptember Octember Enniember December Endecember Dodecember All of these months have 30 days, and use the following days of the week: Solday Lunaday Miercuday Venuday Terriday Marday Jupiteday Saturday Uranoday Neptoday There is 36 weeks in a year, and there is one extra month, that has 4 days, diferent from the posterior: Extrember And it has the following days: Ceriday Pluday Makemaday Sedniday I hope you liked this!
  7. I know, but I keep forgetting to screenshot.
  8. Himalaya is a family of Kerbonian rockets named after the mountain of kerbal mythology, Himalæia. There are four known rockets, with two of them still being built. Some of them sent kerbals to space, others sent satellites to orbit, and others, well. you got me there. They were designed so that the U.S.K would beat the Koviet Union in the race of the kosmos. Himalaya II: The Himalaya II (KZ-59E) was the first of the Himalaya family to be manufactured. It has thirty parts, a height of 36.2 meters, a weight of 198,540 kg and a diameter of 3.75 meters. It costs 102,010, a TWR of 7.44 (max) and a Δv of 6,288 m/s. The length of the first mission was 1h 16m and 45s, and the crew was Jeb, Bill and Bob Kerman. Himalaya III: The Himalaya III (KZ-63B) is famous for launching the first satellite, GRAVIOLI (GRavity, Atmosphere and SurVey IOn-propelled SatelLIte), and was the second Himalaya manufactured. Information Unknown. Himalaya III-B Keverest: Still in construction. Himalaya IV: Still in construction.
  9. KJR is fine. Because big ships have a tendency to snap in the middle.
  10. MUN RACE: KOVIET UNION BEATS THE UNITED STATES OF KERBONIA Breaking news! The Koviet Union beat the United States of Kerbonia with their specially designed Mun probe. Flight manager Czelski Kerman, who is Kolish said it was easy to control and got there easily; it was the best rocket the Koviet Union ever made. The Kerbonian Aeronautics and Space Agency (KASA) on the other hand, are very annoyed and hope they win the next space race. The launch of the rocket was very wobbly and a minor strut blew up. The rest of the flight was apparently, according to Александр (Alexander) Kerman, very smooth. It is very surprising that the Koviet Union won. The landing of the probe went well and the probe landed on the surface perfectly, however the probe, called MR-1ZA did not have enough fuel to return to Kerbin; so they decided to loop it in the air and to crash it in to the Mun. They also did this with the Mun Orbiter Module (MOM-MY). The Koviet Union Space Agency (KuSA) has planned to send a manned mission to plant a flag on the Mun very soon. KASA were planning to land on Minmus as well, to get double points, but that just slowed them down, making them lose. KuSA were also very smart; docking to the Kerbinational Space Station (KSS-Z387). KuSA sent the information to Kerbin via ComNet, instead of flying it back to Kerbin, the only problem was that the information also went to KASA's laboratories; so they also got the information about the composition of the Mun, and the other munar information. The team was: Александр Kerman, Czelki Kerman, Андрей Kerman, Люси Kerman, José Kerman and Юрий Kerman. A very good team of workers. Jebediah Kerman, said that KuSA would have won one anyway, and that this one was that one. The next space race according to KASA will be the Duna & Ike Base Race, trying to land a base on Duna, and make a probe to orbit Ike. Editor, (Glenn Kerman)
  11. No, the ship cannot be a probe and has to be manned, this is to make it more of a challenge, try not to kill the kerbals.
  12. Baned for banning a banned exoplanet, who was banning someone that banned someone who banned someone wh.............. 404 Error No Internet Connection