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  1. I cant find it and the falcon 9 file barely gets out of atmosphere let alone orbit.
  2. Yeah send me the files, if you got time, I can give it a try. Worst case I can get the fuels mass and thrust right so it can make orbit.
  3. I have no clue what I would be doing but I can do any grunt work if you point me in the right direction. The size of the rockets seems right if you set the rescale to 1 but the fuel and oxidizer seems off. How would you go about figuring out the proper amount?
  4. Beautiful Mod than you so much! I am playing this in RSS/RO any idea what the cfgs would be for that?
  5. Just cheep decal paper from Amazon and then latex clear coat on top. @Freshmeat 2 questions have you been able to program a map button using the Mode variable? How would that look? I tried if (digitalRead(MAPPIN)) { CPacket.Mode = 2; } but that didn't seem to work. Also have you ever programed Max7219's? Having a real tough time with them, but that is probably because I have zero programing knowledge.
  6. Ok so I rewrote it to That does not seem to work either. Update: I just re-assigned one of the buttons to my stage button and it worked no problem, do the physical button is working. Update2: Never Mind I was using Serial inputs and it was messing it up.
  7. How do I get it to change state with button push? if (digitalRead(SMSAS)) { setSASMode(SMSAS); } This doesn't seem to work I want it to work: If SAS switch is on then: if prograde button is pushed then switch to prograde .... else SAS is off Here is my code: void controls() { if (Connected) { if (digitalRead(SASPIN)) { MainControls(SAS, HIGH); if (digitalRead(SMSAS)) { setSASMode(SMSAS); } if (digitalRead(SMPrograde)) { setSASMode(SMPrograde); } if (digitalRead(SMRetroGrade)) { setSASMode(SMRetroGrade); } if (digitalRead(SMNormal)) { setSASMode(SMNormal); } if (digitalRead(SMAntinormal)) { setSASMode(SMAntinormal); } if (digitalRead(SMRadialIn)) { setSASMode(SMRadialIn); } if (digitalRead(SMRadialOut)) { setSASMode(SMRadialOut); } if (digitalRead(SMTarget)) { setSASMode(SMTarget); } if (digitalRead(SMAntiTarget)) { setSASMode(SMAntiTarget); } if (digitalRead(SMManeuverNode)) { setSASMode(SMManeuverNode); } } else { MainControls(SAS, LOW); }
  8. I am trying to do the same thing, i think. I have a master switch for SAS ON/OFF. But I want 10 buttons to change the state of SAS once it is on. I have tried putting just a separate if statement but that doesn't seem to help
  9. I have been reading up on this but may be a little over my head. Do I make an array and send it through the shift register as a binary number? or do I keep it as the variables I already have? but how do I send those through the register?
  10. Thanks for the tips, I will do some research. I have 46 wires right now. I bought digital joystick with out know whick killed me. Now need 2 inputs per axis so 12 just for attitude and translation. 22 for anuciator LEDs and 6 for switches, 10 for was buttons, 3 for speed selector, 1 throttle, 1 abort, 1 stage. So need 56 in total. Also thinking of adding a few readouts. Yes a lot of wires. Is there a better way of doing it?
  11. I am about 3 pins short on a mega board. Is there a module you can buy to give you more pins?
  12. That is probably it. Is there a way to use the pullups resisters on the Arduino? Sorry again for being a noob.
  13. Don't know what the code tag is. but here is my code. if (digitalRead(WPIN)){ CPacket.Pitch = -500; } else if (digitalRead(SPIN)){ CPacket.Pitch = 500; } else { CPacket.Pitch = 0; } But it starts out 500 pitch in the one direction. Once you press the opposited direction it goes to 500 the other way but then returns to 500 the other way.