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  1. Actually, Gaius was the original author, it was renamed after Geordie took over maintaining it. Original thread:
  2. Nice! Scaling is now working well for me without affecting any other mods, and as a Sublime Text user, I'm very happy to see the changes for loading files from disk. Thank you very much!
  3. Thanks, the UI scale thing really helps on 4K monitors! I did notice one little oddity though -- unexpectedly, this change not only caused this mod's windows to scale up, but also some other mods I have installed as well! I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature... lol... it works great when those mods weren't already scaling, but not so great if they were already scaling themselves up.
  4. This is extremely cool! I love it! I do have one request -- would it be possible to get LiveRepl to respect KSP's "UI Scale" setting? Everything's very tiny and difficult to read on a 4K monitor at the moment...
  5. Hmm, I can't get the Recycler UI to show up. There's a Recycler button on the Workshop window, but nothing happens when clicking it, other than I get this message in the log: [ERR 21:23:15.074] AssetLoader: Cannot find bundle definition with name 'GroundConstruction/gc_ui' I looked on GitHub and saw that inside GameData/GroundConstruction there's a symlink called gc_ui.ksp, but no such file exists in the mod as installed by CKAN under Windows 10.
  6. So far all I've noticed is the Mk7 nose cone is a bit borked. This patch can be used to fix the problem while we wait for a Restock update: // 1.8 adds a second Mk7 model, Restock only deletes one, this deletes the other @PART[rocketNoseCone_v2]:BEFORE[Restock] { !MODEL {} }
  7. I noticed the balance mode causing fuel to magically appear and disappear yesterday, so I looked over the source and noticed a recent optimization seems to have introduced a bug there. I've made a pull request to fix it: https://github.com/henrybauer/GPOSpeedPump/pull/8 The error is around line 320-322. Please review at your convenience, thanks!
  8. If the only thing you need to do is redefine ElectricCharge, it would be safer if your ResourcesElectricCharge.cfg contained ONLY the RESOURCE_DEFINITION for ElectricCharge. It seems kinda weird, and potentially unsafe, for it to be redefining resources the mod doesn't even use, even if it's just resetting them to stock values. Indeed, calling it "ResourcesElectricCharge.cfg" when it redefines Ore and Ablator and other things seems like deceptive naming (which I know isn't your intent, but still...) No need to rely on MM if you don't want, just pare down this file to just the one RESOURCE_DEFINITION you care about. Also seems weird that this is hidden in a folder called "Textures"... :\
  9. Although my framerates are decent with other visual packs, they make the fans on my "gaming laptop" scream like banshees! This one looks just as good IMHO, and my laptop doesn't have to struggle as hard to stay cool. Thanks for making this!
  10. That is awesome! It's always bugged me that so many of the command modules have obvious RCS on the models, but it doesn't work. Now we can just throw some working ports over them!
  11. Love it! However, the RCS Block 45 was nowhere to be found in Career Mode. I fixed this by changing this line in the RCS_45.cfg: TechRequired = fuelsystems to this: TechRequired = fuelSystems
  12. I came here to report the same problem with EVA Transfer as Agnemon. Windows 10, also using KSP 1.4.1 downloaded as a ZIP from the KSP Store. Their fix worked for me as well.
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