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  1. Oh wow. I heard 'Binary Sunset' going on in my head! XD Gorgeous!
  2. Too late, mate. You already are! Also, concept idea: A small planet/moon/low gravity object with deep caverns! (Is that even possible? XD)
  3. Nicely done! Gorgeous! (I just wish that those visual mods didn't always try murdering my pc...)
  4. @Rover6428 This might make me come across as daft, but, which thing are you talking about? The star system question or the release question? (I assume the release question?)
  5. Hey @Gameslinx! I am a *HUGE* fan! Just wanted to say keep up the good work! Also, a question. In the past you stated that you didn't like the idea of multiple star systems... what changed your mind? Also also, another question! When you you think the first test release will be out in the discord? If you have no idea, that's fine too! XP
  6. Hey Gameslinx! I have a suggestion, and if you like it, then yay! If you don't like it I'll still be happy (assuming that you've read this). But how about a 'Beyond Kerbin' planet pack? Basically the Kerbals have lest their home system in search for a new one, and have stumbled upon what is to be their new home world. You start IN the new system, however, as an Easter egg, in the background skybox in the distance, you see a relatively new planetary nebula! (The old system :P) Just wanted to know what you thought!
  7. You are a life saver! Thank you. I have only one other question: Does North Kerbin Dynamics work with this version?
  8. I installed BDA yesterday and had some issues. A: All of the BDA items could only be found in the manufacturers tab B: The BDA tab is nonexistent (Yes I'm using the weapons manager) C: Bomb explosions are not happening correctly D: I'm not the only one with this problem, my friend JWMan121 also has these issues I would be more than grateful if someone were to help me with these issues. Thank you!
  9. Why does everyone hate Dres? I mean seriously! It's one of only a handful of objects that you can land a spacecraft on, and take off from using nothing but ion engines!