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  1. I came back to try out 1.6 after a little break (1.3 was the last I played) Running 1.5 with a handful of mods, and having the following problem: Any time I build a rocket with the KV-1 Onion and KV-2 (?) Pea pods, they spontaneously decouple and roll off the rocket as soon as physics-easing is done on the launch pad. The KV-3 Pomegranate does not do this. Anyone encounter this before?
  2. Having an issue where the following happens: If I mouse over the KK icon in the SPH/VAB, Dull Spot becomes the launch pad, even if it wasn't previously selected. Once this happens, I can't re-select to KSC Runway. In fact, selecting KSC runway in the list brings up Dull Spot in the launch site preview. So the only way to launch from KSC is to exit the SPH/VAB and select the runway/launch pad manually. PITA. Anyone see or fix this? I've tried looking for a config but having no luck.
  3. I'm having a problem I can't find an answer to (or even replication of results) and it only seems to happen with OPT (specifically the J body parts I've tried) I build a plane in the SPH, go to launch and it's stuck. Literally stuck. I've noticed when the plane is being "physics eased" on to the runway that sometimes the landing gear don't contact the ground. When I apply thrust in any direction (up, forwards, backwards) the plane doesn't move at all. It also doesn't roll due to gravity forwards or backwards as I usually see when I start a plane on the runway. The plane will, however, roll and come to rest on 2 landing gear and one wing tip (and usually refuses to roll any other direction) I've tried all different landing gear and still have the problem. I have a secondary problem of the COM marker of my J body parts going way forward or aft of the actual body itself. I suspect the two may be related, and think it may be RealFuels at fault I've read that OPT should not be causing this, as it is just a parts pack, and I'm not looking for a solution (though one would be great) I'm mostly looking for repeatability by others. Has anyone seen this? My modlist below (1.2.2): Edit: Confirmed, RealFuels (or its stockalike RF config) broke use of J and K Body tanks for me. Removing it fixed the problem just fine.
  4. I have 57 mods installed, mostly addon parts, but it seems like when 1.2.2 hit, my Mk1 Command pods suddently got stripped of their Monopropellant and Reaction Wheels. I thought it was TCS, but that turns out to not be it. I then thought it might be SETI Rebalanced, and removed the Rx Wheel Nerf, but that still didn't do the trick. Anyone know of a mod that causes this or is this a new 1.2.2 thing? I didn't see it in the changelog.
  5. Can confirm, experiencing same problem: Remotetech, Contract Configurator, Mod Manager and ContractPack Remotetech all installed via CKAN to most up to date and having same problem.
  6. I'm on 1.2.1. 64bit PC. Losing my mind over how awesome this game is. Mods: Mechjeb, StageRecovery, RemoteTech, Contract configurator, several contract packs, waypoint manager, KEI. Not too many. Problem: All of a sudden, when changing parameters on a symmetrically positioned part (i.e. parachute altitude on a radial mount chute) the parameter isnt matched on the other parts in the group (i.e. I have 3 chutes placed on the rocket with 3x symmetry and normally changing parameters on one chute applies to all others in the symmetry group) Also, it seems like the sliders for adjusting such parameters have suddenly become very laggy. I feel like this might be a key I fatfingered or something, because I started a game after installing mods last night and it wasn't happening for several hours, but just started. I will try to reproduce by starting a new game and seeing what happens. Thanks in advance. Edit: After closing client and relaunching, the problem goes away. I'm thinking this is definitely a key I must have pressed. Any advice?