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  1. Specifically, all but the shrouded ones, if you would like I could give the specific MM names but maybe later today or tomorrow. For receiving I was thinking (and testing), the small panel blanket that works at 0.1 MW at Kerbin also works well at 3-2 MW at minimum orbit cheating distance for Kerbol. That's opposed to the 250 or some-odd MW that the circular photovoltaic receiver gets. Using the scale that the blanket array provides it came out to 30 to 20 times the base solar power reception at Kerbin. You could also add radiators as a requirement for reception above 10-15 times base Kerbin di
  2. Does the visible light beamed power only work on solar panels with beamed power functionality (gigantor solar array) or does it just not work with NFE solar arrays (yet?)? I'm still using 1.11.4 btw
  3. Hey FreeThinker, I was wondering if you could shed some light on the development of the mk2 expansion compatability pack, or who was working on it.
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