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  1. For me this all depends entirely on what's in the box/under the hood. Figuratively speaking of course.
  2. If they have forgone videos and such to focus on actual work on the game I will applaud. I can live without updates every week or even every other week, if it means as polished a release as possible.
  3. Uploading my submission now, about 20 minutes to go.
  4. That really depends how rigidly you define furry.
  5. For me this would depend upon how much I really want a solved cube on display, the easiest way to solve it is peel the stickers off(If they're still like that) and reapply.
  6. I could do it, but I'd need heavy medication prescribed afterwards and be hairless until it grew back.
  7. Agreed, for me I don't wanna fly a rocket, but I still wanna learn what sort of transfers/maneuvers are required and similar. Before I went to Mun for the first time I'd never heard of a Hohmann transfer.
  8. *disengages serious mode* I'm a pilot, I can fly.
  9. Yeah the whole click button get reward thing isn't any fun, I wanna at least have to know that I need to execute a hohmann transfer or whatever the specific maneuver is called so it's not just select target and wash my hands.
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