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  1. @nightingale Hello, in v1.3 (and the patch prior) the ships spawned per by accepting my custom missions have all their stages combined rather than how they were split and organized in the VAB. Then that 1st stage is inactivate, like it gets skipped. So If I had 0) Rocket Engine, 1) Coupler, 2) Rocket Engine, 3) Parachute.....the ship would spawn with all as 0)Rocket/coupler/rocket/parachute and the ship wouldn't launch, there'd be no stages triggerable... If I reorganize my stages and then try to stage the engines stage 0 won't trigger, but stage 1 will trigger.
  2. So I would just add: SCENARIO { name = ScenarioCustomWaypoints scene = 7, 8 WAYPOINT { name = m_001_target_01 celestialName = Kerbin latitude = -0.097202801731816196 longitude = -74.407672319304297 navigationId = ae4ef747-e2a0-4bc8-80ae-eab83dbb97bb icon = custom altitude = 2.6645352591003757E-14 index = 1 seed = 569 } } inside one of my missions in my contract pack?: // Author: Tazius CONTRACT_TYPE { name = DCA04 group = Defense Combat Advisors Group title = Mission 04: Driving Them Back (Part 1 of 10) description = En
  3. @Matchlight can you select to register your mod with CKAN on the publish page on spacedock.info if you list dependencies CKAN can install everything, it simplifies everything so well.
  4. @nightingale with the upcoming KSP Expansion: Making History and the in game mission builder, is any of this based off your work so when you decide to retire your contract configurator we'd have some way to port our contract packs? Do you have any additional info on what Squad is up to with their mission builder?
  5. @godarklight I've had a blast with DMP, awesome mod! With some other space games they talk about geographic instancing, it would be cool of we could fly our way to someone else's server, like fly to this asteroid and it asks if you'd like to join a server or fly to another asteroid somewhere else and get a prompt to join another person's server the just have some database that keeps track of all the servers and the connect to locations in space with compatible mods. It would be awesome to have web of servers.
  6. Activated Subassemblies: Engines & BDArmory The goal of this mod is to streamline the creation of crafts for Contract Configurator contract packs. Normally, when crafts are created for contract pack the author has to go through each .craft file and set engine staging & ignition values to true to get crafts engines to activate when spawned by a mission. If authors want their crafts to take off & fly autonomously they will need edit their .craft files to set the pilot activation value to true. If the author wants their crafts to attack other crafts of a different
  7. @nightingale I'm sure this has been covered in a previous post, how do I add waypoints to my contract pack missions that I am making? Tazius
  8. I was able to get CKAN to update their repository to the newest BDArmory Continued release. My contract pack had a dependency for BDArmory and it kept installing an* older version. Everything works great now! Have a great weekend! Tazius
  9. Yeah it's was fun building a craft that I could manually outfit. The goal was to have missions where you'd need to use the provide craft or build your own to similar spec and fly it to locations across the map, outfit according to your mission type. However to justify off base outfitting distance from Space Center has to be great enough, but then it takes a while to get from point A to point B to outfit, point B to point C to carry out your mission. I agree it does get exhausting after a while. The orbital strike missions are more of a rocketry combat theme than a plane theme. I was plan
  10. I'm having an issue with the targeting pods. Simply aiming at the ground provides a lock instead of only when locking objects such as KSP buildings & crafts. Laser Guided missiles are ignoring where the pod is painting. I am using the newest public release.
  11. I've thought about creating separate contact packs that revolve around BDArmory because I love the mod. I've been toying around with the idea of 3 different mods: 1) Manual Outfitting Combat Contracts: 2) Orbital Strike Contracts: 3) Naval Mod Contracts (No Video yet) Let me know your thoughts...
  12. You have to open the craft files in notepad or a program such as KML and you need to activate the engines & the AI Autopilot. You have to make sure the the crafts have the right orientation so they don't spawn upside down, on their side, etc. What I usually do is create a craft with engines, AI modules, Weapon Manager and set all the setting I can inside the SPH or VAB, then I do editing of the craft file to get the engines & autopilot to activate on spawn. If you want to make it easier on yourself, look through my mission crafts folder and grab one of the planes craft file and co
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