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  1. I have no idea how to make a badge. How about you make a badge for this and put your name on it. win win
  2. if only it was an easy stand alone mod.
  3. now you just need the giant space potato.
  4. try launching all your space stations in pairs instead of alone. two fully built stations, two modules on one station, or two station cores. Like launching both your eve and your duna stations at once, or launching research stations to both the mun and minmus. Or even just launching the power module and crew module for the same station at once. Or just launching a kerbin station and mun station core to expand on later. Just an idea.
  5. okay, but I've been to the new forum, it looks finished, enough to use it at least. So far I've been the only one to ever comment on any of the posts ever.
  6. so when is the plan going into action? I want to send in my craft on the new forum. And can I get a reward for being a very active member on the new forum?
  7. I have a craft and I'm ready to post it, so can I start my own thread to post my craft? it was originally for this thread so it follows all the guidelines in this thread. Though I don't know how the guidelines for the starter craft have changed. P.S. I am the only one to ever respond to a topic on the new forum so far.
  8. that sounds like a doable Idea with stock parts. Does the stock claw allow fuel transfer? if it doesn't then maybe you could just have a docking port low on the craft for the refueler to refuel. I would love to see that. though it might not be considered realistic.
  9. So in the new one. 1: can I upload my previous crafts? 2: are reaction wheels available now?
  10. its suggested, but not a rule.
  11. hover?