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    My aircraft's 100th download on KerbalX

    I have 122 on my Dart V3.0 (Eve Lander with Rover and return Pod to Eve orbit). I also have 119 on my Dart V3.1 (Eve Lander with Rover and return Pod to Eve orbit) which is the updated version. This is odd, because I get the feeling like these users have issues making a ship able to land on Eve and return a crew to orbit, but at the same time the ship is not for beginners. You need some experience to fly it from Kerbin to Minmus and then to Eve. It works but you need to know what you're doing as the fuel is on a budget. Landing is a bit tricky and cannot be done when accelerating time or it blows up. You'll loose a lot of the landing gear on touchdown and it involves shedding the excess weight before touching down. Maybe I should do a better tutorial because I don't want my most downloaded ship to be hard to fly.
  2. mystik

    KSP Weekly: The Asteroid Miners

    Or you could create a poll and ask the users which mods should be added into the game so that with the release of a new version we don't get 1-2 weeks delay before we can actually play the game again. For me, I just can't play the game without some essential mods like: SVE Transfer Window Planner Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Engineer Chatterer and Extended How about just giving these modders some petty cash and include their mods in your game and be done with it?
  3. mystik

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    I never thought of it that way. This certainly makes it easier to orient the craft. Been playing for 800 hours and still learning new stuff. I mastered docking a long time ago, I do it without RCS, but now I've learned how to do it on the "cheap" and without the vessels drifting. I usually take a long time to dock and strongly rely on both ships being controllable or else it is a bit inconvenient.
  4. mystik

    Where Is Multiplayer?

    1000km = 1.000.000m Imagine having to get to such an orbit, do you know how many hours this would take in real time? I don't, but I find orbiting at 70.000m to be tedious, I usually just leave it running at that level to avoid pausing the game.
  5. I don't know what the EULA states, really, because I didn't read it. My complain about this post is that it is too dramatic. And nowhere does it mention what the hell the problem it is. I am actually interested in the trajectory stuff but it seems to be deleted. If you did it, then KSP won, because you ragequit.
  6. I actually like the new pod. I used it to deorbit using the rcs thrusters. And did so from 1 mil meters in orbit of Kerbin. Just strap a RCS tank on top and you have a great emergency return option if you suspect you may run out of fuel returning. The old model was not so flexible. And not to mention it was so heavy by comparison. Maybe beginners don't care so much for weight, but after 750 hours I learned that you cannot make high performance ships if you waste energy with useless mass. I am that kind of person that uses the minimum weight and drains unused monoprop, uses the smallest ore tank, minimal approach to maximize efficiency. I welcome the new one because of this. I don't get what the love is for the old one. Except the nostalgia factor. The new one looks better as well and is more organized (the ladder is in the middle, not weirdly placed on the side).
  7. There are plenty of pictures in the thread. But good notes, I will add some to the main post, I didn't realize one is needed.
  8. Hello, I present to you the Arrow Bow Archer Dual SSTO, my first ship able to visit the entire solar system and return. It can land on Moho, Tylo, Laythe. Only Eve landing is not possible. I will be uploading the manual to this thing since it explains how this ship works. Here's what you can do: Object Can it reach this orbit? Can it land on it? Which part can land? How difficult is it? Kerbol Yes (fly by only) No N/A Very hard Moho Yes Yes Both Hard Eve Yes No N/A Impossible* Gilly Yes Yes Both Easy Kerbin Yes Yes Arrow only Medium Mun Yes Yes Both Easy Minmus Yes Yes Both Easy Duna Yes Yes Arrow only Medium Ike Yes Yes Both Easy Dres Yes Yes Both Hard Jool Yes (fly by only) No N/A Medium Laythe Yes Yes Arrow only Medium Vall Yes Yes Both Medium Tylo Yes Yes Arrow only Very hard Pol Yes Yes Both Easy Bop Yes Yes Both Easy Eeloo Yes Yes Both Medium Asteroids Yes (near) Yes* Bow (V3.0+)* Medium *Technically you can land on Eve, but you can never go back, since the Arrow lacks the high dv required for Eve, please use the Dart ship to perform this task, but use caution as the task is difficult. *Asteroids can not be landed on, but can be docked to using the Bow with the claw, a feature that has been added on Bow V3.0 and above. Essentially it is the result of over 6 months of designing and testing. As it is this enables you to travel to anywhere. No hacks, all stock, pure SSTO design built from zero. Additional pictures are available in the thread under the spoilers!!! Comes with its own science bay, resource scanners, mining equipment (7 crew, but max 6 crew recommended, see the manual). Can function indefinitely. No solar panels. Lots of controls. It's one giant exploration lab, ship and base. Because some of the functions are more complex I made a beginner friendly guide as well. Read it, skip it, your decision. Tell me what you think and if you find any bugs. Old Links kept only for archiving purposes (please see the post below for the latest version)
  9. Hi, I've updated the Bow + Archer to V3.2 and the Dart to V3.1. No update required on Arrow V3.0 since the new update does not affect any of its parts. New links are now up. Thanks.
  10. mystik

    KSP Weekly: A Frozen God of War

    There is no mod that adds extra languages because it's not important and there is little interest in it. If it would have been so useful it would have existed. Your logic applies both ways. Also, a game sells if it is interesting, not if it is available in multiple languages. Also, Brazil has high taxes for impoting anything that is not made there, like a Playstation 4 costing $1800. I doubt it's much of a market, now that we're talking about portuguese. Really, twist and turn it anyways you want it, I'm pretty confident I can give you a mimumum of 2 counter arguments to any point you will make for translations and that's without even spending more than 1 minute remembering it. Yes, but it would help people who speak portuguese to learn english more, so that they can travel the world and read interesting books, watch movies and learn jokes that are not lame translated into devoid of fun phrases.
  11. mystik

    KSP Weekly: A Frozen God of War

    Yeah, if you could stop working on translations and actually improve your graphics and include useful mods like Kerbal Engineer and Transfer Window Planner or RCS Build Aid to your base game, that't be great. Turns out, portuguese does not help me calculate my dv, who would have thought? Srsly bros, how about doing some hard work on stuff that the game needs, not on superficial stuff like translations. Get some coders there, integrate SVE, provide the option for an HD version and stuff, because some of the graphical details are quite lacking. To me, all this translation stuff is just procrastinating, what's the matter with you?
  12. mystik

    Eve Liftoff Ideas

    Use this You can remove the rover from the top and create it more aerodynamic and stuff. Add a larger cargo bay instead and add some more seats to a longer mini pod. You will need to edit the layout inside to make it fit lengthwise instead of the way I designed it. My design is crowded because I needed minimal stuff. You will do well with a larger tank, but only slighter. Just remember to disable fuel flow from the pod to the main rocket or your fuel will run out before getting to orbit. Instead of the rover you can create a return vehicle instead. something with a nuke at the bottom. This design requires refueling in Kerbin orbit and requires a return vehicle from Eve to Kerbin. It is only designed to tackle the high gravity demand of putting a few kerbals into orbit from Eve sea level. Otherwise check @Matt Lowne 's designs out of which this comes to mind:
  13. Sorry for the continuous edits, I added more pictures and made the thread less demanding on loading, now you have the option to select which batch of pictures you want to see.
  14. Does anybody know what causes the atmosphere on Kerbin to randomly turn black? I reinstalled the mod and chose the scatterer and SVE defaults because I was really missing the Laythe cyan color (previously I must have selected something else since the colors were more like on Kerbin). But now I get the weird edge of the planet is a thin dark line. And the water stopped having proper waves and has reverted to the lame stillness of the stock. I won't bother anyone with screenshots. I'm more interested in what configurations you guys use?
  15. The Grand Tour in pictures: Eve Expedition (part 5 of 5)
  16. New craft files up, upgraded the Bow + Archer to V3.1 to fix random explosions when landed, Bow no longer provided as a separate file since you can just remove the Archer from the model.
  17. Hi, This happens if you are landed on a slope and the gravity is low. Due to the pure weight of the ship especially when loaded it the gravity ease in will cause it to fly around. This is a KSP bug, not a model bug. I didn't get these issues with high gravity planets, but only on low gravity moons, like Gilly, which is pretty bad at this. If you do not set your ship as flat as possible you get these jumps. I even get these on flat terrain, but the ship does not explode, it just jumps a bit. Workaround: Solution 1: Save before landing, then test time acceleration on the landed surface to see if it does the jump, reload if needed. Solution 2: Land the ship, even on the slope, let it settle, then deactivate SAS completely. Wait until the ship no longer wobbles at all. If you have KSP engineer installed, you will get confirmation that the wobble is gone when the vertical speed does not fluctuate anymore. Once you confirm the ship is stable, engage time acceleration. Solution 3: Press ALT+F12, check "prevent crash damage" and "indestructible joints". Wait for the ship to settle again, then deactivate the cheats. It is clunky, but the Bow rarely lands and takes off so it should not be that much of a problem. I admit that I did use this method once, on Gilly, which is very predominant to have this issue. These are known bugs that often occur with large ships. It gets worse when you do clipping and include parts in parts. I tried to keep clipping at a minimum, but I can try and reduce the clipping even move, although I doubt this is what is causing the issues you are experiencing. Do you have a screenshot of the position of the ship before if explodes? The Arrow does not experience this issue as it just jumps on the landing gear is bouncy.
  18. I have wasted days trying to make something for 4 kerbals to land and return from the surface of Eve. I give up. Anybody have any crafts that work?
  19. Guys, I have good news, The Grand Tour is complete. Jeb, Val, Bob and Bill have visited all the planets and moons in the KSP. I will upload pictures and stuff when I have the time. For now I will leave you with the group photo and the Arrow parked in the honorary spot where it will remain from now on, being replaced by the new V3.0 model, which adds many fixes and improvements. The Grand Tour Crew, from left to right: Marvie (rescued Bow engineer), Bill (Arrow engineer), Val (Arrow pilot), Jeb (Arrow pilot), Bob (Arrow scientist) and Franline (rescued Bow pilot). Total Science: 218757 Jeb skill level is OVER 9000!!! That's it for now but I will add more pictures soon. Happy New Year!
  20. My problem is that I am also delivering a rover. I can get to kerbin orbit, then refuel and get to Eve. It lands, it separates into two parts before landing. I even refuel. Then going back is a nighmare. But I just have to land somewhere with at least 3000m altitude. Then it works. My design is far from aerodynamic because of the constraints of carrying the rover, which leaves a big coupler at the top of my rocket. I cannot add pictures because imgur has failed today.
  21. Hi guys, just a quick update, please note that I have made minor updates for Bow and Bow+Archer, old model had 8800m/s, new model has 9000m/s, some optional parts were removed, so you may want to download again. Captain's Manual is now available.
  22. The latest version is now released, please see the second post for the new craft file, I will add more pictures later to the post. That being said, I will take a break for the holidays, so have a Merry Christmas.
  23. I will test the Bow 2.0 and upload the files as soon sa they are ready. The Arrow V3.0 is able to land on Tylo and since the weight barely changed I have no doubt that it is still able to reach Moho. I will not be testing the trip though as this is time consuming and is not needed.
  24. What's next? Returning to Kerbin. I will post the updates as I have the time. Visiting Eve. The Arrow won't land, just orbit around. I tried to make it do that but it can't. I even added a missile in the front that uses the asparagus setup. It just cannot do it. I am working on a lander with a rover and return rocked. It is called the Dart. In essence it delivers a two part rover that also refuels it. It sheds all of it's parts and the final part that makes it to the orbit is a tiny 4 seat fuel tank with a small engine. It is tested, but I did not have the time to apply bug fixes. It is quite hard to land. Releasing the Arrow V3.0 for the Arrow the Bow V2.0. This is the top priority. I will try tomorrow to finish updating and upload it to Kerbalx. An updated manual will be released as well, with less but clearer details, instead of the way it is written now.
  25. The Grand Tour in pictures: Tylo - Vall - Laythe - Eeloo (part 4 of 5)