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  1. This is a recent bug due to poor programming and even worse QA testing with nobody actually checking the code before giving the OK. Anyways, the problem is the contract and rover data not matching the id. To correct this you will need to open the sfs file with a text editor. *Make a backup and blah blah blah, your own risk, I'm not your momma, life is hard disclaimer.* Step 1: Save the game and make the save something obvious like stupid_bug_because_squad_cant_test_properly Step 2: Go to the Tracking Station and write down the rover name (mine was QWD-C0) and the con
  2. Yes, but you would get a much better game because of the delay, or so I heard on the forums. The secret to a good game is as much delay as possible. Hardwork and sticking to the timetables well, it just ain't it, chief.
  3. No, I watched plenty of videos on the topic. Out of the box, Unreal has better graphics, while Unity requires a lot of effort to upgrade the graphics. Second, Unity is a mess of bugs and garbage collection. We can see it in KSP. Playing KSP for a few hours and with 4 cores, 16GB RAM and 1060 and SSD I get slow performance when switching to anything. I don't really get similar performance issues with Unreal games. It's not just the graphics. I get that KSP was an indie game and Unity was the choice as it was beginner friendly. But see, they wanna charge AAA money on KSP2, but still
  4. Since the bar is so low, I will answer it for you. GRAPHICS. Graphics, buddy, among other things related to performance. Unity is a low resource, mobile and web games platform. If you want to be in the league with the big boys with eye candy, plus the features, you go with Unreal Engine.
  5. The original game is 100% better than KSP2 because anything beats vaporware, basically, CHANGE MY MIND.
  6. [snip] What are you talking about? I can criticize the game as much as I want. I don't care that the original KSP is great in this context. That's why I still play it. Just because KSP was great it doesn't mean that KSP2 is automatically great by default. We're talking about a sequel that is not out and that all I see is overhype for nothing. [snip]. You have listed a set of features that are not existent as it is now. I have learned from No Man's Sky to wait for the game to come out, because all the hype and promises are worth less than the HTML space they are written on
  7. Remember when this game was supposed to come out this year? I don't get the excitement of a game that is already delayed. What is this CONSOOMER nonsense? KSP 2 is delayed already and there is no "coming out on time". Once you delay, you delay. The delay isn't the new normal, it's the delay. I am not looking forward too much to the new game. The HYPE train is going a bit too fast for my taste and it seems to be fueled just by people's imagination. So far they have little to show for this new game. When KSP came out they did a release when the game wasn't even ready, they did a beta launch
  8. I was never able to just log into the game after an update and have the basic stuff like atmosphere (clouds, scatterer), planet shine, X-Science, Chatterer and other things that should be in the game by default but the devs never care for adding into the resources of the game. [Snip] You don't need to make a monstrosity to do that. I managed to complete a Grand Tour of all the planets with mainly 3 ships. I did it first with this: There is a newer version available that is somewhat easier to control but harder to master. I has nowhere near 1000 parts. For
  9. This is the updated version of the Arrow V3 / Bow V3. See initial thread at https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/160475-arrow-bow-archer-dual-ssto-can-reach-all-planets/. Using the Arrow V5 and Bow V5 you are able to visit all planets and land on most of them with the Arrow. The same chart applies as per the V3 with some in most part: Object Can it reach this orbit? Can it land on it? Which part can land? How difficult is it? Kerbol Yes (fly by only) No N/A Very h
  10. Ike legacy: basically the darkest object in the system, unattractive and ugly. Ike revamped: dark, unattractive and ugly but in HD textures. YAY! Hype Hype Hype. Flashing gif.gif
  11. Because people have agency. More than they think they do. Because I can and want to. Is that a good answer or is it too libertarian for you? I wasn't dismissing his experience, I was pointing out that he is more responsible of his choices than the game is, but you have to be willing to read. Anyways, I shall end it here. The contest is bad, the prizes are bad, the "I'll do it for free while you get to monetize on it" attitude is bad. Had it been pro bono and for a charity I'd be praising it. As it is, it's just a cash grab at the expense of naivety. But do not let things like reason
  12. Legal terms and conditions: 99% of the text. Prize description 1%. Actual prize 0%. Luckily you will get enough people that want a "shot at fame" that are willing to spend time doing your job as a developer and get 0 in return. I guess marketing works on the lesser "aware" folks. No. YOU changed your life. Because YOU purchased this game. Had it been granted to you for free by the developers, then they could take the credit. As far as I see, you owe nothing to the developers as you have payed the exact worth to them when you purchased the game. A game [snip] is a product. What it
  13. They're not? Then why are they promoting a competing game development studio? You think Squad isn't raking in the cash for the sale of the idea to another studio? It's so lazy too. Using the same boring ass Unity engine. Wanna bet that the same developers will be working on KSP2? Because I think if that was not the case you'd have some proper developers working on something more modern, like Unreal, which seems that is something even amateur developers can work with but not the developers of KSP, no matter which studio it is. There are some gems made in Unreal engine. But KSP remains to t
  14. 60 USD for a rehashed version of KSP? That's the price of AAA games. This is definitely not it. You could have made HD texture in the current one and add atmospheric and lighting effects. What's the matter? Did the sales of the original drop so low that you need to go the Activision way, by rehashing the same idea over and over again to artificially boost revenue? Looking into turning this into the next Call of Duty? You haven't even ironed out the old KSP by the looks of the bugtracker. I would only pay 20 USD (full price) for this game especially given the track record of laziness of the KSP
  15. [snip] Also, I already established that the reason these mods should be stock is the period between update and the mods being updated making the game unplayable for weeks until everyone catches up. People are too fragile and sensitive around here. Anyways, we've established that a lot of people don't have mirrors in their house and the graphics still suck so we can swipe this thread under the rug. The game has been fixed through the power of ignorance. This is my last post here. I mean, I saw some posts that understood what I am saying, [snip]. I'll go post on Steam, where we can get actual fe
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