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  1. Oh. No, not that one. I just did "git clone github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS". Well, time to re-do then. Thanks!
  2. @RoverDude, by "prerelase" you meant the tip of the github repo, right? That one has a "small" problem: the USIToolsUI.dll is missing which causes a number of problems. I was able to fix that by pulling the dll from the corresponding repo (along with russian translation file). Thank you! (and while at it I noticed that 1.12.1 is out so that one is upgraded, too) ===== UPDATE: Another small problem is that minitruss and multitruss have exactly same volume (1000L) when packed into standard KSP inventory. I'd set the minitruss to be 500L.
  3. Ah, so that was actually a proposal to upgrade to some prerelease! I thought you are asking me if I'm on some obsolete version. Sounds good, I'll give it a try! I had no idea that prerelease builds are available to general public.
  4. No, I'm a regular user: I just had a clean install, then added MKS (and eventually also AutoLoadGame and KSP_PartVolume).
  5. The question that comes to my mind is: "why RPM" though? There is latest-and-greatest MAS developed by the same person (MOARdV).
  6. Just wanted to share some experience. I'm trying to construct something without KIS/KAS because the game now has these features integrated. 1) the MKS parts are not marked as manipulable in EVA. There is a mod from LGG - KSP_PartVolume, that adds this marker to all parts. It is for 1.12 though and MKS doesn't currently work well in 1.12*. Fortunately, if you delete the mod's DLL then the rest of configuration files are enough to make the MKS parts manipulable. You can't put them into inventory but that's kinda OK. 2) Inflatable parts are "constructed" in the same state that they were in the VAB. That is - if you launched your craft with the part already deployed, and then deflated it in flight - then you can cheat around the MaterialKits requirement by detaching and reattaching the part - it will reattach already deployed. The opposite is true as well - if you launched your craft with undeployed parts (usually the case) - don't touch them after deploy, otherwise you'll loose these MaterialKits you spent for deployment. *I guess it's a known issue - after you launch your first ship you get stuck and can neither recover the craft nor easily return to KSC. There is an NRE in logs:
  7. I can't make the Nom-O-Matic 5000 request the fertilizer. I'm just playing around with MKS and try to set up a couple of contraptions that could augment each other on Minmus. The idea is to have one to mine and process gypsum into fertilizer while the second should be inhabited and be located within 150m to consume that. I made a couple of experiments and found the following: 1) if I don't enable the gypsum drill AND enable the gypsum->fertilizer converter AND drop a slightly filled gypsum container nearby then the gypsum is transferred to the gypsum consumer automatically a few seconds after touch down. Seems to happen in at least two steps - 90+% of gypsum is transferred at first and then eventually the rest. 2) however the produced fertilizer is not transferred to the other lander even if that other lander runs out of it. 3) if I drop a fertilizer container nearby that doesn't help either. I tried both the full-to-the-brim and almost empty ones - doesn't make a difference. Since I already made sure that the problem is not with the logistic supplier I tend to think that may be the NoM 5000 logistic consumer is at fault, but I don't see why this should be a case. Could someone help me please? In the screenshot below the problem is "missing fertilizer" string at the top-right. =========== UPDATE =============== Stupid me! It's in the manual! I was able to fix my problem with adding a small empty saddle pack of fertilizer - and I see why. The consumer MUST have a separate dedicated storage for the resource EVEN IF it has some built-in one. Sorry for the noise.
  8. Ah, that explains it! Yes, there is a rectangular one available. I just got confused because in config files they are named small-medium-large-huge, but in the game itself there is no "medium". Thank you!
  9. I seem to miss the "medium" life support container which I hope should be 1.8m in diameter. The part is in the Parts folder, I can see it manipulated during the load (it is mentioned several times in KSP.log). Here is the screenshot demonstrating the problem (I used the fuel tank in place of missing part). I did not find any related errors in KSP log. For the reference, here is the list of files/folders in my GameData: 000_Harmony CommunityResourcePack Kopernicus ModuleManager.4.1.4.dll ModuleManager.TechTree SCANsat SquadExpansion 999_KSP-Recall HideEmptyTechTreeNodes MandatoryRCSPartPack ModuleManager.ConfigCache NerfedReactionWheels SigmaDimensions toolbar-settings.dat AngleCanMods Kerbalism MechJeb2 ModuleManager.ConfigSHA PersistentRotation SmartParts TriggerTech AutoLoadGame KerbalismSimplex ModularFlightIntegrator ModuleManager.Physics RCSBuildAid Squad YongeTech_TechTreesPlugin Any clues?
  10. For all that miss that mod in latest KSP versions: I found this solution for myself: 1) "Mandatory RCS Parts Pack" mod 2) "Reaction Wheel Rebalance" mod 3) "Persistent Rotation" mod For me the "Mandatory RCS" mod was almost exclusively about nerfing reaction wheels so that I'm forced to use RCS and maintaining rotation in time warp. The mod combo referenced above achieves exactly that. "Reaction Wheel Rebalance" mod is even older, but it works with latest KSP and will probably always will, given how trivial its implementation is - it is just a single config file that decreases the wheels torque. These that want to nerf the wheels even more could just edit this file directly. UPDATE: After playing with this combo some more I notice the following differences: * as the torque of the RW doesn't change - there is no dedicated "stabilisation mode" - on the plus side there is no "kick" bug, on negative - you more-or-less must have additional RW modules for more fine grained control of the vessel * if SAS is on then the rotation is stopped in timewarp which is unfortunate
  11. I'm probably missing something obvious, but I can't figure out how malfunctions work in Kerbalism. I have an unmanned probe that have a malfunctioned engine (in fact I have two of nearly same design and the other one have a critical failure of that engine). The documentation says that if there is a malfunction then there is a chance that it could be remotely fixed. If there is any UI to that or should I just wait? I tried looking in the mission control but there are just regular missions. I also tried fast-forwarding time but the probe just stays with orange "malfunction" icon - it goes neither red nor grey. At what point should I give up hope and consider the orange = red? Simply put: is there a way for me to influence the malfunctioned part on an unmanned craft?
  12. Is it intentional that I see the modifiers the "Contract Standards I" applies? I thought that I'll have to apply my own experience to decide which contract is good and which is not, but I seem to also get a free advice...
  13. I am actually playing it with 1.8.1 I experience a bug though, but I do not know to which mod it belongs. I play GPP 6.4x and it seems that terrain colliders are off for Iota (they seem to be fine on Gael). If I try to land then the craft explodes near the surface - sometimes that's a few (20 or so) meters above the ground, sometimes it's below, but it never quite match the rendered terrain. When this happens then some part on the craft explodes and the rest keep drifting like a cloud and keep exploding until nothing is left. Should I try narrowing this down to figure out what mod is causing this (I have kerbalism and then a few small QoL ones) or is this a known problem?
  14. Thank you for all the answers! Next question : Does the Agroponics recipe work in this screenshot? It seems to - the fertilizer shows "0.00" expense - which is a good sign (there is a small but positive drain). However, the supplies are hard to check as there are too many kerbals onboard (6) and besides - there is this zero productivity indicator which makes me suspicious of something being amiss. OTOH - the "Vessel productivity" is clearly above zero. So if the recipe works - how much supplies it will output per day? I think the second person onboard this module is a scientist level 2.
  15. Thank you for the keyword! Googling for it yields a recent explanation of some game mechanics. Very useful! On some other, unrelated note: it seems that MKS has some incompatibility with 1.7.1: repainting a storage fails to delete old resources from the UI so the list keep growing until the window is screen-tall and gets a scrollbar. This is purely a UI issue, the storage still has only a couple of the resources when used in the field.
  16. Just BG. I have just finished towing stuff around and quit to main menu specifically to answer your question. The version is 1.7.1.
  17. I confirm that it is "Breaking Ground" that breaks winches. If I delete the BG then winches start working as intended.
  18. Another problem that I have is that my base's life support keeps running out of the EC even though a "Scout-200 Power Pack" is present and is on. ECs deplete within a few days if I am elsewhere (say, Kerbin). If I come back (load the base into the physics range) the ECs seem to be refilled instantaneously. I guess what happens is that KSP doesn't really spend any ECs while I'm away so that they are not refilled but rather preserved. Yet the USI-LS seems to be unhappy about that. Is the W.O.L.F. the only solution to that or do I miss something?
  19. I am trying to start a recycler + logistics. Due to several reasons I didn't want to attach it to the actual base but instead set it up through logistics. My set up is faulty in that there is not enough power generation on the recycler craft, but that shouldn't be a problem - should it? The EC is enough for about an hour before it will be depleted. However, it doesn't seem to work. I have seen logistics in operation before and it usually takes only a couple of seconds to deliver a resource. However with my current set up time passes but no Mulch is delivered to recycler. Am I doing something wrong? The recycler part is not manned, but my understanding was that it is not a requirement. I also have a Karibou rover in range, though it shouldn't be needed because the range is less than 150m to everything.
  20. Being a novice in MKS I can probably answer these: 1. I do want complex bases. Simple bases are already possible with stock KSP (just stuff up your rocket with everything you need and then try to get it up. If it doesn't work - dock in orbit. 2. My main source of information was KSPedia. I read it all through before doing anything. MKS has a really nice one. 3. MKS already has some example crafts in the KSPedia. These are more complex than what you propose. Be aware though that by providing examples you also provide spoilers. Some people don't like these ;-)
  21. I am trying out a FlexOTube before shipping it to the destination, but I don't seem to be able to connect these. Am I doing something wrong? The second port is also the facing the right way (the "this part to ship" string is hidden). The kerbal is a little bit off on this screenshot, but nothing changes if she gets closer.
  22. Just take a look at the existing configs for the inspiration. For a single pod you need two .cfg files. For example, Mk1-3 pod is instrumented with MAS_Mk1-3Internal.cfg+MAS_mk1-3.cfg, Mk1 with MAS_mk1Podv2.cfg+MAS_mk1podv2_Internal.cfg etc. These are in the "FlightSystems" subfolder.
  23. I have found a small typo bug, but do not know which Git project is that. I have looked in the MKS and USI and both seem to not have this particular string in their source code. Someone more familiar with the project - please file it for me?
  24. I think I am done researching that issue I found. I am pretty convinced now that this is a bug. I have looked into the source code and it seems that all parts are supposed to start with the 100% MTBF. So that's the source of the problem. Also note that the Mk1 pod on the screenshot below also has a decreased MTBF, even though not that dramatically decreased as the LES. I was also able to reproduce this with BARIS-only setup without any other mods.
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