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  1. Uploading my submission now, about 20 minutes to go.
  2. That really depends how rigidly you define furry.
  3. For me this would depend upon how much I really want a solved cube on display, the easiest way to solve it is peel the stickers off(If they're still like that) and reapply.
  4. I could do it, but I'd need heavy medication prescribed afterwards and be hairless until it grew back.
  5. May I have my name changed to catloverjerrygarcia?
  6. Agreed, for me I don't wanna fly a rocket, but I still wanna learn what sort of transfers/maneuvers are required and similar. Before I went to Mun for the first time I'd never heard of a Hohmann transfer.
  7. *disengages serious mode* I'm a pilot, I can fly.
  8. Yeah the whole click button get reward thing isn't any fun, I wanna at least have to know that I need to execute a hohmann transfer or whatever the specific maneuver is called so it's not just select target and wash my hands.
  9. I selected landing and maneuver execution as well as kerbal execution because for me those would help immensely. I'm barely capable of making orbit manually in KSP and MechJeb was extremely helpful to me. My primary goal and the most fun part of KSP for me is setting a mission goal and designing a spacecraft/rocket to get me there.
  10. Yeah I started thinking perhaps my search term wasn't generating results after reading your post so will have to try harder.
  11. I've tried that, and get no results. And I'm not sure if your commentary in parentheses was meant as a joke but I'm not feeling it as a joke and more an attempt to insult me.
  12. But not sure what pert of the forum to post in. I'm trying to search within PM's for a certain word but can't figure out how to do so. Is it even possible?
  13. I have taken a position of watching like a hawk. If corporate decision makers start meddling to the detriment of the game, that's it for my money.
  14. I'll weigh in here myself. While I do hope that KSP2 is great and unaffected by this, my fear is that corporate decision makers will start meddling. If this does happen I will not hesitate to move the game from it's current position of might buy to the definitely not list. It had previously been in my definite buy list but now it's not.
  15. Dreamers see the future, profiteers only see the moment.
  16. After a day of mod futzing, then a day of emotional care, followed by more mod futzing I finally made this today.
  17. I disagree that it lessens the reality of the world, but that's my opinion. If it were a truly immersive real world simulation type thing visually you'd almost never see the views that are typical of the game so therefore camera analogy is appropriate.
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