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  1. KSP Weekly: A Brief History about Stephen

    Hey, at least you get to have DLC!
  2. KSP Weekly: A Brief History about Stephen

    Awesome! So we've gone from nothing in the weekly to one sentence! We console plebes are really moving up in the world!
  3. The Big Patch

    Well, I've been gone for a while (since the game came out), and my initial assessment of Enhanced Edition isn't good. I was hoping that all those "bug reports" in all those weeklies meant that we'd be getting a great game with some obscure bugs for throwing an asteroid at a space station while it's re-entering the atmosphere of Jool, but no, it's nowhere like that. It honestly seems like we've gotten bugs that even a 12 year old could find in one day. How any of these passed the QA team is beyond comprehension, and I honestly think that I could do a better job debugging than any of these guys. Here's just a short list of the bugs I've encountered. 1) The trim is on the same key binding as throttling up and retracting your gear with aircraft, which can send you into the ground. 2) Trying to rotate parts in 5 degree increments left will undo your last action. 3) You can lock yourself out of staging unknowingly, which is disastrous during reentry or with one shot maneuvers. 4) The framerate will periodically drop to 0 for a second or two while in flight. 5) Controls will completely lock out without warning, forcing you to reset your game. 6) Pressing B on parts to bring up a menu won't work, rendering Science instruments useless There's a LOT more that I can post, but most everyone has already done that. But these are the most egregious in my opinion.
  4. I had just finished building a space station last night, and had switched to another craft in orbit, and when I did, the controls for the comms satellite didn't respond. I thought nothing of it, then went to bed shortly after. Now after getting on KSP today, I've found that all of my vessels have their controls locked out, and I'm unable to control throttle, xyz controls, the camera, or even pause the game. As of now all my vessels are currently inoperative, and I'm unable to control them. (Note: Resetting the game and Xbox seems to help fix the bug, but it's still annoying and in need of squashing nonetheless.)
  5. I've experienced another game breaking bug. Got on KSP today to get some vessels docked with my space station, and my controls for the station are completely locked out. I can't use throttle, move the camera, open the map, or even pause the game to open the debug menu. I'm getting some serious deja vu...
  6. Development Update for Consoles!

    Or do like I did back on my 360 and play my music through the One...
  7. Development Update for Consoles!

    Okay, so this is a bit random, but now that the release date is confirmed, am I the only one that wishes that they could use their own music in the game? I could just imagine entering the Jool system hearing this song.
  8. YES!!! Finally a control scheme for Ace Combat players!
  9. Development Update for Consoles!

    Wot? How does one do that?
  10. Development Update for Consoles!

    I'm hoping we're gonna eventually get rotator parts. With those, I could finally make a B-1B Lancer.
  11. Development Update for Consoles!

    I already lost my saves, so I'm not concerned. Having lost my save, I no longer have the F-35. But when the game is re-released, I'll make sure to get you a picture.
  12. Development Update for Consoles!

    For once, I'm being optimistic! Maybe I can even build the F-22 I've been wanting too! I've already got an F-35B, so that'll complete my stealth planes!
  13. Development Update for Consoles!

    Truthfully? Anything is better than what we're playing now. At least, that's how I feel.
  14. Development Update for Consoles!

    If legal action doesn't come first. Though I really hope that will never happen. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic.
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    Either he was oblivious to the last Weekly, or he's trolling.