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  1. @blackrack Does the new version only work in 1.12? If so, is there any chance for the release for older versions?
  2. Oh, and apparently I used the wrong template I used the template from Waterfall package, when I should've used the template from Stock Waterfall Effects, which looks eons better and has an actual core in the plume. @Knight of St John again proves that his configs are the greatest thing that ever happened to stock parts.
  3. Probably. I'm not really using this part that much, so naturally didn't spend a lot of time tweaking the plume.
  4. Took a liberty of making the MEM config for myself, just to see how it would look. Well, it looks like this: The plumes are a little bit smaller because of the angular low poly nozzles. It just clips otherwise.
  5. Lifted and transported a helicopter. With itself.
  6. • As a player, I want my lights not to lag the game into oblivion if I use more than two. Probably should add that as well. In the first game the performance (at least in my experience) suffers immensely when more than two lights hit the surface shader of the planet. In space it works quite fine, but on the surface it's a nightmare.
  7. That's for all six textures total. The maximum size of one of the textures is 256 if I remember right, which is still quite a lot. The whole Spectra weights this much.
  8. 800 megabytes cubemap? Isn't that a little bit too much? I installed this out of sheer interest and my gtx 1060 has a heart attack in the tracking station with 100% gpu usage. You only covered one planet with clouds and already using more ram and gpu than the entirety of Spectra or AVP. And they both cover all the planets, not just one. Edit: oh, apparently those textures were taken straight from AVP itself. But in AVP they're optional. This doesn't seem to be the case here, though.
  9. There surely has to be a way. That one fix would literally change the whole game and improve it immensely.
  10. If only the same could be done for the robotic drift as well. @JPLRepo
  11. Unfortunately, I don't think KJR will be of any help here. It just stiffens the joints, where drift actually occurs because the game doesn't snap displaced robotic parts and docking ports back into place. It's a little bit different from just joint force. It might actually make parts drift less with stronger joints, but it will not help in the long run at all. Infernal Robotics itself suffers from a lot of bugs (not drifting related) as of today. But he said that he might be able to restart the development and fix the mod, which I'm counting on at this point. Absolutely. If there only was a way to make this happen.
  12. The stock thing is fricking crafts up completely. This is a craft with a new docking port on it, in case you can't see the report. It has issues similar to robotic drift, but way worse. The robotic drift only affects the robotic part itself and all the children of the robotic part, when the new docking ports affect the whole vehicle. And I don't think it can be fixed by just installing Dock Rotate, because the broken code will still be there. The only way to get rid of this, is to downgrade to 1.11.
  13. I am personally staying on 1.10 for the rime being. With all the changes that affect gameplay (like broken construction mode, inventory and docking port changes with a lot of bugs that come from those changes) it's really difficult to actually see something that will make me upgrade past 1.10. There aren't that many part revamps (and I'm using ReStock anyways), planet revamps are good to have, but considering that I will probably never send anything past Duna, it's not a big loss. And then again, we have Parallax as a last resort. For construction I'm using KIS and KAS, so I basically have the full functionality of 1.11 (and 1.12 ground anchors) in 1.10. The only thing I need to keep in mind is the fuel transfer bug, but with the amount of pretty quick and easy workarounds - it's not a problem at all. 1.11 and 1.12 didn't really introduce anything new or game changing if you're not against mods. The only thing that those versions did is break the game even more and break it exceptionally bad. I don't know what happened, but the QA processes in Squad seemed to completely cease for those two versions.
  14. You might want to check that again, I'm afraid. That has nothing to do with autostruts, even locked docking ports are pretty much just as susceptible to drifting as unlocked ones. Literally nothing changed.
  15. So, the drifting docking ports as well as drifting robotics will stay in the game forever. Lovely.
  16. On that topic. Is it possible to gain access to the old standard wing textures while still retaining the full TU recoloring options? I didn't see them until I removed the cfg for TU from the pwings folder, but in this case the recoloring is not possible, it's only old textures.
  17. Those are not numbers of orbits, that is the amount of experience points they have received for that particular achievement.
  18. It overlays the entire flight scene with markers (prograde, retrograde, etc) and when a docking port is selected as target, NavHud gives alignment markings for that docking port and the point of control for the ship that you are flying. I like it especially for that reason. It doesn't have any windows, just markers on top of the whole scene, which do not obscure anything from view.
  19. Same thing. When I saw how broken some things (like stack traces and NaN orbits when physicsless parts is root) were in 1.11, I said to myself "There is no way I'm playing this", but I actually wanted to have some features like EVA construction and some other QoL stuff. That was the main reason I installed KAS and KIS. And then it kind of snowballed, because my hands mods wise were "untied" at this point. I have some aid (NavHud) to help me align stuff, so I'm good in that regard. Don't want to rely strictly on snapping, that can make docking so trivial in the long run that it can actually make me rusty. I love doing everything by hand.
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