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  1. I just made this as a joke, to test the wings It flopped around like a dead fish around the Space Center (and broke the front landing gear), but then left the computer to come back to it half way around kerbin, skipping across the top of the atmosphere. ._. "Stable rocket" like a slap in the face. Thanks KSP. <3 I have done this countless times, but sometimes the plane flips around anyways, even with SAS. I'd really like to understand how KSP models it so I can build crafts that will reliable, and thus know how to fix things in the future, if another problem presents itsel
  2. Well, after hours of testing, reading, and testing again, I am still having a really hard time understanding the aerodynamics. Previous post: Even though my previous post was ironically the only ground drag issue that came into the equation with trying to make a stable jet, I'm still trying to build a stable jet. Rather, understanding how to make one that is. I know CoM, CoT, and CoL, but I don't understand their results. There are numerous claims that if the CoL is behind the CoM, then the rocket will be stable. KSP wiki: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Cente
  3. Ah! I didn't think about this, I just thought about what the control surfaces would do in flight! Those control surfaces in the back aren't going to push the nose up unless they are behind the back wheels. Just as a note, I didn't press any keys in the pictures except z and space to put the throttle to full and go. That was all on its own. Just as a quick question for the future, what would be the best way to figure these things out myself so I don't have to bug you guys? I guess just try to diagnose the problem and go through the different things that could cause that? For example,
  4. Yes, control surfaces can help the problem, but they are just a cover up. I want it to be inherently stable, without SAS. But you have a good point that the center of lift needs to be closer. I didn't take the time to think about the center of lift, but now it makes sense with the nose pointing down. The center of lift in the back is just ... well... lifting the back, thus rotating the the nose down.
  5. Ah, that's the trick. I don't know why I didn't think about the ground drag, I probably just assumed that there would be more friction in the back because there are two wheels. While this should be true usually, I also found that the jet was naturally pointing downwards, so it was probably digging the front into the pavement, making more drag/friction. I purposely replaced the small with the medium landing gear because they are more forgiving for landing, and I wanted it to be really durable. And yes, I did use absolute mode, but that's also a good tip - ran into it before. Now that
  6. Hello Why does this plane turn? I know a fair amount about the center of mass and center of thrust, (not as much about the center of lift), but with this design, there is clearly a lot more drag at the back, and like a badminton birdie, it should want to go straight as a toothpick. Nope. Plz help. I love ksp so much and want to go explore and do amazing things, but it is things like this that drive me batexcrements crazy and irritate me to the point of not playing. I don't know how to solve these things myself through deduction, I've tried so many ti
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