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  1. Thanks so much for updating this mod - I find it really useful Do you install it manually, or is it available via CKAN?
  2. Yeah, it's not something that you'd immediately find useful. For me though, I keep forgetting to check my watch / clock (I have aspergers) - so having one on my screen means that I won't loose track of time :-) Oooh, thanks! I'll have to try that one out. Is it in CKAN, or do you install it manually?
  3. Ah thanks! I'm rather new to the idea of a forum, as you can tell
  4. Umm that's just a link to a page 143 of a forum thread. I can't see a dev version in there. Is that the right link?
  5. Upon investigation, I've discovered that Kerbal Engineer Redux doesn't support the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. I'll have to wait until the mod developer updates it, I guess.
  6. Oh thanks! It's totally not a huge deal - just a nice to have. I can always press alt to bring up my OS's UI anyway in the mean time. It does? Oh cool! I'll have to take a look into that mod.
  7. Hello, I've tried to find the right place for this, and decided here was the best place I could find. Please move it if there's a better one :-) I found the Real Time Clock mod a while ago. It display the time in the real world in game - this is really useful since I play full screen, and can't see my computer clock. Now that I'm getting back into KSP, has anyone seen a mod that performs a similar function? Apparently the one I linked to hasn't been updated since KSP version 0.21 :-( Thanks, Starbeamrainbowlabs