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  1. I thought so. Thanks for your effort. Sigma Binary really adds to the aesthetic!
  2. It looks like the current version of Sigma Binary is not compatible with Kopernicus 1.2.2-1. I installed both Sigma Binary 1.6.1 and the Duna-Ike configurations but Duna-Ike is not a binary system. As well as that, the Plock-Karen binary system from Outer Planets Mod is not a binary system either. Kopernicus logs:
  3. Interesting. When using OPM 2.1 with Kopernicus 1.2.2-1 and Sigma Binary 1.6.1 on KSP 1.2.2, the Plock-Karen barycenter along with Plock's orbit in the binary system is moved from Plock's to Jool's orbit. Plock and Karen stay in their regular orbit, though not as binary system. Here's a .zip archive containing the Kopernicus logs: Yay, first post! EDIT: Seems to be an issue with Sigma Binary. Duna-Ike is not a binary system, either, even though the appropriate addition to Sigma Binary was installed.