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  1. Is there a place where I can find IVAs that others have made with MAS? I'm getting my mods together for a 1.6 career and alexustas' stuff still works, but I'm curious about MAS.
  2. Why not just revert to 1.4.3?? You don't need either, really. Your trajectory is displayed on the map screen, if you've scanned the surface. I put it on biome mode first, making sure I'm going where I need to be, then I change it to slope mode and aim for a flat spot. I suppose you would need the trajectory mod if you were going through atmosphere, but the ALCOR pod isn't made for that anyway. You don't need suicide burn time because you have current and minimum impact speed displayed prominently in the landing mode screen. If you want maximum efficiency, use autoland.
  3. Damn. I was very confident in my Skytrain Humpback until I saw this...It's a real shame that using mk1 cabins seems to be a must to keep the cost down. I'm a fan of elegant designs with low part counts. Well, hats off, you got me beat.
  4. Biggie Airlines presents its magnum opus: The Skytrain Humpback This magnificent aircraft carries 408 passengers over 5000 km at speeds over Mach 3. Price is set at $316,771,000 each. Climb at 160 m/s after takeoff, expect 20000 m and 1130 m/s after 5 mins. Stay at full throttle and climb SLOWLY (~35 mins) to 22000 m as fuel drains, keeping speed no less than 1100 m/s and no greater than 1200 m/s. Range of greater than 5000 km has been proven using these guidelines. Steady cruise is not recommended, as it will yield less range. She's a delight to fly and lands like a feather floating down onto a pillow.
  5. Biggie Airlines is bigly proud to present: The Skytrain Orca This elegant jumbo jet carries 168 passengers around the globe at mach 3.5 for the low price of $194,449,000. Expect 21000 m and 1200 m/s after 5 mins. To achieve supercruise, keep throttle at maximum and climb to 22000 m over the next 20-30 mins. Keep speed at 1200 m/s to avoid overheat. Using supercruise, the Skytrain Orca has been proven to be able to circumnavigate Kerbin and land with 7200 units of fuel remaining. It may even be possible to circumnavigate Kerbin twice, although this is untested.
  6. Biggie Airlines would like to submit the jumbo airliner the 'Maui' for consideration. Maui Cost: $169,871,000 Expect 180 m/s at 9000 m 10 mins after takeoff. Final cruise is 200 m/s at 10000 m. Features flap, spoiler, and thrust control. This puppy flies like a dream. Seats 240 passengers.
  7. As a side note, AtmosphereAutopilot by Boris-Barboris is a god-tier mod which has a fly-by-wire that makes very unstable aircraft fly smooth as butter. I should probably tighten up my stability if the judges aren't using it.
  8. Has nobody submitted a proper jumbo? If not I'll make one. I've made one before.
  9. First off, his is in my top 5 favorite mods. But I need help. I've lost my Cruise Flight controller won't come up. I think it might be hidden off screen or something. Help?
  10. Anyone know anything about KAC having RPM integration?
  11. DPAI has an alignment gauge right at the top, and I also always install Thrust Controlled Avionics, so even if was way off it would only decrease efficiency. I wasn't flying it, it was stock mechjeb's ascent profile. I could edit the profile and see if I gain efficiency.
  12. hahahaha you neever know. Not letting Jeb die on my watch! I think this is exactly the solution I was looking for, very elegant, thank you. What are your thoughts on aerobreaking vs gravity assist breaking from a moon?
  13. It helps me understand that there's something I don't understand and should take the time to learn haha. So knowing what would constitute (the parameters of) a resonant orbit with the body I'm leaving can help me use that same body in a much later gravity assist to get to my final destination? So, for example, escaping Kerbin with a big burn and getting into that 1:2 orbital resonance, then intercepting Kerbin after exactly 2 years and using it to gravity assist me to all the way to, say, Moho? And all I need to know is the orbital period right? If I make sure it's 2 years then I'm guaranteed to be in resonance and intercept Kerbin again in 2 years right? Thanks for taking the time.
  14. It was a Duna trip I believe. Spent too much dV on the way down in the lander. I knew it wasn't possible to return to the mothership with everything as it was. I planned for the unexpected though, and had a fully stocked KIS/KAS locker to work with. Inspired by a certain book, I went to work stripping down the lander to its essentials. Landing legs? Off. Science crap? Off. The launch window comes and I blast off. I spend my last drop of fuel and check the trajectory. Suborbital. Game over, right? Not yet. RCS comes online. Poof. RCS gone. Jeb leaps out the hatch and starts RCS burning. It's close as hell but I get a stable orbit. To be safe, Jeb sits tight and the mothership comes to him. The dV I spent doing that would cost me big later. For now, Jeb goes into cryo sleep. Years later, when the return window finally arrives, the ship begins its departure burn as scheduled. We sail out of the Duna SOI. In interplanetary space, the ship ignites the engines one last time for the return burn. Poof. Not even close! Not again... It's ok, I've planned for this too. The command and life support modules detach from the massive mothership and RCS comes online. Again, it's not enough. Game over, right? Never! I've been in this position before, and there is a way to get back with a little luck. Jeb thaws. You can actually get out of the command module and PUSH with your RCS pack! So Jeb gets out and starts pushing. I'm getting closer, closer, SOOO close...when....poof. EVA RCS gone. I watch in horror as Jeb floats away into pitch black interplanetary space, to die alone with zero chance of recovery. As I'm desperately searching for something I could possibly do, I notice the drill still in Jeb's inventory. I get a crazy idea, an impossible idea...but just maybe. I reload the game to when I detached the command and life support modules, and burn most of the RCS again with Jeb still frozen. I'm headed for Kerbins SOI, but I'm not even close to a direct intercept. I let the ship sail all the way until I'm in Kerbins SOI. As far out as life support allowed, Jeb thaws and EVAs, drill in hand. I detach the heat shield from the command module. Using KAS connector ports, I attach myself to the back of it, and start burning. Pe drops below 70, with fuel to spare. And thus Jeb became the first Kerbal to survive an EVA reentry. One of my greatest regrets in life is that I didn't record was just a casual Duna mission and wasn't supposed to be worthy of recording.
  15. Innit purrty? Forgive my use of mechjeb here, I'm testing the new assets for the creator.
  16. @Dark LionWhat does orbital resonance have to do with this? I'm fully aware of the relevance of the other 3. Like I said, it's not my first rodeo. I've been everywhere in the stock system. I just have either used aerobreaking or used high efficiency probes and brute forced it on the far rocky worlds. I've got over 100 mods installed and play mostly in IVA. That's part of the reason I've never mastered gravity assists...I don't use maneuver nodes anymore! Not sure how I could plan a precise assist IVA.....I'll think on that. Meanwhile I've been practicing my Mun-Duna assist. Turns out a 3km high powered gravity assist saves a lot of dV thanks to the Oberth effect but ended in a quick mission LOL.
  17. Ah yes! I meant to learn to do gravity assists for a long time now, and kept putting it off. I'm actually glad I've left myself something this important to learn still. It doesn't seem too difficult to learn to use. What about Duna? Do you typically gravity break with Ike or do you aerobrake or do you just brute force it?
  18. I'll try to clarify. Aerobreaking saves crazy amounts of dV, so I want to use it for capture, particularly when arriving in the Joolian system. The problem is to design a ship to be able to enter the atmosphere at very high speeds and not break apart. The way that's done is by placing the center of drag well behind the center of mass while only exposing heat shields, which is not normally the case for a large upper stage. There are many creative ways to accomplish this, some in the VAB, some in situ. My favorite method, after a lot of struggle, is to break the ship into two halves and each half is aerodynamically stable and protected from reentry heat. I'm wondering how other people accomplish stability while aerobreaking.