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  1. Fixed by deleting all files in the ckan folder
  2. what I'm looking for are those mods that go well with RSS
  3. I was trying to create myself a RSS "modpack", but both because I'm lazy and because I'm bad at searching stuff, I can't find any lists of mods that I must have in order to play RSS correctly. Is someone willing to write a list of mods (just the list, I'll find by myself all the downloads) that I need?
  4. that worked out perfectly, thanks!
  5. Hello! Lately I've been playing around with making shuttle replicas, but I have a problem when making them, I'm missing orange tanks. Ven's mod has them but they are of a smaller size (2.5 instead of 3.75), so I'm here to ask you, is there a way to edit the interested parts (the CryoX tanks) to fit my needs? I tried installing tweak scale but there isn't the option to make them bigger.