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  1. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: Project Daedalus

    FINALLY!!! You never know how much you need this until it's not in the game! This'll help me test out SSTOs so much more effectively!
  2. LegendaryAce

    Any news on the next update.

    [snip] To be fair, it's usually the same copy/paste responses we get in the Weekly. Don't get me wrong. I like hearing what bugs are being taken out, but it can get quite repetitive. Posting any kind of time-frame does help out the consumer so they don't feel screwed.
  3. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: Mars In-Sight

    Yay! For once in a while I don't have to complain about the Weekly! Now, I can say that I woke up very early in the morning, and got to watch the InSight probe launch from here in Vegas. Yeah, I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. Though I only saw the Booster Engine Cutoff and Second Stage Ignition, but I can now say I've seen a rocket launch!
  4. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: 28 years of Hubble

    Fair enough. If something gets past my spell check, so be it. I really hate to do this, but it appears I need to. So don't hate me for merely expressing my views and opinions on the matter. If anything, I NEED to say this before I go ballistic. After almost two years, where do I begin? My experience with KSP has been nothing short of a [REDACTED]. The first port was truly one of the worst things that gaming could've had to offer. The game didn't operate properly, was beyond sluggish, and had gamebreaking bugs that a five year old could find. Yet that was allowed into and past Microsoft's cert process? And then two post release patches did absolutely nothing to remedy it. Then this version came out. Granted, it hasn't (yet) deleted my save files, but it's almost as bad as the old version. Career mode is completely broken, there's massive lag spikes and stutters on the framerate, and simple .wav files are somehow corrupted. Hell, I can't even adjust my throttle without trimming my damn jets, which is crucial when testing supermanueverable jets. But those shadows though!! :\ But that's not even the worst part. Every week, us console plebes pray that we get one or two sentences in the weekly, even if it is the same old Control-C/Control-V text. Meanwhile, massive five+ paragraph text walls showcasing all the amazing things and features PC players will get and console gamers could only dream of having are thrust in our face with the same bragadocious attitude as a small child who got a new toy and has to show it off to everyone. Then, the moment one of us complains about the lack of support, news, condolences, etc. a plethora of PC gamers who have no idea what we're going through chastise us for bringing up a serious point about the current state of our version (which mind you I spent FORTY DOLLARS ON, and it STILL doesn't work as advertised. But who cares right? Squad has my money. They don't need to give me anything). The contempt and complete lack of empathy towards us is really disturbing, especially since we're all gamers who want to enjoy the same game you are. If Squad spent half the time trying to fix our game as they did touting a knockoff Edwards AFB, maybe I could actually take off, test, and land my jets without lag on my STOCK runway. Anyway, the mods can do what they like with this rant. It's not like it's gonna change minds, give insight, or explain how I and possibly others feel. I don't even know why I check here each week. My KSP probably won't even see an update until probably Ace Combat 7 comes out at which point it'll be moot. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I'll be on Elite Dangerous in the meantime.
  5. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    "Coming Weeks" huh? So in layman's terms, we're gonna have to wait another month or three to see it? Hmm... PC has seen a new expansion, and two patches in the time it's taken to get another patch on console. Well, I can legitimately say that KSP will continue to be shelved in the coming months in favor of Elite: Dangerous. I wonder if I can reach the rank of Rear Admiral with the Federal Navy and buy the Federal Corvette before the new patch is out...
  6. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: 28 years of Hubble

    Who said we were complaining? I for one am happy we got some mention in this Weekly. Please refrain from making assumptions about us console (I'm not sure if you purposely misspelled that) players. We just want to enjoy the game as much as you do, and it's getting hard with the low framerate and very irritating corrupted afterburning jet engine sound files. EDIT: Anyone else rather disappointed by the further delay in the launch of the JWST? I was rather looking forward to it launching this year. Regardless, at least we've got the Parker Solar Probe later this year. And yes, my name IS on it.
  7. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    Nope. Now on week three.
  8. LegendaryAce

    Non-KSP discussion from another thread.

    Looks like an awesome game, but it appears to only be for PC. That's a shame...
  9. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: Something about TESS

    Hey, be happy that you're getting patches!
  10. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    If you thought my intention was to make this a PC versus console thing, I sincerely apologize. I wanted to vent frustration out on the fact that I've left KSP for (in my opinion) a more well rounded game. In all fairness, Squad seems to have not wanted to have anything to do with KSP:EE. They've basically given that whole IP to Blitworks, so any delays in the PC version has nothing to do with consoles. Squad even made a point to say that they're handing control of that game to Blitworks. So the delays for PC aren't our fault. I actually don't have issues with PC gamers. I had a lot of fun playing Battlefield 2142 back in the day on my PC, so I get the thing about PC gaming. But I've since switched to console per personal preference and ease of use. Also, truth be told, I probably won't really care what happens to KSP:EE this year, since when Ace Combat 7 is released, that's all I'm gonna play. Why would I do that? I'm not that kind of person. What kind of forum would it be if dissenting views between people weren't allowed? I have my views and opinions, and you have yours. I don't have any issues with that. I appreciate that. Hopefully I'll get to fulfill my dream of flying A-10's.
  11. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    /|\ This right here is exactly my point. That may be the case, but I'd think that rigid body physics aren't as CPU intensive as soft body physics in a game such as Beam.ng. Also, early on in the game, I can make a 200+ part craft and have no lag, but if I save a few, the game acts like they're being rendered in the world. Same with spacecraft. So why not use imposter rendering, or just remove the model of a spacecraft until you get within about 5km with it. Because as it stands, it seems like it's applying physics on objects in orbit when I'm testing a fighter jet on the runway. Also, you'd think the tech specs of the One X would be able to handle KSP. I used to own a gaming PC until it was lost in a move, but my One X is equivalent to at least a low-mid tier PC. So then the current issues can (at least partly) be attributed to the porting process? If so, then thank you for saying that so I don't sound like I'm arbitrari placing blame. I wasn't comparing the genre of games they are. I'm comparing two space games that are on the Xbox that I play. I know that KSP has way more physics, but Elite has FAR more objects to render, plus a persistent in game economy. I know it's a bit of a bad comparison, but I am playing Elite now because of the lack of an update. Like how long does it take to fix that annoying crackling sound that the jet engine sound files have?! My issue currently isn't that I don't have a perfectly working game. I as a paying customer have replaced it for another for the time being. My issue is the lack of communication that's been present since day one, and is still present. I use that as an example since I currently play with 4K settings, and having researched 4K gaming PCs, they're not cheap. Even if I built my own, I'd pay more than my 4K One X and 4K TV combined. Plus I'm already set up and well established on Xbox. (Flight stick support on KSP would be nice though) As of now, I don't have much spending money towards a PC, so in the meantime, I probably have to just wait. But since I'm going to enlist with the Air Force in the next year, a PC might not be feasible,.especially since laptop gaming PCs are VERY expensive.
  12. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    I hate to get personal, but this kind of comment right here is why we console gamers are complaining. I'm not sure if you know, but many of us aren't privileged enough to be able to afford a $700 starter PC, plus all the constant upgrades that are required. You know, maybe if PC players did wait for over a year and a half for the precious Making History, they'd understand the frustration of us. As it stands, I rarely play KSP on my Xbox One X (which is MORE THAN CAPABLE of handling KSP). Elite: Dangerous has replaced KSP as my go-to space game. And before I get hate for comparing KSP to Elite, here's the facts for me. KSP lets you build your rockets, sure. So you've got that. But you've got 7 planets and some moons that are realistically sized and rendered. Elite: Dangerous has 400 BILLION star systems, each one fully explorable, with exoplanets, exomoons, black holes, neutron stars, white dwarves, other spacecraft, etc. Now, KSP on a good day tops out at around 15-25 FPS, and stutters frames, has corrupted jet sounds, etc. Elite runs at a sultry 60 FPS, with all those stars still in it, and not to mention combat, mining, trading, flying, etc. all happening in real time. Both were originally PC games, are both very hardware intensive space games, and were both ported to console. On my One X, Elite runs gorgeously and with little to no issues (server dropout does happen), KSP runs like a PS2 launch title. (I shouldn't disparage PS2 games, because many of them had few to no glitches, because game devs had to get it right the first time, since they didn't have the luxury of post release patches) So it's not a "PCMR, consoles can't handle it issue". It's a "this game was still ported badly" issue.
  13. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    Yes! We console players just barely made the Weekly!
  14. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: The Grapefruit Satellite

    *Sits here quietly reading a forum of people who got a huge update fight over grammar, and is happy that console players at least got two sentences worth of mention this week*
  15. LegendaryAce

    KSP Weekly: A Brief History about Stephen

    Hey, at least you get to have DLC!