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  1. This actually I needed to do for latest Principia and JNSQ to work. Before that my KSP just would crash before main menu screen. Somehow configs are missing from 0.90 for Principia. Is there any other config I am missing?
  2. I looked into the Patch Configs and its a typo in the IndicatorLights_ReStock.cfg file. On line 857 the "-1" part is missing from the model mesh path. I added the "-1" to the line and it fixed it model = ReStock/Assets/Science/restock-sciencebox-radial-1
  3. What happens when you set/apply a shader to them in the config?
  4. @Skonks Good luck. Found some more issues . In Stock the 1.85m Tanks are missing their shininess on the last orange/green variants. In Restock(+) the Structural Tubes cannot change size but are overwritten with the variant textures you added. Otherwise the shininess cant live without it
  5. @Skonk Whats so great about Restock? I have to see for my self. Also most of the structural plates/panels are missing shininess from their other variants, you know dark, silver, gold, i think also most of the couplers are missing shininess+metalness from their variants only on two couplers the last variant works proper :
  6. @Skonks I just found out the Recolour Depot lets you recolor the parts to your delight, but then with the mesh switcher your changes are overwritten or ignored. Also sorry to bother you again, I think I found a mesh bug with the Launch Clamps : Dunno how easy it is to get into KSP Modding and Unity modding. Maybe I'll give it a shot one day
  7. @Skonks I found another issue with the Parachutes .. for some reason they now look like a balloon. The strings have texture carpets between them. I will add a screenshot later. Forgot to make one..
  8. @Skonks thx for the new version - I installed it via ckan. Will try it out if it works now Btw do you know how to get such recoloring and texture selection menu like the one shown in the TU Thread for the SSTU part? (First Screenshot left upper corner)
  9. @Zoeille Too bad. But now I have another problem. I play in Science Mode and first of all ctrl+k shortcut doesnt work and second of all I dont see a list of buildings to place when i open the Kerbal Konstructs menu via the toolbar. Am I missing something? (I have both KK and Aurora Space Center installed) EDIT: *RESOLVED* I found out now. You have to launch or fly a vessel. Then it works and you can just add your stuff to the KSC somewhere
  10. @Skonks Do you know why some variants of the Fuel Tanks do not have a metal shine but others do? 1,25 m long fuel tank only first variant has shine, etc ... am I missing something or is this a known issue?
  11. Hey looks great! Is there a way to replace the Stock Kerbal Space Center with your buildings? VAB, VHB ,Launchpad ^^etc
  12. Well the ingame description says they are 0.8(k)N. Maybe they are less well that octosat I put together for testing was pretty small. Also another thing when I put two of those dishes on it in symmetry mode one of them just physics wobbled out of place and disappeared and that with struts set to heavy. Without struts it looked like the kraken hit it. So maybe the description needs updating. Also I will have to install some information displaying mods, however I wanted to to be just OctoSat mod installed to keep it as clean as possible.
  13. Yep its not showing the plumes. However the RCS thrusters also feel kind of weak. But maybe its only because the visual effects are missing. Adding plumes should not be that hard, right? Is there actually a reaplume patch for it? Want learn more about modding
  14. So how does KSP handle textures again? I thought dds textures are loaded as is into the memory and are not uncompressed? And should be only uncompressed by the graphics card in the graphics memory, right? So with a few mods installed and most textures reduced to 1k size my Gamedata folder is already 2.8gb large while 0.7gb of that are squad and squadexpansion. I guess the old saying "Kleinvieh macht auch Mist" holds true
  15. Thank you! What other dll's should I look for? NVM. I did not find a unityengine.dll but dozens of miniavcs dll and 3 times a ksp_dev utils dll.