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  1. It's the mod itself, unfortunately. At the moment it has a lot of problems that need to be figured out.
  2. Jesus Christ, nobody is expecting this game to have no bugs at all, especially in EA. But having small bugs here and there is one thing, having to reload the game at least 5 times during a simple mission to the Mun is another. The game in the current state is almost unplayable, even the basics don't work as they should. Literally almost every thing you touch breaks on some way or another. THIS should not be acceptable. The game was clearly not ready for EA, especially with the outrageous price they want everybody to pay for it.
  3. Not good enough. It should be like the first game's SPH. Full manual translation control. Building something complex with clipped parts is next to impossible at the moment. It's like trying to build a plane in the VAB in the first game. Also, if you try to zoom in all the way inside some part to clip something and try to rotate the camera, the game just boots you out and zooms out, which is extremely annoying.
  4. I'm sorry, but I don't belive that you have no lag on that rig. I call lies. Everybody else lags like crazy.
  5. It's not dumb. The game should totally do that. Preferrably, completely disengage the internal aerodynamic calculations when the vehicle is outside the atmosphere so it wouldn't eat any unnecessary resources. Also, I think I heard somewhere that the shuttle did flap the elevons around, but not when the control inputs were applied, of course, only passively. It was just because they disengaged the hydraulic actuators after leaving the atmosphere. No point in keeping them engaged when there's no need to actuate control surfaces.
  6. I'm excited about where this journey will eventually take all of us.
  7. I should've phrased it a little bit better. Not removing it completely, just giving us a toggle. That's what I meant.
  8. While I do understand that they add to the realism, the maximum procedural wing sizes shown in preview videos are still somewhat constricting, so at some point inevitably people will start to stack wings to make a bigger wing and it will go way out of hand quickly. The whole craft will be engulfed in these wingtip lines and it will look ridiculous.
  9. Like there's somebody that would NOT want them. Why have they removed them in the first place? What was the thought proccess?
  10. Also, @linuxgurugamer , can you look at that PR and possibly merge it officially?
  11. How does one download the updated mod with this feature?
  12. There's a lot of games that look WAY BETTER and require WAY LESS. It's not april, is it?
  13. The game just got cancelled for me, I'm so done.
  14. I wasn't necessarily talking about the capsule, but yeah. The best thing here is the interior and exterior being one seamless part and not a weird transparent overlay from the first game. That alone, even without an interior revamp, is huge.
  15. Finally, something that actually looks like a game. Still don't feel great about old parts without revamps from the first game, but hey, at least it's something.
  16. It feels like every single thing they've shown us up to this point was "a random screen grab". It's like every single screenshot was taken in a different environment, with different settings and, most importantly, in a different build. Almost half a month until early accsess, can we see the actual game now, please?
  17. I haven't said anything about modded installs, my only messages were about making a toggle for mohole fix after somebody else asked for it.
  18. Yes, that only disables this fix for Moho and nothing else.
  19. Can this be a toggle without turning the whole bugfix off? I understand that some people might like mohole, but from the technical standpoint it's still a bug. It just wasn't really fixed because some people liked it.
  20. Oh yeah, even from the player's point of view the symmetry on the robotics has always been a nightmare, even with dlc ones. One second it works just fine, the next second you do something and it breaks everything. I can only imagine what you see in there when you look at raw code. I just hope that it can at least be improved.
  21. @Rudolf Meier It seems like robotics in this game can't catch a break. Found another one. This time it's nodes. The bug is quite old, goes back to version 3.1.3, at least. Checked further and found out that the link on linked parts gets removed after a save-reload. Also old. Another one to add to the list: if you copy a rescaled part, the scaling gets reset after a save-reload. Started happening in 3.1.4.
  22. Omg, I'm such an idiot. Sorry. I guess that's what operating on two hours of horrible sleep gets you. Please tell me at least the crashing to desktop part is real and I didn't somehow make it up.
  23. The button is not there anymore for some reason. Yeah, I don't know how it happens either. When I add a group manually, it deletes fine, but if it was automatically created, then the attempt to delete it crashes the game. I think the most reliable way to reproduce this is to add a group manually, so there will be two groups: the default one and the one that was just created, and then try to delete the default group. This does it for me.
  24. Seems to be working great now, thank you. If I see something down the road I will report it. I don't see the option to link parts anymore though, is this intended? Also in the IR editor window (the one that you open with the toolbar icon) if you click the button to remove a group, it will crash the game. I don't know if that thing is even supposed to be used anymore or if it's horribly outdated and absolete. The log doesn't say much either, it just abruptly ends. I can provide it anyway if you need it.
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