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  1. It worked!!!! thank you sooo much! I had this problem for like a year and I tried re-downloading the mod and it didn't work but you made it work thank you soo much
  2. I play KSP RSS RO 1.2.2 with many mods to make the game realistic... I have a problem where the gimbal on the procedural SRB is working for only one axis... is there any way I can make it gimbal both in the X direction and Y direction? thanks for any help
  3. NADI

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    Thanks for the advise but still it dosent work.... I have no idea why.... It says on every part non RO for some reason and the fuels for the engines are liquidfuel and oxidizer.
  4. NADI

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    I meant I want a version that works with RSS RO int 1.1.3 not with stock KSP... I do have a version for 1.1.3 but it is just not compible with RSS RO so I cant use most of the parts because they are misconfigured.
  5. NADI

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    @monstah But in the SSTU thread it says that any problem I have with SSTU that is related to RSS RO I should ask for help here
  6. NADI

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    @Phineas Freak Can you please link the version that works with 1.1.3? I searched alot and didnt find any version that was compible
  7. NADI

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    I have problems with SSTU Labs.... No matter what virsion I download it dosent work with RSS RO. Is there any solution? (my game version is 1.1.3)