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  1. Well guys thanks for the very helpful replies. I have made a few vital errors in designing and learned a lot more than anticipated from the post. Have a good one!
  2. Hey Chiron0224 Thanks for the advice :). For some reason if i either right click on the coupler itsself or on it in the staging sequence it doesnt give a decouple option at all. So that puzzles me. Edit - Nevermind Tex_NL pointed the problem out.
  3. Hey Daripuff Thanks for the reply :). Do u have any idea on how I could remedy the situation from here, or is it basically a lost cause? thanks
  4. Hello, let me start off with saying I am really enjoying this game so much. I have had so many fun adventures in this game, and this game is captivating me so much. Now off to the topic - I recently sent a payload with my part 1 of my mun outpost. However, halfway through I realised the morons at VAB forgot to add landing struts . So I needed to improvise my moon landing. Things went relatively well but with all the chaos I somehow couldn't uncouple my couplers. Now I am on the moon but my couplers are still coupled. How would I go to decouple these manually? A screenshot might explain things better : https://gyazo.com/7bd45453427b6de97817d0497a362163 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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