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  1. I have a question. When I install the mod, Potatus decides to become the menu screen planet instead of Kerbin. Is there any way to revert this without deleting Potatus?
  2. Meh. I don't really use it anyway. Seemed like one of those must have things that just gathered dust in the end.
  3. As I said I figured it out, but no they weren't engaging. The DP's would just bump into each other and bounce off.
  4. Figured it out. It seems that the mod TweakableEverythingContinued glitched the docking ports out. Removed it and everything is back to normal.
  5. Yes and no. The issue appeared both on docking ports that I brought to location and attached via rockets and ones that I brought to location via KIS/KAS and attached (I increased the grabbing weight in the .cfg).
  6. They are both facing the correct direction. There are no obstructions. No logical reason for it to not work. Can anyone please help?
  7. Oh well, guess I'll have to just learn more coding in the future. Thanks, anyway.
  8. If you've read some of the previous of my comments, you might notice that I've described my coding skills as very very lacking. Regardless, I've noticed once in a module (Science Full Reward) that it used a very simple method of applying its effect by making the science received equivalent to the science cap. I wondered whether it was possible to, say, use the Interstellar Fuel Switch's fuel switching capability to grab the name of the fuel tank content and apply it to the converter output resource. In other words, when I switch the fuel of the "tank", it also switches the fuel being processed. Can KSP modules do that?
  9. Nice. Thanks, that helped a lot. But I don't know what the kPad does.
  10. Of RoverDude's USI mods I use Karbonite, which comes with the obligatory USI Core and USI Tools. In fact the resource converter I'm trying to make is based of a Karbonite converter. The thing about Karbonite is that it still uses a conversion system identical to ISRU. I can write up modules to convert X resource into Y resource at various speeds but it becomes a little more complicated because in game the left-click menu will the become flooded with Convert X to Y slow, fast, very fast etc. Even worse if I try multiple resources. So that's kind of a no go for now. I did check up Wild Blue Tools, apparently in the source code there are files for Converter and Multi Converter. I'm not good with coding at all so I kinda can't make sense of what and how you're supposed to go about using it. I get that you need to at least put the files in the GameData folder but other than that I don't know what the components of the module are and how you make it work. Before this I worked using only pre-existing part files as a basis. Please advise. Also, what the heck are the Plasma Screens and kPads used for?
  11. I fear my meager to almost inexistent coding skills would be as useful to me as trying to solve the horoscope. I guess, when I have some free time I'll have to bone up on my coding. I appreciate the help either way.
  12. I've been trying for the past few days to figure out a way to implement several things to a resource converter: A slider that will allow me to control the ratio of the output resource in a manner similar to reactors. The lower the slider, the less EC used and the less output resource. A resource output switch similar to Interstellar Fuel Switch that would allow me to change the output resource in editor or in flight. As was obvious I have had no success. Are there perhaps any modules, in other mods, that might be used to implement such things?
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