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  1. First, I love this mod. I use this all the time. It makes SSTO's so much more interesting and diverse. I do see one thing strange... OPT-E ROCKET SCRAMJET "HAE-02" doesn't show up in Career mode. I see and have built a plane with it in sandbox and now Research in Career is done I wanted to build a new ship with it in Career. KSP v. Opt v. 1.9.9 All Facilities upgraded Everything researched in Research & Dev Looking thru the tech tree I don't see this part anywhere in it.
  2. I installed on a fresh install of 1.2.2 with only visual mods loaded. No Community Resource Pack. Both the VTOL and Main Engines work perfectly and resources consumed correctly. Driving the MoonBuggy around the Mun (or in any light gravity situation) I found something that would be helpful. The buggy needs a reaction wheel of some kind. Even at 5 m/s it is easy to tip. If it flips onto roof you are SOL. Very nicely done!! I love this mod.
  3. After attaching, retract the legs and use the move tool to push them into the pods so they are flush. When extended they sit at the same height as the legs on the rescue pod. Worked for me.