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  1. in my game data folder there is just the two mods and the latest version of firespitter. and that's it. do I have to put the game data folder from the mods into the ksp game data folder? what would help is giving me steps to install the mods correctly. thanks
  2. The mod isn't working right. it gives me some parts but not all of them I have newest version of fire spitter and have both mods. also it wont even give me the categorys for the parts either please help. thank you
  3. yes I have tried that and its not there I went into the mod files and the part files where in there but not showing u in the game.
  4. I cant get the mod to work for me I don't know why. the ship is there just not the Arresting wire, Catapult, and Optical landing system.
  5. Do you have to install Hyper Edit /VesselMover Continued/Kerbal Konstructs with Water spawn point to put the Aircraft Carrier in the water?
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