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  1. Most magical moments in your KSP

    Pretty much anything done with kOS. Watching a rocket lift off, go into inclined orbit and finally get a satellite into a perfect orbit for a contract - and the satisfaction because you told it to do so, not a MechJeb developer... This is better than magic, it's rocket science!
  2. Is eccentricity a vector?

    Right, ε is the only term that can change the sign. But the specific energy is not supposed to do that near circularization. @Rareden are you sure you use ε= v2/2 - μ/r in your calculations?
  3. Is eccentricity a vector?

    That's strange. You cannot ever get a negative under the root with physically correct values. I agree with @YNM, you need to stick to the OP formula and use the magnitude of that vector as scalar eccentricity (and direction if you need to find the SMA orientation). See this stackexchange post to see how to get a full set of orbital elements from the cartesian representation.
  4. Г Р А Д И Е Н Т

    Ещё может двигатель быть ещё тёплый после работы и нагрева при входе в атмосферу, а в океане водичка, да ещё и солёная... Ну и становится такой "возвращённый" двигатель настолько же пригодным для повторного полёта, как и просто шмякнувшийся без парашюта.
  5. Именно так. Поэтому их нужно не то чтобы переводить, а пытаться угадать поисковый запрос, по которому игрок хотел бы эту деталь увидеть.
  6. @mrvice, @DAL59 you basically want CommNet play with pre-CommNet mission planning. In than case, why bother? Just switch off "probes need signal for control" switch and enjoy no loss of connection and whatnot. The whole purpose of CommNet is to include signal occlusion, so some of the previous techniques either become impossible or require more care.
  7. Г Р А Д И Е Н Т

    @cratercracker ротор и дивергенция будут?
  8. MK 1-2 weight is off center

    @ItsSeanBroleson I think it is intentional to make "natural" craft orientation in airstream at angle to retrograde. That way, capsule bottom serves as a lifting surface and allows maneuverability in air by rotating around the axis of symmetry. In real mission, this is used to reduce g-loads on reentry and for precise landing targeting since Gemini. If you want the stock behavior, find the file GameData/VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/Command.cfg and comment out all the lines that change CoMOffset.
  9. Get retrograde heading ?

  10. The KSP community in a nutshell:

    @Grand Ship Builder I've been trying for the last 6 hours to reproduce that chart and fail constantly. Can you please explain how to properly make it?
  11. Late game, how do you play it?

    Check out Kerbal Construction Time mod. It makes ship building long, so "I can be doing something else" won't be a thing anymore.
  12. KSP Weekly: The Martian Race

    R-7 ICBM and Sputnik rockets did not have a second stage at all, only core and boosters. The upper stage on the derivatives does indeed hot-fire. Initially that was because engineers were not sure if they could reignite engine in zero-g, then because of "don't fix what ain't broke" principle.
  13. Note to self: not believe schematics from Wikipedia. I tried to draw a mental picture, and seems like speed increases after night-side flyby if it's the ascending branch of trajectory, and after day-side flyby if it's on the descending branch (ascending is Pe to Ap, descending Ap to Pe). To the point, however, gravity assists should work roughly in the same way in full n-body physics and in patched conics. @Nittany Tiger Velocity vector indeed just turns in the flyby body-centered frame. But that can be interpreted as spacecraft getting some velocity vector. If that vector is directed same as planet prograde, the spacecraft transfers to a higher orbit, if the vector change is pointed to planet retrograde, to lower orbit. The vector change in velocity is pointed towards the planet center. So, to get the most boost to the prograde velocity, the flyby periapsis must be close to terminator (i.e. not right opposite to the Sun but rather at the "retrograde" side of the planet).
  14. Does not look wrong to me. Look at the Cassini mission plan: both Venus flybys are on the dark side. EDIT: It's unclear about the first one, the second one is clearly on the dark side.
  15. Alright, done the Mun flyby. Cost 9,090 funds, can be counted twice because I needed some... erm... simulations... to get the correct timing. Full album here: