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  1. I just did another clean install of ksp and this mod is causing an access violation and crashing the game. I first installed Kopernicius and booted up the game, and it worked fine. I then installed this mod and the main menu came up correctly but crashed the game instantly upon trying to start a new game. Is the spacedock download the current version of this mod?
  2. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    Thats fine i had just seen this and thats why i had assumed
  3. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    I noticed you said one star is reserved for OPM planets, but i assume OPM is not yet compatible with this mod
  4. Mods that still work

    A couple of months ago, i was having so much trouble with KSP mods I took a break from the game completely. But I have the urge to get back into the game and was wondering which mods are still functional, and more importantly compatible. I mainly used mods for Colonization and interstellar travel and planet packs. How many of these still work together, I did a clean install so starting with a blank slate. I would say highest priority is a good multiple star planet pack, which is ideally compatible with OPM. I would assume USI is still the only working colonization mod but if there is any new ones I would love to check them out. and lowest priority is mods to actually get to the other star systems in a reasonable amount of time. I would love to hear your recommendations. Also is Hyperedit still working, it had problems in the past but it was always fun to place Kerbin right next to the sun
  5. Is this compatible with IA revived. They used to work together and IA works, but if i add opm the game does a ctd after loading the game every time. The log shows opm ran a ton of errors. Edit for clarification- Other then kopernicius those are the only two mods installed
  6. [1.3.0] Kopernicus (Release 7) - Sep. 25

    For clarification, what does AFG stand for
  7. Just so you know, Kopernius had an update with broke most planet packs, and yous is one that i cant get to work. Dont know how to fix it but someone does

    1. ProtoJeb21


      I know about the update, and I have a solution: Just use Kopericus 1.2.1-1, and you'll be fine. I can also confirm that Kittopia Tech works with Kopernicus 1.2.1-1 and KSP 1.2.1!

  8. Just to let you know, the latest version of Kopernicius appears to have broken this mod, as well as many other planet packs. upon loading a game, the space center is not there, everything is black, and you can only access the pause menu log file for reference
  9. [1.3.0] Kopernicus (Release 7) - Sep. 25

    Ok, If i remove all planet packs, the game works. both OPM and IAE are not compatible with the new version of Kopernicus, as well as Kerbol Origins which i also tested. IDK if the problem is with Kopernicus, or if KSP did a weird update but as far as i can tell most planet packs do not work
  10. [1.3.0] Kopernicus (Release 7) - Sep. 25

    I have the latest version is Kopernicus installed and the game kept claiming it was incompatible, after some messing around, i finally got it to load, but upon any game, there is no space center, just a black screen with options to get to the pause menu only. I don't know which log you want, as there are about 73 in the log folder. I have OPM and Interstellar Adventure Revived installed, which claim to be compatible with each other. and the latest version of ksp. If you want a different log, ask but here is Kopernicus.log