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  1. Can confirm, it almost doubled the framerate with 56 Rapiers in the scene when they're not running. not running / full throttle, closed cycle / full throttle, open cycle
  2. The engine from the video looks oddly familiar to the Boar engine from Restock Plus (I would say it's the exact model, just slightly changed) and we already have a single nozzle version of Mammoth, it's called Vector. They're both KS-25 engines. This engine would be a single nozzle version of the Twin-Boar then. Why call it Mammoth-II? I'm confused.
  3. Yep, I did see that, that was the point of my message about the Vector. I did look into the template, that's where this thought is coming from. The effects themselves didn't necessarily do anything bad with the performance, the lights did a bit, I disabled them. I just thought the other templates might receive some refreshment in the future, like the Vector.
  4. Are you by any chance working on optimizing the plumes as well? The old ones were a bit heavy and contained a lot of layers that most of the times you could not even see. I looked at the new Vector plume and saw that a lot of layers were "merged together", so to speak.
  5. @Gotmachine Map update fix introduced something that looks like a greyed out ap/pe marker in the middle of the screen when any vehicle is launched, also happens if I switch to a vehicle through the tracking station and the map view. It goes away if I enter and leave the map view, happens in 1.10.1 and 1.12.3, doesn't say anything in the log. Disabling the patch also fixes the issue.
  6. QoL feature request: locking and unlocking of fuel tanks through action groups.
  7. There's no point in providing empty save files. It's THAT bad.
  8. It's not about revamps. Same vehicles in the same places just perform worse for some reason. I haven't completely given up on it though, I might do some more testing. Who knows how it might turn out.
  9. That was the exact reason for my hesitation to ask about it up until this point, I was expecting this exact reply. It's fine, after all it's my own decision to play the outdated version of the game. You can't have it all, there will always be something missing.
  10. Oh, it would also be good if this fix had an option to make all the groups be extended by default.
  11. That might actually be a bit of a stretch, but maybe it is fixable externally. There's a bug with asteroids on several versions of the game, it consists of asteroids being unable to decrease mass as they're being mined. The text from the bug tracker goes as follows:
  12. By the way, a bit unrelated, I'm just curious. If I'm installing this mod on 1.10.1 and not disabling any patches from 1.11 & 1.12, they will just not apply to my version without any side effects, right? It's a bit tedious to go through each version and individually add new patches to my disabling MM file otherwise.
  13. @Gotmachine This version breaks something in the editor (game version 1.10.1). When I switch the symmetry mode, the game just starts spamming ghosted version of the part that I'm trying to place with a lot of errors in the console. Reverting to KSPCF 1.17 fixes the ussie. KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tAW8SPknb-cQKLfNS2BWSTwMZ77pyVeC Player.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15joPMHrboJRMs4EfUvSguAmdYfJgrAbZ
  14. I did that myself a lot of times, but never had that bug happen. That's why I said it's inconsistent. The only time it was 100% consistent was back in the day when somebody landed a bit rough and left like a piece of a broken solar panel on the ground and then lifted off without timewarping (which makes debris disappear). Then it got officially fixed. That might have a connection with the bug that we have today, it might be the same thing, just happening differently.
  15. There's also the occasional LANDED stuck state, when you lift off and go to orbit, but the game still thinks the vessel is landed. Don't know how easily it's fixable, if at all. Reproduction might also be difficult, as far as I saw, it's inconsistent.
  16. No, stock game. Doesn't really bother me that much, just wanted to see if it was what I thought it was.
  17. I noticed a long time ago that when you initially spawn a vehicle from the editor and start moving across terrain, the scattering is not being updated. The scene will have some trees already spawned around the vessel, but the new ones will not spawn as you move around the terrain until you switch the scene. Will this fix resolve that issue as well or is it something completely different?
  18. Subpar quality of the last two updates, 1.11 & 1.12, including performance losses. Will not go into much detail, lets just say that they are extremely bloated and poorly made. And no, I don't have old hardware, it's entirely on the game's side of things. I ran a lot of comparative tests and they just run worse than 1.10, especially with mods, this is something that I'm not willing to accept. I even had to stop my newly started career game in 1.12 because I started noticing irregularities, which led to this unfortunate discovery.
  19. That's fine, as I see it this mod is aimed more at video creators anyway, for a regular player like me sound doesn't matter that much in the game, it will be overtaken with background music/video most of the time.
  20. @ensou04 Does this version of the mod not work in 1.10.1? I'm getting this error as soon as I launch something, there's no sound at all, the button doesn't work either. Version 0.7.2 works just fine. KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NnvwdXgcJbtkqZ-sVDdhoyEz-ArEL_bB Player.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DUXWRmgaNGr5Y7bFF9_A7PVKrFqNPdWB
  21. Now I'm wondering if it's possible to do a proper 3D aurora shader with this kind of tech. The 2D auroras looked good only in very strict conditions. It's actually relatively easy, won't have it for the first release though to keep it manageable
  22. I wasn't really going into the direction of asking for fixes from you, just a piece of conversation. As for the fixes mentioned above, oh man, believe me, I know about this mess. I personally reported a decent chunk of these problems with varying success in getting attention/fixes from the devs. Heck, it took them several major versions of the game to fix a goddarn long-standing symmetry issue with servos. The robotics in general didn't really work as intended right from the beginning, there is always something breaking to this very day.
  23. You're quite right, the game indeed has that bug. Sometimes when you return to the craft, some servos will just act like they don't have a motor engaged, even if they do. I think it even happens when the robotics are locked. The only way to fix that is to disengage the motor and then engage it again. Happened with my station quite often, don't really know what's the cause of it. Yeah, I believe this is the same thing I was talking about above. The same cause probably. Happens with stock too.
  24. The TAA is eating them up pretty hard it looks like, especially on the second screenshot, the lower clouds. And they also have something that looks like an outline of sorts? On the lower parts of the clouds.
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