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  1. I am rather upset that us console players have in the span of three years received a broken game, and a re-release with 3 updates that still haven't helped the performance of the game. So I apologize if I'm a little skeptical about this new game, given the less than stellar track record for consoles. Plus it's another $60 on top of the previous $50 I spent in which I still don't have a fully working game. Let's just hope this new release for consoles actually gets the attention it needs and doesn't stagnate.
  2. Most of my craft with that much parts are replica military fighters, and they have FPS drops no matter the speed. Map view sometimes helps. Oh? I haven't played the game since. They fixed it?
  3. This latest update for the console version pretty much ruined the game. If there are any flags near your craft, the FPS would drop to less than 5. And when there's a flagpole by default at KSC, you're not launching anything. As for craft, my jets have less than 70 parts on average, and it still hovers around 10fps. Only when I have crafts with less than 25 parts do I get a solid 30FPS or more.
  4. I like testing creating atmospheric fighter jets and planning and executing long distance multi craft missions (think a satellite relay in orbit above Laythe with an drone jet plane for science) myself. Unfortunately as stated previously, FPS drops to less than 10 prevent any enjoyment. Also we plebs on console don't get the luxury of mods like MechJeb.
  5. I haven't really even touched KSP for about 4 months. There's really nothing to keep me interested. Once you get to the point where you can leave the Kerbin SOI, the game gets too laggy to properly enjoy.
  6. I'm not blaming the devs. I'm blaming preemptive release date announcements.
  7. Yeah, I know. But it's disappointing because I was looking forward to launching KSP for the first time in months seeing a nice new update. I even had automatic downloads enabled so I wouldn't have to wait. But finding out it was delayed just hurts.
  8. The fact that they still have to fix bugs after we got a release date for an update does not bode well for me. If they missed some and have to fix them now, what else are they gonna miss?
  9. Wow. Delayed! Why am I getting a huge dose of deja vu? Thanks Squad. You got my hopes up and promptly gave me my reason back to distrust you.
  10. According to the KSP Loading, the next update is "very soon", so take that as you will. What's another month for me? I've got Ace Combat 7 and DW2 to keep me occupied until then.
  11. *Joined one hour ago* Yeah, I'll take that statement at face value. Also, 1.7 is for PC. We're still on 1.1.
  12. Well unfortunately, since all we've gotten since the last patch was more of the same "It's in development", I've had a hard time believing anything regarding an update. So far, EE is following the same exact path that the FTE port went down. So I apologize if I'm a bit apprehensive.
  13. Well as of now KSP is too frustrating with the constant framerate drops and bugs. So Elite is the only space game I've got left. And don't even bother telling me about No Man's Sky. Tried it, and didn't like it.
  14. Heh. Elite Dangerous took KSP's place on the mantel for a space exploration game. Sure FDev sucks ass at giving good payouts for the game, but Elite runs absolutely beautifully, runs at a sumptuous 60fps, allows you to explore all 400 billion stars in our galaxy, engage in frenetic space combat, explore the surfaces of planets, etc.