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  1. As far as I know exe files don't normally work with Mac. Mono is the framework to allow mac to read exec files. Crossover does it by running windows base frameworks (Net Framework) to do the grunt work for it. I opened the app and I see Mac OS folder with two exec files. One of the exec files is tagged as usable by crossover. Basically, once the app opened, nothing happened. No CKAN explorer popped up looking for KSP folder, nothing. Something is not talking. Let me play around using bash and mono and try to figure it out. I opened the app itself and clicks on the Ex
  2. Ok so I JUST tried the new update: It opened up the security panel for me to approve and open anyway like a normal Mac app does when it's an unsigned developer. After that step, the app pops up an install files screen normally, whether it is to install or send separate app to application folder. This did NOT happen with CKAN. It gets to that point. I hope I am making sense here lol. Afterwards, it did not send it to the application folder ( I verified this) , nor did any secondary panel pop up to install it or send it to the application folder. To me I sound clear as
  3. You want me to test it right now? I got some time to verify this for you.
  4. I have the mono framework installed. Can use CKAN on Crossover. I just tried with the DMG. It went a step further with the “CKAN.app” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?. I select yes and at the same time checking the security panel to see of the app has the option to "Open Anyway". It does not, and still refers me to the mono Download page. I appreciate all this hard work you do man. Just giving you the information I get when I try. Let me know if you need more. In a nutshell, DMG is still not performing yet. I ON
  5. CKAN.dmg not working really. It will show up as a CKAN.app but it does nothing but goes to the web shortcut to mono. Is this the way it was intended to work? It would be nice not using terminal and/or crossover to get this done.
  6. FYI if you have the Crossover app for Mac, and use the exe file from this, it works as intended and great. Just put the CKAN exe in the KSP folder. On the bottle for CKAN, you have to be sure to install Windows Netframework 4.5 and above to ensure it works correctly. (Use a Windows 7 Bottle 64bit. Windows 10 has 4.5 built in and will not work with Ckan Very well) This works for the KSP 1.4 for Mac.
  7. All I got to say, you guys do amazing work! I keep coming back to RO and RSS. Thank you so much.
  8. If you paid 20 bucks for this game three years ago, it is certainly not unreasonable for you to pay for a dlc. I mean, come on, they need money to keep developing and we love the game. Unless you want to code it yourself.
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